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  1. I support you I also hate the blue ones they didn’t put any work in it and the memento Moria I love but the blue so ugly and they did not ask you

  2. 👍13K 👎188 👈THIS says a lot!!
    Love ya Chris, you are appreciated & very well respected for WHO YOU ARE & YOUR WORK

  3. I know you dont really care but they took your style and u need to do something even if it means going to court

  4. there are few good genuine youtubers left and i havent been watching you for long but i believe you are one of them

  5. The color change is really weird because the whole meaning changed. The colorful design symbolizes happiness while still saying momento mori. It’s like a „you’re going to die, so have fun“, while the blue tint is just saying „You’re going to die.“ and conveys a „feeling blue“ vibe

  6. business is an unnatural thing. it has very unstable stages in its life span. this is why every company lies, cheats , steals and manipulates in order to remain in the bloom stage. its why there is a new i-phone every time you turn around. its also why they have endeavored so greatly to condition consumers. ie. your data sold by facebook etc.etc.etc….i dont support any online business. they are all schemers

  7. As my cardistry and magic guru I will never buy something that perverts your vision. Let us know when we can buy a new brick of legit Chris Ramsay's!

  8. Respect to you Chris. Just from this video I can 110% understand what your saying. I’d be disappointed too. I actually have both decks of cards and I have the deck you designed, and the other memento cards. I actually questioned if those other cards were yours… lol. This clears it up now. Keep it real.

    -Kayson S.

  9. I am going to buy a pack of the originals, simply because it’s your work. I know you won’t get any royalties. But you worked on something beautiful, and I’d like to own a pack.

  10. Chris your fero shuffle tutorial was not clear. Ended with my head stuck in a watermelon. 😝 You Rock Chris.

  11. Reminds me of my first feature film as a young scenic artist, sucks to have a company take advantage of you :c

  12. Complete dick move. Murphy’s knee exactly what they were doing. Still so fkn rad you have the same views and beliefs you go and share. People love you because your real and a badass magician that cares. I hope you grow and rise above your wildest dreams homie. God bless and keeps it rockin.

  13. The blue memento deck is the epitome of a kid copying your homework in school but changing a tiny something so it doesn't look like it was copied.

  14. Watched a few videos and this is not my thing, but you definitely have what it takes to make quality content.
    I know this is doing quite well, but it would be good if you did some other topics/channels. I think you would see even more success. Good luck.

  15. Just bought the blue deck card yesterday didn't know about this since I'm a new follower of yours.Knowing that somehow comes from your ideas is still cool.You are right to be upset but sometimes you gotta just let go.Now that I saw your video i still feel these are your cards even if they have been colorized in illustrator 🙂 I'm going back to the shop down the week and see if they have your original creation and buy them for sure to make things square :).respect

  16. Pretty ugly cards in my opinion, they dont look that bad but just something cheap you buy at walmart

  17. It's a company. There was money involved. The answer was already made for them. "Legally, they're allowed to do anything they want, but ethically and morally…" I'm sorry, but ethics and morals when talking about a company? In the US our country is run by corporations who will just pay someone to change the laws. They're not even vaguely familiar with the concept of ethics or morals. That sucks about the cards, but live and learn, I guess. 🙁

  18. What I would have loved to see for the Memento Mori was instead of a blue deck, an inverted colours deck

  19. Is anyone checking the translations to these videos? I'm fluent in French and English and I can guarantee you the French translation is shit, with a lot of mistakes. There are even links missing!! Seriously this is uncool for the content creator, who doesn't deserve to have his description and title fucked up like that.

  20. My wife bought me two packs for fathers day. One I can play with and one for my shelf to look pretty! Haha…I love this deck and would never buy the boring blue deck..nope!

  21. It’s like a slightly less dramatic version of something you would see in a movie, there is an obvious lack of justice

  22. Don't let that bother you Chris, they just copied you because they're not smart enough to come up with their own cards and designs

  23. Chris. I'm sorry to say, but they were working on removing your logo and branding from mori V1, and i think they did.
    I support you with all i got. Learning magic from u every day and mastering skills off of ur vids. Keep it up.

  24. As an artist I completely understand why this situation was so frustrating! I know this is an old video so I’m glad to see the continued success you’ve had since this debacle. Thanks for the content!!

  25. That sucks. What they did was legal but disrespectful to you as an artist. People who say "it's legal" don't understand changing the work of an artist is disrespectful. If it has your name, the work does not properly represent the artist. If it doesn't have your name, it ignores your contribution to the work.

  26. Chris is wholesome. Every word he says every vibe he sends out is meaningful fun and loveable… Can't stop watching his videos and learning… Inspiration. Keep smiling!

  27. Personally, I think the blue looks kinda cool. I have a big thing for sapphires and the low-poly blue makes them look like Sapphire gemstones. Knowing how you feel about this, though, I will now never buy one and only get an original if I get one at all.

  28. Heey Chris i don't know if you know this. its maybe a little bit late too hahah. But i mentioned that the biggest Dutch Online Card Website changed the Blue Memento Mori description, To this and this actually the literal translation of the description :
    With this beautiful card game from magician and Youtuber Chris Ramsay, (you can make a statement!) These Chris Ramsay playing cards are a wonderful magic gift for young and old. The Memento Mori Playing Cards Blue can be purchased directly from stock in our online playing card store. i hope your bit happier now. hahaha. for the real proof :

  29. The only way i would buy a deck is if you bought it first then i would pay double just to get it from you. Otherwise i wouldnt let that company take YOUR money or YOUR brand.

  30. I think you are right man
    Be happy, stay happy

    I wish if i could just get a heart from CHRIS RAMSAY it will make my day

  31. I know this is an old vid, but reminds me a ton of the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. If you have ever been annoyed by someone with no vision cashing in on your work check it out.

  32. Chris how can I buy one of your decks and have u sign it. I'd really love to own a signed deck from u. I'm a super huge fan. I've learned so much from u.

  33. I’m trying to get into card tricks and collecting decks. I’m definitely getting your deck it’s gorgeous and it has an amazing story behind it. And I will be watching ALL your videos, thanks for everything you do.

  34. 😳😳😳 Yooo, this is Craaaaazy!! I almost bought these thinking they were from YOU. Mainly because I APPRECIATE YOUR attention to detail, class and maybe even a little secret in there. But a blue bastard deck would’ve bummed me out!! I searched Chris Ramsey deck on eBay n these things are everywhere!! Sad this happened to you and even more disheartening that it came out of a long respected n revered magic shop. I’ll say this though, sometimes companies hire shitty people and the person does things the co doesn’t know about then morals of a company or entity get overlooked in hopes of profit. That being said its normally like quicksilver or some big huuuge brand and a graphic designer is stealing images n getting paid to make “milli vanilli” art. And other times it’s just a sneaky ass board meeting n a dying company tries to stay relevant by exploiting a passionate artist.,
    ~Greco • Los Angeles Ca
    4:54 am

  35. 🤔Oh one other thing:
    People who call others names in a discussion or disagreement ex: whiny magician, racist, fascist. Can’t talk about actual issues because they’re IN THE WRONG.,.

  36. Yeah, thats bullshit. Even if the are legally allowed to… it totally shows how shameless they are. They must not have any dignity.
    I dont think it is as ugly as some people are saying but thats totally not the point.

  37. Most people actually didn’t even buy nor like the blue cards so I guess that’s what they deserved lol btw love your cards I have 4 bricks so clean

  38. I I know I'm 2yrs late to this video. Sucks that there are companies out there with no regard to the creative effort or process. Hours, Days, Weeks, Months go into getting everything just right. And in a blink of an eye Trash all the work that went into what it was that you brought into this world. About a month ago something similar happened to myself and it was like a gut punch that took the wind out of me. Thank you for posting this.

  39. I feel your pain all too much! Unfortunately, with corporate contracts being what they are, MM may have a claim they own all the intellectual property you had even THOUGHT OF while on salary there. Had very similar problem with my prior employer, and in America I call it unconstitutional to claim rights to somebody’s would-be idea or shell of an idea in the case of the blue cards. Problem is that courts are ok with such practices if you signed something. I’m still bitter as hell for the crap I encountered corporately, and you are spot-on. They suck for doing that to you, and someone made a d:kk move, probably realized it and went with it after discussion w a company retained lawyer. Forgiveness and acceptance will bring peace to you, but I know its tempting go for revenge, and you made a wise choice in the words you have chosen, which well demonstrates your intelligence. Bravo for informing your fans, and I’m in the position of never needing a 2nd deck of blue cards like the first, because you are right. The color palette is rather boring, unbalanced, and a total spin off the originals. I’m surprised they didn’t just put your name on the deck and hope you didn’t have the resources to sue and stop any implied association you have with this deck without any royalties or say in the change in face of the deck. Live well, man. I assume you and Daniel are on good terms, but Dunno the politics. Hi to Madison if you happen upon him in upcoming days. Love both your work! Give em hell!

  40. Man I'm just getting into the card game but had no idea this was going on. If I bought the cards it's cuz I supported you Chris. And I know ur being politically correct but I believe most ppl who bought them did too. So I'll be buying ur new ones

  41. So.. is your brand involved in this? :p
    Douchy move by Murphy's no doubt, but the blues ones still look good.
    But yeah, that business for ya.

  42. yo Chris that was a real shiite move they did. the disrespect to you was turned up to 10. they made a bunch of shiite pies and threw them in your face as a thanks for being their special dope! you do you and tell them to KYA!!!!!!!!

  43. Chris, it's obvious they're riding your coat tails…and who can blame them. Great video explaining the situation. I have a blue deck and the first thing I noticed was the lack of CR branding. Thanks for letting us know what's what.

  44. I got the weirdest add before this video. Dude was selling pigeons and had this one in a box and was very adamant about telling everyone it came from a brother and sister mating…(I have personalized adds turned off, might turn it back on just to not see that again)

  45. Hey Chris… As I'm sure you've found out by now, many companies are fuelled by nothing more than the Dollar, and they will do anything and run-over anyone in pursuit of more. It really is cut-throat. The best thing you can do is to observe that, and observe their non-existent moral code, and make sure you NEVER treat people or objects like that yourself. To NEVER become the enemy is a great success, as it's all too easy for people to think: "Fuck it, if they're doing that then why shouldn't I?!?" Let them do whatever it is they are going to do. The tipping point will come when they have fucked over one too many people and it starts to affect their brand and their profit column. There's not much we can do to stop that, but there's a lot we can do to stop ourselves from ever becoming a part of the same cancer. Call them out; rail against them; tell the world about them… But NEVER become them.

  46. I am going to by both decks I will have the first edition for if I want to go and show my friends what I can do and the blue deck I will burn slowly one by one

  47. They made all the cards in the blue memento mori deck the same and missed the opportunity to make them red.
    disappointed communist noises

  48. I just ordered the blue deck not to support you as I buy from eBay anyway just to have in my collection but the real mori deck is one of my top 5 decks handles amazing looks so cool would love to know where I can get a proper deck of originals as the tuck case only had the Murphy’s magic on the bottom not the Ramsey old logo 🙁

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