Bli en av oss – Jobba på Casino Cosmopol

Before I started at the Casino, my expectations
were based on what I had seen in the movies – like James Bond. Being here, I quickly realized that
there is so much more to it. It’s a completely unique environment. You can’t find any other workplace in
Sweden with this kind of atmosphere. If I were to describe my job in three words, I
would say – exciting, varying and developing. Every evening is different.
It never gets boring. To like it here at the Casino, you need
to be a very social person, responsible and enjoy working evenings and weekends. Personally, I find it pretty hard
to get up in the mornings, so for me starting the day a little later
in the afternoon works really well. On a Friday or Saturday,
when there’s a lot going on, you’re at your peak when it’s time
to go home around 4 am. You get your training in-house. When I started this job,
I had basically no experience. I had to learn all the games. You need to be ambitious.
I think that’s most important, because there are a lot of development
opportunities within the company. You get a lot of colleagues here. Not just in the kitchen,
but also at the tables and guest service. There’s a lot of people in the house, and
we are all working in the same direction. There’s a lot of interaction
with other colleagues. That’s what makes it fun for me. This workplace becomes like a family.

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