Betting on Zero Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Documentary

What are we going to learn. You’re going to learn why Herbalife is going to collapse? Bill Ackman is on a holy war Couple times we come across your company. We think is causing harm. We can make money betting against that company Herbalife stock goes down. We make money herbalife stock goes up we lose money And that’s short selling. How much money have you spent betting against Herbalife? over a billion dollars What are you accusing Herbalife of? Being a pyramid scheme. This is a legitimate company. That’s a bogus accusation Multi-level marketing they tap into beliefs we have that you can accomplish whatever you want to The wildest dreams you’ve ever thought of can come true in Herbalife They took my dreams my hope to be successful I lost $16,000 USD I was investing $1,600 or more $22,000 USD The kind of people that can do that. I mean, they’re crooks Carl Icahn the famed hedge fund trader taking out a big stake in the company, pretty much cause he hates Bill Ackman Since then he saw the stock double. Icahn is a liar, he was like one of these Jewish boys crying that the world was taking advantage of him He essentially could crush Ackman short. I bought it because I really think is a good product Stop there because the believes in Herbalife’s product He’s doing it because he thinks he can make money by squeezing Bill Ackman This industry is going to continue to burn people We haven’t penetrated the market from community anywhere close to what we’re going to see And you with us. It’s family and nobody messes with the family

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88 thoughts on “Betting on Zero Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Documentary

  1. Great documentary. Ackman comes across as sincere (in this venture) and relentlessly looking to undo a serious wrong; whereas Johnson comes across as a scumbag perfectly happy to lie with absolutely no remorse; to step on the weak and disenfranchised to make a buck, and to twist the truth into a mega-pretzel to prevent people from truly understanding what the unvarnished truth is. Ackman could easily have walked away when his investment went from being way upside down (after Icahn's bs move to stomp on his exposed enemy's exposed throat) to about even/slightly profitable, but he did not–he has stood firm on his commitment to see this fraudulent scheme brought down. A must see documentary, especially as hard times are hitting much of the middle and lower classes with gut punch after gut punch.

  2. Almost got hooked into it, too bad it's more sugar(snake oil) than nutrients
    look at the current stock price of it. pretty damn high ATM: 71.42

  3. I've sold this products also to people, but i realize that i worked my ass of for less money. So i decided to quit, but i still use the product. But never in a million years am going to sell this to people.

  4. Aparentemente es un lío de niñas: ackman vs herbalife. Es una venganza de ackman porque herbalife no le hizo ganar plata en la bolsa. Qué? Laven sus trapos sucios en casa, basuras!

  5. Lol, watched this and Herbalife seemed much like Scientology on how it works and promotes itself. Scientology is just more extreme.

  6. Can anyone comment about the multi level marketing company "It Works"? I have over 50 fb friends who swear by this company saying there making lots of cash every month and bonuses with trips. all that comes at a cost of a membership and startup fees, as they sell Body Wraps. please can anyone comment on this if they have heard about It Works?

  7. Years ago I became a member of herbalife as well as Amway. They are a pyramid scam. The people who have large groups keep moving from company to company convincing the same people that they can achieve their dream, but no matter how many courses you take you will never learn how to be a salesman if you weren't born to be one. I was never exposed to people of the socioeconomic group that would need money or would start a second business. They challenged me to show the business to 100 worthwhile people in a month and I would sponsor 6 people but I sponsored 0 and wised up and left.

  8. The distributors that are making money are the ones that are selling on auction sites like eBay and amazon even though Herbalife says they do not permit that but there are distributors that sell in mass quantities on these auction sites.

  9. I am a Pharmaceutical Chemist at the University of Antioquia- Colombia, I worked as a chemical analyst in food and drug analysis laboratory, when my sister on my trip to the USA in 2008 offered me the great job in the company of Herbalife, I said I can not because I do not know how to sell anything or how to recruit people, then he told me that I would serve the company a lot because of my profession, that when I talked to people about products, they would all believe me for my knowledge . That's when I started to study about the products and their content. I said NO, thank you, I will not tell lies. The final conclusion is that Herbalife supplements are like supplements from other laboratories but much more expensive, up to 10 times more expensive, then I said but if this thiamine and this vitamin A is the same as another laboratory because it is so expensive. The theory they explain is that they are the only ones of natural origin and that the nutrients are so small that they go directly to the body's cells. I ask about clinical studies to show that what they say is true, they have no studies. LIES, Herbalife's vitamin A is the same as all other vitamin A supplements in another lab, Herbalife's protein nitrogen is the same as other protein supplements on the market.
    The sale price is high because the profitability must recover in addition to the cost for materials and labor that should be more or less than 10% of the sale value and the other 90% to support the entire pyramidal chain behind Of that person who sells me the product.
    I wonder where is the American regulation that can control this, misleading advertising by attributing benefits and features to products that it does not have, exaggerated profits, etc., etc., ..

    Yo soy Química Farmacéutica de la Universidad de Antioquia- Colombia, he trabajado como analista química en laboratorio de análsis de alimentos y de medicamentos, cuando mi hermana en mi viaje a USA en el año 2008 me ofreció el gran trabajo en la compañía de Herbalife, le dije no puedo porque yo no sé vender nada ni tampoco se cómo reclutar personas, entonces me dijo que yo serviría mucho a la compañia por mi profesión, que cuando yo le hablara a la gente a cerca de los productos todos me creerían por mis conocimientos. Fue entonces cuando comencé a estudiar sobre los productos y su contenido. Le dije NO, gracias, yo no voy a decir mentiras. La conclusión final es que los suplementos de Herbalife son como los suplemetos de otros laboratorios pero mucho más costosos, hasta 10 veces más caro, entonces dije pero si esta tiamina y esta vitamina A es igual a la de otro laboratorio por que es tan caro. La teoría que explican es que son los únicos de origen natural y que los nutrientes son de tamaño tan diminuto que van directo a la céluas del cuerpo. Le pregunto por los estudios clínicos para demostrar que lo que dicen es cierto, no tienen estudios. MENTIRAS, la vitamina A de Herbalife es la misma de todos los suplementos con vitamina A de otro laboratorio, el nitrógeno de la proteina de Herbalife es el mismo de otros suplementos con proteina del mercado.
    El precio de venta es alto porque la rentabilidad debe recuperar además de el costo por los materiales y la mano de obra que debe ser mas o menos del 10% del valor de venta y el otro 90% para sostener toda la cadena piramidal que hay detras de esa persona que me vende el producto.
    Yo me pregunto donde está la regulación americana que pueda controlar esto, publicidad engañosa al atribuir beneficios y características a los productos que no tiene, ganancias exageradas, etc, etc,..

  10. This looks like old Gringo Propaganda. Gringos say they are pro Free Trade only when the Companies are owned by Gringos but when companies are owned by Americans ( like the case of Herbalife) they try to "boycot" and "embargo" those companies.

  11. por que parece que ese invercionista, le tiene coraje directo a antiguo CEO, CURIOSAMENTE no menciona al fubddor, es un coraje personal, a pesar de tener mucho dinero el inversionista se ve que su pelea contra Herbalife es solo un asunto personal.

  12. Toda persona sin escrúpulos, jamás permite que su semejante pueda surgir. Siempre estará en la mira, esperando a que tropiecé o vea algo que le parezca malo, para poder pisarlo y acabar con él, a costa de lo que sea. Con tal de verlo arruinado. Siempre para adelante Herbalife.

  13. "Nobody messes with the family" Was he trying to sound like an Italian mobster, cause he sure made it sound like that.

  14. Every person needs to watch this documentary…but actually i don't think herbalife is as bad as scientology though…they are even worse.

  15. I remember last year i was living in a friend's gym totally broke and one herbalife's seller from latinoamerica that had a small spot on the gym selling shakers approached to me and said if you wanna make easy money you should try selling herbalife products im building my house of herbalife incomes. When he explained me how the pyramid scheme bullshit works i started laughing in his face.. how can people believe in such blatantly lie .He was selling smooties for 5 dollars on the gym and telling old women that if they want to loze weight just drinking two smootie a day was enough cause it has all the nutrients and vitamins the body needs. The funny thing was watching people knocking his door everyday. Now after one year im watching this documentary and thinking thanks that mothefucker didnt catch me up.

  16. Putting out a documentary to let people know you are shorting a stock is also PRETTY TACKY to say the least. It is almost the equivalent of staging a paid infomercial with the sole purpose of making the stock price drop for your benefit.

  17. .todo producto de Herbalife .. es un robo a mano armada ..
    conocí a esta empresa Herbalife ..fui su vendedor de su producto.. desde el año 1.990 al 1.992.. lo conocí por una publicidad que necesitaban vendedores.. en esa época ofrecían pagar dos mil dólares por mes, más comisión y no fue así .. todo fue una trampa, todo engaño.. me estafaron, me robaron toda la plata.. encima te enseñan a robar.. luego te dicen si quieres recuperar tu plata, tienes que hacer los mismo que te hicimos a vos, tienes que vender el pruductos a otros hasta que recuperes toda la plata.. pero el producto vale 100 veces mas caro que en cualquier otro lugar , además el producto no cumple con lo que se dice, venden porquerias.. pero bueno, eso es democracia, todo robo, es basura. ..

  18. Herbalife the biggest Piramide scheme i have ever seen They products wont help to people but make people health worse i crossed with many piramide schemes but this one the worst of them all if it global company why they need independent distributors its wired why company no open they stores to sell they products products avalibale only with independent distributors and no company i dont like sound of that so many negativity about this Herbalife wired company poor Mark Hughes they ruined his company

  19. OMG, Herbalife looks like a massive cult. The starry looks in peoples' eyes at the conventions and the god-like stance of the CEO. The whole thing looks like one big money-pit.

  20. So who are they trying to portray as the bad guy? The guy who thinks the stock is gonna go down or the guy who thinks it's gonna go up?

  21. I hate herbal life, but does no one see the bias in this film? This guy bet on the failure of herbalife……

  22. I've just watched the documentary, and I have just a couple of questions: Why didn't Herbalife (the attorneys of which have issued a cease-and-desist letter to the woman @:46) sue Ackman for defamation, etc?
    Was Herbalife afraid that it would really have to open its books for discovery?

  23. Multi Level Marketing companies such as Herbalife, Amway, and Mary Kay Cosmetics (and I think Bitcoin is like a multi-level marketing scheme too), attempt to grow by pandering to the mentality of gamblers, who essentially are buying lottery tickets, product they have no intention of using themselves, but hope that another will pay a higher price than they did to either use the product, or sell it to another at a higher price who might …
    What Wal-Mart and other retail stores do, is not so much resell product but a service, an opportunity to buy many different products from a single location – hence, they are called convenience stores, because what they sell is convenience. In general, a legitimate business will be one where 0<c<p<v : where p-c>0 so that the seller makes money, and where v>p, the consumer walks away thinking, feeling, I would have paid more, v-p>0.
    But in a multi level marketing scheme, a buyer buys a single product, hoping, betting, he can resell it for much more. Hence, v, is unknown to him. .. Is there a demand for the product to begin with? Coca Cola is special. A kid can walk into a grocery store, buy 12 cans for 6 dollars, and then open up a Coke stand, across the street from a kid selling lemonade, and sell each can for a dollar with the reasonable expectation that somebody will buy a can. So, I would not call that multilevel marketing. There is value-added there. The kid is selling a single can for 1 dollar, meaning you do not have to spend 6 dollars to get one can. But multi-level marketing is where you buy a box of stuff and then hope you can sell that box of stuff for a higher price, and you are not offering extra value, such as one-stop shopping. .. ok, that is my guess as to why Herbalife, and like companies, are evil. .. Bitcoin.. others will use this, so why spend now? … Investors diversify, whereas gamblers are "all in".

  24. Herbalife continuará creciendo. Es una empresa de nutrición,de impresionante crecimiento, la culpa de la incompetencia de esas personas que dicen ser "víctimas" es únicamente de ellos. Si deciden abrir una cafetería como negocio y no les funciona, no harían un documental sobre la hostelería y como ésta es una estafa… Si hay a quien les va bien en Herbalife es porque supieron trabajar y entender este modelo de negocio. La era industrial termina, la era del talento y de los negocios alternativos es la que emerge. Pobre de aquel que no se adapte al cambio. Un saludo a todos y mis respetos.

  25. So he was betting on a Zero and HE LOST hahahaha 🙂 his investments are not good anymore he is too full of himself

  26. I was at the post office just a couple days ago. There was a guy there shipping a massive package with Herbalife's brand plastered all over it.

  27. i was thinking how much that short selling guy lost…. hahah. its been doubling in stock price since 2017…

  28. He’s short-selling to make a profit! Learn about network marketing & passive income, so you have some kind of intelligence & THEN we will talk! Smh

  29. If you are friends are already selling Herbalife there is no sense in talking them out of it. If they were stupid to fall for it, they are also too stupid to listen to your reason. You sadly just have to watch how they burn… 🙁

  30. MLM is amazing MLM is the future, but it’s not for everybody, not everybody is built to be an entrepreneur. So those that hate MLM reeeeally hate it and go as far as to make bias documentaries. I thought it was just our company which is service based, but look, it’s even in the health and fitness sector lol this is crazy. If you want to try MLM in any company, just give it a shot see how it goes, don’t let the haters disuade yousome of us are making a decent living.

  31. With all the info out there about these pyramid scheme companies I don't feel sorry for anyone investing their money in them.

  32. Very stupid video, herbalife is availible for 38 years and as you see still going on, they arel lier, its impossible to lose Money with herbalife like thousands of dollars 🙂 🙂 ıf you dont have costumers to sell dont buy much products, and there is ne second way to pay for herbalife..

  33. Nunca entendi como la gente se dejó engañar con esto? Tal vez la desesperación económica y la vergu de reconocer que nos vieron la cara, son factores que te impulsan mas

  34. Thank you, Bill Ackman, for the film Betting On Zero. My family has also been a victim of Herbalife Vietnam. I hope the film will help many people in Vietnam understand Herbalife's lies

  35. I watched this on Netflix.
    I feel like Ackman should have known better, and that he was being very naive.
    Its great that he seems to have grown a conscious during the whole thing but his idealism looked al lot like magical thinking at times.
    His whole financial environment is based on people whos main concern is the bottom line, how could he trust so much that anyone would care so much about the morals of the thing?
    I think he should continue activism but maybe he needs to work together with some other specialists from different fields so he can be more organized and have better tactics.

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