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Hi, my name is Charles, and I’m here to tell
you how to play the game of Clue. Now, this has actually been around for a long time,
but it’s a great game, and the first thing you need to do is set up the board. It’s very
easy, because each of the different characters is a color, and so, you know, Mrs. Peacock
is sort of peacock colored, and Mr. Green is green. You also have cards for each of
the different parts of the game. For example, you have all of these rooms which are represented
by cards. You have a bunch of different weapons which are, again, cards, and then the characters.
And the first thing you do is is separate them and shuffle them thoroughly, and then
you pick one of each card and set it aside. Now, one of the important things about this
game is that you you need at least three players, because after you’re done with that you take
the remaining cards and you shuffle them thoroughly, and you deal them out to all of the players
so that each of the players has a a number of different rooms, weapons, and suspects
that they know didn’t commit the murder. The suspect, the weapon, and the room that were
all involved in the murder go into this envelope and are placed in the middle of the board.
Now, once these are all dealt out you give each player their own stack of cards and each
player has a checklist that lists all of the suspects, the weapons, and the rooms. They
go through and check off any of the ones that they have in their hand, so for example, if
I was to look at mine; ooh, I got a lot of rooms, I go through and say okay, no library,
no dining room, no hall, no study, no lead pipe, and Mrs. Peacock is in the clear. Now,
since my character is Mrs. White, I’m sitting closest to Mrs. White, what you do at that
point is you take a die, two dies, and you roll them. The idea is, one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, and then the next player would go, but let’s just say for the sake
of argument, one, two, three, four, eight; okay, I’m in the ballroom. I would say I think
that it was done in the ballroom with, I don’t know, the candlestick, and I think it was
done by Mrs. Peacock. Now, I know for sure that Mrs. Peacock is innocent, so what I’m
looking for is if somebody else has either the ballroom or the candlestick. So, one player,
for example, would take a look at their cards and they would find the candlestick, and they
would show me that card. They wouldn’t show the card to any of the other players, just
to me. And then I would be able to mark off the candlestick. Eventually, I’m going to
narrow it down to the point where I can guess what’s in this stack. If I guess what’s in
this stack, and I’m right I win the game. If I’m wrong I lose. And that is how you play

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100 thoughts on “Board Games & Card Games : How to Play Clue

  1. @sugarcookie765 trust me , this one is WAAAAY better.
    You have the new one with the trophy and the poison and you have rooms like the theatre and the guest house.

  2. As teenagers playing this game we always snickered when someone made the suggestion," Mrs. White did it in the ballroom with the candlestick!!!"

  3. @Supertoadrich You go clockwise around the room, seeing if they have a card. Once someone does none of the other players have to show anything.

  4. @eyad626 Because cluedo is too complicated for americans, thats why they call it clue, while everyone else calls it cluedo.

  5. This game is too easy btw i always loved about this game the fact that u have to guess the murder weapon was he shot or stabbed i really cant tell lol

  6. In the UK its called Cluedo and I love this game only played it twice because my family didnt get the game but I loved it Wished I still had it!

  7. what happens if your character is involved in a rumor??? Do you have to stay in that room until the game ends?????????

  8. All the players are detectvies, but you can only make a guess (or in game terms "a suggestion") if you are in a room – a guess/suggestion is stating the weapon and who commited the murder in the room you are in. Once you think you know who, with what and where, you make an accusation on your turn. If you are right, you win. If not, you cannot win, roll the dices, or make a guess, but you can still participate by show your cards (or not) when the other players make a guess/suggestion.

  9. Thats really mean and hurtful to people maybe you should think about what you just typed before you post it.Just sayin…

  10. Can you make a tutorial for CLUEDO JUNIOR please? Im trying to teach my kids how to play it, but i have no CLUE how to play it myself lolz :/

  11. This is an awesome game!!! love playing it. I play it whenever I feel i am bored. I have played it around 50 to 60 times

  12. If you guess whats in the final envelope, who checks it to make sure you're wrong? or are you at the point that it has to be the correct answer? I used to play this as a child with my siblings, it's a lot of fun. board games ware pretty great

  13. It could be another person that is not playing the game. But if there's no one who can do it, the player who makes the accusation will be the one who will check the envelope. If the player is right, he/she has to show the three cards to the other players to proove his/her accusation is correct. If the player is wrong, he/she has to put them again in the envelope and the game is over for this player and then he/she can say if the acussation of another player is right or wrong.

  14. 2013 and I barely Google how to play. Thank you for the video hahah now my 6 year old and my wife and I can play.

  15. lol as a kid, we played street hockey, played baseball, played football (not a league) , went exploring….. played monopoly clue risk and 13 dead end drive. shit was kickin.

  16. Thank you so much for this tutorial. The travel version of the game doesn't have hardly any instructions. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have an 8 year old so I had to have the full instructions beforehand. Very helpful!

  17. I'm sad… I've always wanted to play Clue, but never understood how.

    Thanks to your demo, I actually do understand how to play, but… I'm afraid I find it kind of boring. Oh, the irony. But yes, great job in explaining the game!

  18. I am 54 and remember playing this game as a very small child. Some people thought me kind of a weird kid but I had to sit down and figure out the "perfect" method for elimination of possibilities. In other words, found the finite limit of strategy in the game. The problem was once I explained the method to all the other kids in the neighborhood and showed them how to do it, playing the game became pointless. I didn't think about it at the time but later as an adult I thought, "what morbid game." I mean, Mr. Mustard, with the pipe in the library? A lead pipe? Oh right. Uh… that weapon that leaves blood and brains splattered all over the walls.

  19. If anyone doesn't know how to play Clue yet, you can watch my How to play Clue video. It has a sample gameplay so it's better for you to understand how to play.

  20. So from what I understand, the little weapon game pieces (not the cards, but the plastic pieces) are completely unnecessary to play the game, the rules say when your guessing, you have to pick up the piece of the weapon your guessing and put it in the room with you, but really they serve no purpose other then reminding other players what your guess was, would I be correct in saying this?

  21. So what happens when you move Peacock to the kitchen, your accusation isn't right, and it's another player's (whose character is Peacock) turn? Do they move from the room you put them in or…???

  22. I can solve a clue while in the background without looking at cards! It was fun to try with my siblings and friend today.

  23. okay, so I have a few questions.
    How would you ever know who the character is? Do they only show room and weapon cards to prove those aren't involved?
    What would you do when you get to a room and find out it's the room, do you just stay there, or would you kinda leave to not give away that it's the room?
    I think that's it..


  25. You can play with 2 people. A newer version has you placing a few of the cards onto rooms that are only revealed when a player goes to that room to help it take longer to solve.

  26. Cool video! I have a question tho. If i make an accusation and say that the murderer used a knife and the person with the knife card showed it to me (only me), then everyone would obviously know that the knife wasn't used and would mark it their cards. So, Why showing the card only to me then?

  27. Are these the original rules? Because that's now how I learned to play at all. We don't ever move tokens, we simply ask one player when we are in a room, not all 3.

  28. 3:00 "so one player, for example, would take a look at their cards and they would find a candlestick"…. when you say "one player", which palyer? Each one (each player) in a clockwise direction would show you one card if they have it or how? How many cards are you supposed or allowed to see per one guess?

    I'm confused "tearing out hair"

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