Blackjack Strategy – Playing Safe

Hi, I’m Martin from What I’m
gonna do now is show you one or two little strategies that hopefully, with a little bit
of good mathematical knowledge, can help you to play Blackjack a little bit strategically
and a little bit more cleverly. It’s a game of skill if you apply it properly. In Blackjack you can either choose to play aggressively or play it a little bit safely. Now if you know your maths, a little bit of
this will depend very very much on what the dealers first card, this one here is. That
would impact very very greatly upon your strategy. Let’s have a look at the scenario that I’ve
got in front of us here. 15 and 18 are your cards, the Dealers first card was a 6. Now,
if you know your Blackjack, you’ll know that the 3, 4, 5, and 6, they’re cards from which
the house will more often bust than usual. So in these circumstances, quite often, you’re
very very sensible not to play a risky strategy. Just like in this scenario here, hope that
the Dealer will bust. We can’t guarantee it, but quite often your best to sort of play
a very safe strategy, when the Dealers first card is between a 2 and a 6. Playing safe,
hopefully paying off.

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