Board Games & Card Games : How to Make an RPG (Role-Playing Game)

Hi my name is Windy and this is how to create
your own RPG. If you’ve played a lot of RPG’s you might want to make your own world and
have an RPG in it. You should base it off of something you’re familiar with. You should
become familiar with as many systems as you can. Especially the classic Dungeons and Dragons.
Read the dungeon master guide and plays hand book and know it well. When you make your
own RPG you’re going to have to develop statistics for creating characters and for different
combat, and role playing situations. You’ll need to make a character sheet. There are
different systems. D and D has the most popular, it’s based on the D20 die. But the second
most popular is probably The World of Darkness series. Here is the character sheet for The
World of Darkness series. It’s based on the D10 system. You should know very well before
you try to make an RPG. Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness and one or two of the smaller
but well known publishers such as GURP systems or Shadow Run or Mutants and Masterminds or
Battle Tech. Once you’ve decided that you have a good idea for a role playing you should
adapt first your rules and your world to the rules of the system that you and you’re friends
are already playing. Try to flush out your world as well as you can. And then try it
with your friends to see what needs to be given and taken away. If you decide that you
can come up with a better system of making role playing go more smoothly then you can
work on it together and iron out the kinks. If your friends really like your game and
you think it’s a good idea to make another RPG you could always go The Small Press route.
It’s a growing business. They have very small publication numbers. Here’s, here’s a popular
one. This is Dog’s in the Vineyard, they probably make like 500 of these. You can do it even
smaller and publish it yourself and then try to get a game store, your local small game
store to carry it for you and you should also try to run a game for that store so that you
can increase word of mouth about your game. And then hopefully if it’s really popular
you can get picked up by a publisher or you might just be happy enough to publish it yourself
and have it around your home town. And that’s how to make your own RPG.

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  1. Holy,crap! I'm really sorry for saying this but,I couldn't stop freaking laughing after about 45 seconds in. I know you mean well and did your best so I'm giving a thumbs up here.

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