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  1. There are a number of errors here:
    1. The count is not +4 but +5, you did not count the dealer 3 as +1.
    2.On the 1st hand you do not you do not hit a hard 19 because of a high risk of busting due to the deck being rich in tens. You just do not hit "19" vs a dealer "3"
    3. On the 4th hand you do not hit a 15 vs a 3 with a running count of +6.

  2. i didn't get the part with if the final number is pusitive or english is not so good i dont understand this part. can someone explain me that please?

  3. Correct me if I am wrong. But counting cards in an online casino is pretty useless. Online casino software usually handles card games in a way that all cards go immediately back into the deck, after every round of betting is resolved. So effectively there is nothing to count.

    Card Counting only becomes enough of an advantage if the deck is sufficiently penetrated and the count developes into the player's favour. This NEVER happens when the cards are dealt back into the deck straight away. Therefore, no meaningful advantage whatsoever is developing.

  4. I consider it a mistake to weigh aces and faces the same. I also find two more neutral than a seven which is a bad card. Using hi-lo when you have rich deck that is weak in aces can play with microscopic edges or disadvantages. Having a hi-lo count close to zero and rich aces (1 in 11ish) can give players an edge at around 1%.

    My count (3-4 and 7) plus one, (5-6) plus two, (face) minus one, (ace) minus three

  5. There are so many errors here it is laughable.

    1) After the players are given their two cards, the count is +5, not +4. You need to include the dealer cards in the count too.

    2) The player with a 9 should have doubled down versus a 3, not hit.

    3) The player with a 12 who hit to get a 16 should stand on 16 due to basic strategy, not due to the count.

    4) The 13 and 15 hands should have stood.

    5) The A,4 hand should have stood after taking its first hit. Also, like with 3) the reason that the 15 should stand has nothing to do with the count.

    6) After all players have made their moves, the count should be +6. After the dealer busts, it is +4.

    Terrible video.

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