Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Dealer Standing Tips

You know, if you play in enough casinos. You
will see two different type of black jack layouts of two different instructions or rules.
One is dealer stands on all seventeens. Another is dealer stands on hard seventeens. Now what
is that mean? Well what that means is when dealer stands on hard seventeens it means
that he hits soft seventeens. Let’s talk about what that is. Well here are two hands
that equal seventeen. This one is a seven plus a king that’s seventeen. This one is
a six plus an ace this is called soft seventeen. So this is hard seventeen this is soft seventeen.
The reason this is important is the ace is the soft seventeen because an ace can be played
as one or eleven. If it’s played as eleven it’s seventeen. If it’s played as one it’s
seven. So if I’m playing at a casino where the dealer must stand on all seventeens then
I have an advantage. If I play at a casino where the dealer gets to hit soft seventeens.
Actually let me back up and I apologize. If it’s dealer stands on all seventeens that’s
to the casinos advantage. If the dealer stands on hard seventeens and has to hit soft seventeens.
That’s to my advantage and your advantage as a player.

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