Bicycle U.S. Presidents Playing Cards – Deck Review

Hey guys it’s The Wizard and in today’s video, we are reviewing the U.S. Presidents deck of playing cards, so let’s get into this. On the front of the tuck case we have Bicycle U.S. presidents. We also have the White House and the American flag, along with some other very nice details. On the side we have “air cushion finish” and the Statue of Liberty on either end. On the other side we have “Made in the USA”, also with the Statue of Liberty on either end. On the bottom we have some copyright info and the barcode along with the collectible playing logo. At the top we have US presidents. Taking a look at the sticker seal, on it are the symbols for both the Democrat and Republican parties and the sticker seal is a very nice shiny gold, red, and blue as you can see. Also here is a glimpse of what the back design will look like. So, going ahead and opening up the tuck case, on the flap we have some more copyright info and a very nice design on the inside of the tuck, which is the American flag. Also on either the flaps are the elephants which is the Republican Party symbol. If you were to have the blue version of this deck, you would have the donkeys, which are the Democrat symbol. Also be aware that there is a black deluxe version available, and as you can see the detailed design continues on inside the tuck case. Also with this deck you get two ad cards and here is what the back design looks like. We have the White House, the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, and U.S. presidents on there as you can see. Now setting both of those aside, the Jokers are both Uncle Sam. One is just a plain Joker and the other has a six of hearts reveal on it. Now the entire deck here has been hand drawn and it’s a fully custom deck, which is incredible. The Ace of Clubs is Mount Rushmore, the Ace of Hearts is the Liberty Bell, the Ace of Spades is the Statue of Liberty, and the Ace of Diamonds is the Eye of Providence. Going through every card is custom and has its own president on it, and the queens happen to be some of the first ladies. So just going through, it’s a very artistic deck. Everything like i said is custom, and another nice touch is that on here we have a parchment effect on the face and the back. Let’s take a look at how this deck handles. This deck was traditionally cut as it does Pharaoh better this way. Also looking at the bridge ending, [there are] absolutely no issues whatsoever there and it is quite fluid. Taking a look at the ribbon spread and the flip, also no issues whatsoever there and it’s a very smooth handling deck all around, which is exactly what you would expect with the air-cushion finish. The borders are also thinner than what the standard deck normally would be which allows for very artistic fans, and all around this deck looks excellent. Now the bonus here with this custom deck is that if you flip a card face up, being that the parchment effect is both on the back design and on the face, being that that’s the case, you will not notice that one card has been flipped over or if you do you barely will notice. And it remains hidden quite well so that is the one perk of this custom deck. Now going through, the charlier cuts absolutely no issues whatsoever there, card productions no issues there, flips no issues, and now for the giant fan which promises to be quite artistic with this deck. The giant fan as you can see does not disappoint at all. The thin borders and detailed scrollwork on each of the cards makes this deck look quite spectacular.

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3 thoughts on “Bicycle U.S. Presidents Playing Cards – Deck Review

  1. According to USPC, this deck was not traditionally cut. However, it's definitely a possibility that his guy's deck had been accidentally flipped over before hitting the cutting machine. It's happened before. Just wanted to point this out for anyone who's into every detail about every deck they collect 🙂

  2. Once again, I appreciate the review of a deck most could care less about. I am like you in thinking they are very under-rated. From the traditional cut to the artwork creating the border, I like this deck…just wished it were a bit thinner. Good job Dude!

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