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come back to the twenty-one convention we have over our next speaker is the
only a speaker there will be speaking to us at this event this year uh… even though he believes the
computers are gonna out of style he will be teaching online game and how
to use your computer to pick up women here’s a man himself bravo welcoming and figure factor and filling us today when i spoke last time it was a about stuff that doesn’t actual
trade-in admission that they were i was in a firearms training tax will train
all that stuff before i got to pick up what a lot of people don’t know is i’ve
actually mary rose twenty three years old at the house two cars all that stuff and uh… actually after a miscarriage
things are going downhill i really wanted things to work out she didn’t shorter call it quits after
less than a year and a divorced and i uh… and when the worst parts getting married
mike at less than a year later again divorces have all these gifts all this
family came out and saw you infill sold for more clues but all this
money that i would like to get this back in the theater it’s like a heartbreaking likely though housing bubble but the perfect time so we sold our
house me like a hundred grams exploitative worked out well for us she
did a buy another house afterwards because i read about anew anyways im i don’t get joy out of that now no anyways that and out so i really don’t know how emotional but
anyways uh… so i started out on this and a lot
of guys eerily budging guys stay on the natural and i got into the stuff and you
guided specials divorced i was crushed my spinal cord and i could press down i
felt like not like a man anymore had let myself go
to an eraser all those files for my brain how to talk to girls because they wanted
to do it anymore and one of the things to do i want to
also prove my life with anyone to be the point where i to settle for a girl like
i remember when i got divorced one of the very first thing i thought
was mannheim damaged goods now what girls go on a date a guy like me i have to lower my standards but before i do want to be chicks had
kids now i should probably do that because
what you feel would be divorced guy maybe i wanted a chick sewer thank you
before now i might have to because untainted that really stuck to think like that and
when i started certain realize they needed to change my life wasn’t happy
with what was going i was a positive of reliving the past
over and over again on the past failures so i started a self-help
self-improvement journey on my own could you tell us what training circle running the yoga studio belongs
to you with a friend for working on self-improvement and it wasn’t for about six a month later i read about
this book to gain reddit rent three days when al started
using the stuff and uh… for months later neil style was seminar and you’re going to have my wing man we met him he offered me i i have seen for free for
that and on into the second day he actually
asio teach a little bit later with new york with
them for seminar boot camp i’ll teach there from junior coach senior coach foolishly executive coach removed up in
a land of their flight last five years running the company the coaching staff uh… full-time forty-plus hours a week infiltrating phone coaching boot camp seminars all
that stuff celebrated as pick up stuff about a year ago i start my own company at my website probably dot com and part of it is i have a free forum a
blog also free one thing that i was pissed me
off was guys who are on their own form posting on the number one post on my site and my forms pre solid a lot of free content lots of free
information amman and all the time tread answers april so they can see a
bit of not there’s other guys on my side he’s a belt system like personally jitsu please use provokes brown both run a
posting you know these guys widget i did everything one of those out so it has one itself uh… mound leg in two point no program
your difference of that is the video that were about to see now is a on my
forum and all the new stuff that come up with
panel always testing and tweaking also gets put in the section of the
forum feels like to point no program ’cause always been updated and all my members are always post new
stuff there also foods usergroup german car into the
homepage without aspartic people’s pages you go there you read all the critics
have done of other people’s pages and you can learn a lot from that if you just take notes from here gonna
learn a lot uh… but that’s just a program offered
its two hundred and six billion dollars so were the biggest problems guys uses
online gaming you use it correctly online game is not a replacement for
cold approaching guys you get into this they think these
is a crutch and they end up not using it properly
which you should be going out you need to be going out doing cold approaches
his view of the balls the confidence and the skill to do that there when you going to date woodrow online or times you fucked up because that shahi awkwardness is gonna
come through so i recommend mister supplements you’re gay your on-line and use it belittle bit
didn’t go to sleep screwed out of work or school hop on since the messages that said it was also useful it from you one practice your dates effects too while you’re still working on your cold
approach skills because you can be getting dates using
this like say this is just something that’s
just your focus tumi guys get into this a quick call approaching the just use
this i didn’t get in on line game for a couple years after i moved out to
l_a_ legs didn’t wanna focus on and i want to
work on my real good the other dvd to talks with a little
more later is when you travel somewhere like this with the london when i went
there a little bit ago for seminar i set my profile of state i live in
london beforehand i was going there for a work event no
this counted out commitment to think about moving that’s not necessarily dishonest fermented so i needed like a tour guide or someone
help me out slide rules lined up before i went there and one of the travel over four hours to
come see me different sites people use face book and i think face
book is good for gaming are using a different way i want my fees
to pay should be awesome and i want people who do look me up
online girl thing to be in seeking the the search me up or uh… some limited peaceful close when they go to my page i want my page
to be for where they look at it does the work for me so you would have cool pictures up coldplay status updates up up a lot of
that stuff up my guitar with your permission to copy and paste should i
use and just witness it jerry from my pager though go to the
source and then do it that way so it looks like you found it and when the funny thing is i see is
online toppled somethin thirty minutes later someone else will
post it as all these comments from his friends were defying the stuff is so
funny obviously from the administration i don’t use facebook to uh… game girls estimations so many other so much of the competition
the girls are going to write headspace in my opinion to get hit on face book gusty chip to me i think my time can be used more
effectively more efficiently this comes from a martial arts tackle
training background so i wanted to spend a lot more time on something i can spin five minutes of a dating site or five hours on face book keeping
results my space instead some people still use it order the camera too please my space in the justin timberlake
monitoring back match dot com p harmony those cost money cheap i want to spend
any money if i don’t have to you harmony you can check out girls yet yeh like pay alike his matched up with some with them i don’t trust and rely concedes there
are not free dating sites craigslist usually used by prostitutes it’s um… he grows on craiglist and put up a man a classy i wanna or drop in several okay cupid and use that now it’s getting better but
most of people run ok cupid there’s tons of these questions and
quizzes and all that stuff that’s of the girls like i don’t like it in several for police
powers amsterdam quizzes it was like a zombie crypt assignments
and those are but that’s it i’m always like the number one guy
winter but anyways but ok cuban stuff it seems like
most girls get into that me like investing all that time and it’s not as like rapid-fire and fast
like the other day so it works or really what i recommend is fine in psych on on the next on the
show you creating a profile works and i just copied pasted on the other ones so you can use that word so wish i’d recommend plenty of fish adds up to here as a play fish account okay cool how many guys have gotten laid out
actually rose again and keep it up they went up how many guys have their hands up raise
your hand if you got laid off please finish three-four okay now everyone who has a heads up of how many guys get called message by
growth on clean fridge put in there one two three hagan that they’re hot enough not values and stuff like that but
usually six the message in you that that aren’t that high actually the stuff i get hot girls
message me all the time fuckin amazing uh… and you guys all tell you word for
word what to put on it but anyways politician like it’s free very simple justice scroll through and
go hadi hadi fatty were and i use has been a lot of time
going on its front page of reading it and i’ll teach you my brand new opener
to also on my formal always come up in test with
the stuff i just posted it there four days ago updated in the slide shows at the end it’s very simple now like twelve years
of this right-click open a new tab right-click
openid tab right click open the tab blocker can and i i was go to the other ones and
i’ll just copy paste this same message over and over again and i’ll get like eighty or ninety
percent return right now syncing and then after they read my page at the
message in back bay and i go to their page arya family picnics addictive attracted to slide we wouldn’t real-life i don’t know if this goes on fuckin
middle child and she’s going to school to me that i don’t know yet when i
approach your i don’t think i’d need to wait till the time researcher before i
do online also i’m lazy size dog so before you guys you don’t have a
profile setup the very first thing you want to do is learn about the enemy as the tackle threatens captive so on this who is the enemy good ok lots of of this remarkable the
girls it’s important that if not all it’s not
the girls are not delivered uh… one of the battle with them on a makes we loved them photos of the enemy you although i think about you guys
seeping through her perspective this is one of the things do that i just
right off the bat i was really good and i kind of thing for my sales perspective i was always think and i got away from
office too pushy cells or the egg i was just thought about it like our
look at things from my perspective this is a thing in the club outfield online anything i want to look at the world to my
perspective i want to look at it through her perspective now for a look at the everyone else’s
perspective who’s in the club ’cause i remember one night when i first
got to the threat of our computer guy comes in the bar talks to
table for girls what’s up high fives and goes to another
table last minute so good to see a high-fives and walks out ever see that kind of like faulkner thank you for mls hot chicks i can’t wait tell mike that wendy so later after like thirty minutes and
slowly up the courage to go and start talking from girls would visually got one of these tables of a
hot girl started talking on i see the sky leaving and i go uh… differently than you want to buy i’m actually kind of curious to meet the
guy who with success story and they looked up at eight oh yeah we
don’t know that guy budget and so i guess i would say i
don’t know if no interment before skimmers that sounds like fun man perceived value
social progress with plays i saw across the bar i does that mean
girls room stuff method click them i have a first come in my perspective of the outside person in
that situation but online i wanna look at my page from
my ipod through her eyes also so i set up a fake profile and this is actually like it if you are
my website before there’s that little you near email
addresses new three somethin it’s a thirty minute audio interview
with his chick laura but picked up his hot asian girl in
phoenix and i said i’ve actually profile using
her pictures and stuff she wasn’t happy about that but uh… ha after she said no comment
on california who cares girls are fuckin seeking to men well visitor once i was getting some
pictures offer camera eyes popular memory card tissues like
elliot to couple pictures of me in all of our pictures if not if it is on it and withdrew there’s literally like two
hundred pictures of her and she was in the mir taking these
pictures like around the corner looking at all
that shit and you see she’s taking a picture like
this in the next picture that was up perch in without that was like just millimeter movement over and over
and over again and just got the fucking perfect picture and that was the one who was on her face
book page two so i thought it was still a little bit
guilty about some of the stuff but then i remember all the shit girls do makeup implants high heels all i can stop by
the uh… learn how to build a smooth errol flynn
e online up the ladder but anyways i set the stage i want to
see things from her perspective the first editor they set it up and i started checking out to you flew r_t_c_ but i know on the video
renee implement the slides still gonna read what you guys n c but his username
is nice and friend in the subject line is lesson friend hello uh… look at this picture too weighs forty three years old and his picture in a little bit there is a good thing
that’s not gonna find other lurking guys eulogy that draws a lot of attention
your face and shows is double chin but it also looks like he’s given me
then right now he’s wearing a seat belt she cares about safety it also looks like he’s driving on the
freeway right now he stressed mile looks so painful for me
looks like you pike might possibly issued in his pants right at this moment so i don’t know you guys and i’ve never
been to the point where i might factory that picture that they can
profile when you’re driving actually on my page
now i can say at the bottom as they do not
contact we have a list of things that can but i added recently do not contact a few pictures you drive
a car experiencing and girls like no other parking lots of
cancer so wide as is the sincerest says marital status is separated i’m
divorced i did tell everyone my history my
background people around him so if you’re you those things i recommend a
stain single interests cooking sports movies outdoors not very helpful besides being is being outdoors we like
to obviously likes to eat selva bells about me section this is the
good stuff i am a guy who enjoys dating family friends hanging out with good people cooking grown sports dance in movies period work is cheap dylan geo high-end for bike rides walks along dr i dot e
rides and water he says but and log drives very laid back hard working i don’t sweat the small stuff he also doesn’t sweat proper punctuation spelling and it’s usually is words like the
english language letter on letterhead so r_e_m_ anytime no shit see also to the selfish people see all
the republicans says that’s oracle words that’s all you get i am our guy who enjoys you when you’re not going anyway here in the audience in the front
there’s when you’re back view of the front row not read i could
do is to do that sort of thing and they also put capital ed i’m gay guy so in this felony outfits will play first date lunch coffee quiet place maybe drink
just to get to know one another a little bit said there’s chemistry i’m sure growth is lining up to see this
chemistry the guy in the media and also his mail settings now this is
an important think about that test that is a lot too in honor of the mill settings he uh…
your monthly checks to melham ages between thirteen fifty he’s forty-three
free thinking before thirty-year-olds good for him um… and he likes to drive to two
thirty five miles away with the usafe utilises mongrel pages at
the bottom it says the uh… their sentences like must not be looking for intimate encounter you if you are looking for that never
stay and also there’s a senator’s must’ve contacted users frenchman caron
and if there’s a study dot here soon as you messaged chick who says that she’s looking for that you could put a different category and
you can’t message all these other chicks who have the setting so you know if you are there for that
don’t both of you are don’t say that you are
not message those girls every other news message those goals to i want to go
after him but it fuck shilpa all the girls that
have been said if you really want to do it with the two
profiles but curable they uh… they they check eyepiece
they’ve been uh… the federal profile they got it also to really has one pitcher so back
at you and have more we’ll get into pitcher selection so it was that this girl profile this is what happened within adair
tutors thirteen pages of messages so as we have to compete with it is real quick of a stroll through
this the subject if you time to time it was all the thing
is all eight thirty in the eight twenty nine
are still there extra twenty sixteen twenty four q forty six united lawyers just
overflowing like a hot little asian girl to ship
five total incidents that happened but anyways subject hi hello hey her archive a
turning manual pay many hot executors or how many how many in any hey hey hey hey
apollo logan ficient yes must be nice forgot to attach pic columbia for high hi december it might help people
therefore high at a party hand have a great guy and he’s funny ad when you’ve been looking at something and if you don’t have by reply k be closely but accent tile baba’s guys guys profile
that’s a pretty nice utilizing ansi felt like a dislike you know my friend
teaches us stuff mission uses i don’t like those opinion openers on
here too but anyways i i think evidence of advice
we actually met him back and forth by pretend to be laura who helped me out until very weird afterwards but i was
writing i’m still a little pullback so is this what you’re competing with
the way if that is the only page four thirteen again for thirty eight twelve
thirty five she really got a separation of with them so when you create a page the very first a little top to bottom as you work on a headline and i tested all these different
headlines that logged in at certain times as solid track how many messages i got
back i saw me messages trolls message me i really actually have been on a bit of
a graph the shows it’s like legit but the very first headline i put up
with a nice guy looking for a nice girl i am i’m a nice guy like a nice girl
dishonest and you can see by the the graph that it was shipped but nobody does that mean no-growth message me first and i think i got a one response or
something from nice gallic informational better then nation friend saying hello but analogously bad i felt nice and friends
here in the audience but i’ll let you know you’re getting all this advice you
do good for the next profile headline i tested which is actually some of use before infield is uh… bailey what’s your
story and i got on the guy your mother warned u about you can see that worked a lot better i think that’s currently my my profile
one right now untested the headline is today mother warned about that will work really well the next one
those highlighted bust every other dudes falls on the site
at once so i said not creepy or a worse like
every other guy on here blogroll student message a response i
was funny but it didn’t nearly at the same results
of the last one of archive in for donna uses when you
test that you know and tears on the next one is i’d talk cupid
everything you know i got that is a quote from somewhere for
some book or something i read in other towns that i was a knife
unemployed out ever hear good quota like trumpeted as much californication professional uh… office show too but i’m listening to it all the time we
can we talk that’s a good little lines cut it down and in the last one and you can clearly see bible the height
of the bard is the best as bravo stop secret headline now that headline is not problems
top-secret headlines someone from another conference emailed
me like you my pages that were kitty simulink he was his first name alike with its
chris chris’s top secret that will find
elected a guy like you pay attention to the next line that was the that was the the top secret life they’ll write that down right this one so soon might test that i was really
distressing as far as i could see what i could get away with the most effective headliners i’m kind of an asshole about st well i can see right there to bid to buy
two stars as i think it is the whole thing a try
to block it out and made it look like that and kind of an apple so i put it up hours he’s wayward get away with a third joking about like
that would i do want to be a guy and also international let’s have a huge
apples kind of a hassle i put that up in messages a starter
rolling in from girls oh my god yourself audio i can’t believe it finally guided
honest actually girls if you guys get into
uh… he’s join my site you have a private
section that you don’t see until you register
for my form which clears of all free but the field report section because like i
was going to field reports get now so and i have a little section of my
field reports and one of them it’s actually uh… if the blackberries that the title of it message of yesterday in for a while to uh… she message me were missing the
whole transfer fee conceived the in this as i think on her page that actually
cheers p as we just can’t be japan or in a five
miles like becuase he’s gonna lose because of the
killing and and as i was wrong one but it it was a start talking back-and-forth and action center page confirming the
municipal about what he was a message in some girl an order page exhibitions
looking for a nice guy and were messages back and forth and i’m
going out to cast a clear message image like all your funny wall off and we have a kind of a hassle facility
prescott because you’re not an asphalt bernama
thoughts that’s the right there i’m kind of a hassle as governor you’re not because i’ll tell
you i just sort of a law firm she was uh… like a legal system going school for
that check to pre smart as yours you know now so i’ll tell you
why michael actuals we’re talking
consciousness because in my experience every guy i’ve ever met he says he isn’t
nice guy turns out to be an apple and no real asphalt would admit to being
an asshole so by the process of elimination you’re
actually a nice guy the clout to his work benefactor at that so that i think we want to focus on his
pictures p_h_d_ pictures and there’s a lot of
guys don’t michael terminology i say like some of the you some of it a lot
until it was just such a plan for a little bit a lot of people reform that
stuff i’d like to have these terms of his all
understand that we’ve all read the game in the book we know it usually means instantly and um… that’s just the stuff to do
mysteries higher value means you’re cool you’re awesome so whether these pictures i have my and
this is actually with the pitcher from a boot camp i mean the limo i mean things
that go to the pitcher but to those test in this over and over
i’d put that picture up as my default picture and that was the one we got the
most views there’s little section as well likely
official much include little button on the upper right
is as viewed mean you can see few future page c_j_d_ feed out like
that and other sites it would play fish it’s free look at it for a week or two tracking
views changer picture change your headline changes what you’re looking for
assessing looking for a long-term relationship failed to date nothing serious and then see if your views co-ops africa
doing until this list are getting crazy
amounts of these by fucking hot chicks and forgetting drove messaging me and i thought that was normal stock in
other guys that do online dating as i worked with they like now kroll sorry responding to
my profile negotiated allocate messages worldly today i tested it even if i don’t think it’s a
great picture does this really won’t matter what we think from our
perspective i care with the girl things so that one actually fareham tired
extract to shift to finance from boot camp but without a party club in l_a_ and then also you want to cut convey
your personality itself over and see here from that this is a night classes in the
attack to hear as me dressed up as the head shot i’ll get to the head shot in the second
actually work out well we also want to balance it out that
orders have i’m cool i’m cool chicks chicks chicks
who would have been doing fine cool stuff join convey your personality bitch is worth a thousand words one two three four five six seven c eight thousand words so you are lighting up so this is actually when i did accident
made an active promptly simply canal but is there some funny i do with the
girls dayton for a halloween and i put the steps to see uh… you girls message
me i love you pump especially on halloween all made out of companies are so cool
jacking joel from the nightmare before christmas but anyways i thought that what’s
important what cool and integral to the growing so i put
that up comments from this one and it’s like the opener for missing
something funny in the picture it is an excuse to break the a so net pumping current skills happens on the white was about fifteen
huge ass for little bit the professional fisher i put up out of
the headset we actually use former seminars i’m for the the sales page i put it up on your test it animated by default in all my views with the twiddle i think it anyone messaging me and give
you a little teeny weeny now sternum reconfigured out later and i
think he did it did poorly because there was in
hollywood los angeles everyone fucking headshots out there also it doesn’t it doesn’t can keep eating like a ways like nancy
reasonable they can looking instantly see my face
because of my face laser scanners like i do with girls i’m scared and i think a close-up on
it’s not may be a good pitch i don’t like it his next yr but at the pictures kinda farther away
i’m not exactly sure what it is enable invested two seconds to look so we’re going back to a full body
worked way better i kept it up later on the right side
once i got rid of it continue better so with los angeles i didn’t do well
headshots maybe pizza might work well come from other now but it has to yet so i don’t like the professional lives averaging earlier guys a passing a
lottery pictures ye if you guys get this program you’ll see when i do critiques everything is very the first cases do
you patricia you could just uh… why you wear the
clothes like alice style is a goal that pictures from two thousand four but why you put up a picture six years
old on your profile at old pictures some type of the picture you that hoover dam houston analyzing your cousins like from
this emblems of hoover dam now’s only cursory had up using cargo shorts flip flops baggy
t-shirts son in his eyes is like this in front of hoover dam now they do retry can be in that picture
like that you hangout dams by yourself addressed poorly like that’s really what
you try to convey so if you’ve got good he didn’t get your
single different go the way meant when i used to use every week and we
switch medicare when we can hear the caravan
actually and i’m talking to a girl manhattan
finally some crazy it’s his job to recognize that come and
take a picture if it had a ruined things like that
first couple weeks gave me the committee artwork is like hey let me get a picture of this i would
do it i do all of the he did you think that you’re you’re quick added the camera mic elected you’re
going to a little closer looted odds okay but you can give the kids and i was the guy doing about him either
the cairo and that’s that may be we’ve got a picture so we can you later
on face book professional in the future so for that so how do we know and if you guys need to fashion makeovers hairstyle all of that it’s crazy if you guys your hairs like the remains constant all the time there your skin your body shape that means constant all
the time it has a lot of work on that whether they want to be like going out
by mike but your phones on earth dollars of that that’s going to work leaving only wear that very specific areas in circumstances not come
awfully weird but why not have the stuff that’s gonna
be the same thing in every picture look at so i would have been working on that
stuff first which is a good pitchers p_h_d_ realm of the other so the next one is the lights and in
uh… interests i’ve played around with this i haven’t
seen that big a draw from it but martial arts guns knives curb
enthusiasm magic knight music always sunny you know that carry my cat in music stuff i play whether there was a really
notices like in your search in a lot of times whatever’s first will pop up at the top
of the page using a meta descriptions from the net
always pop up so you know it will make sure your first
was good of polite music it was to make it a little bit more actually early next or the about me section this is where i would definitely take
notes and you can see shortened st i’ve got a growth pages and this fucking each paragraph dumb shit but i don’t care about so obviously worry that i don’t waste
any time and i think a lot of times these guys
are even matthew faster to get a huge shortens suite anthony was this is actually been the most effective
about me i’ve ever had a_b_c_’s one to three four five sentences now have modified the last insist a
little explain it that’s really fighters is at work the
best short sweet its search engine of the message me or finances are first they go to my paid
they can spend twenty seconds thirty seconds on and they can read a
lot about me right over the next line is bigger so about me and i go not fund of the l_a_ club scene tired of
being asked by having below here’s a look and see if there is a
girls who break the l_a_ mold that’s a great line to when i wasn’t
album kill ourselves pearls on brutally mold foreign teachers like that likely ideal so not fun l eclipsing tired of being
asked by a blow to come look at two thirty go to break the only mold change l_a_ credit for little bit about myself i was downplay michael ship don’t have
to brag about it firearms instructor i thought that for a
few years needed a change soco kennedy of eastern europeans now here in right guess how guest crazy how life works now guessed the secret works that one right there to girls went crazy over got a different figures
colossal on our frontal problem so anything like that all the radio
that’s so cool that all i was going to shoot a gun now is like three different little wage growth is in a conversation the last line is the most money or this
is what you guys were right word for word do not message me if you are stripper bartender waitress aspiring actors scorpio orgy of implants never works dot dot dot gilliardi different how they bought for
that i could you not message me if you are and the boom boom boom like that with
small underneath that i think that works better to that of course what happens girls message me first what do you think
it’s bartenders im go to law school blah blah blah we haven’t scorpions organ that second but actually wants his
message me said we have a bartenders allied war the crazy psychotic
reasonably well you might be the exception of pretty sure ever welch who
work with is pretty crazy yeah you’re right michael’s what’s your story and also this conveys reflection i’ve actually never dated a chick with
implants like it anaheim loves working with removable and i’ve never made sure perjurer probe part owner of a couple of so it’s really a lot a lot of escapism
full of life but actually help because i like sweet
girl next door type flamingo that’s good you know based rivers of
character implicitly gerardo fully flat naturally better that’s right that’s true i really think
that natalie portman nuclear division for
back in a federal so what happens as i get these go
through what my implants are really what will happen like a mother goddess never
felt the need villarreal we haven’t got mine yet they feel great
we will see that’s a great fucking initial
conversation that i would check farrell first date also cokie shorts three you take the opportunity that i do all
the things you the last as too much of a withstood it’s not like that it’s funny but i’ll say that the girl that you take
me out than out in the transcriptional see it this one a
zero mana message me there’s my field report sex of the bar attica mouth karaoke with
us as a first time it now for messaging back and forth and ashes i go oh yeah i read your page like an
eighty five percent match until this issue park she says u wanna
go for sushi too the guy would take around the globe insignia scheck i’m not going to be
opposition you can take me out okay i’ll take you now ago but which it
was not on the phone for so that you messages number close re also yet fishermen shoreline jacob kitchener phone later restore guys you know how to music
karaoke place were making out for a for a while and i’m sitting on the table over friends
around displays meals there all the guys i worked with
they’re all singin uh… secretariat surfing here at the
table she without reconstituting a handjob we’ve been drinking and she’s a pop in
on top of the reasons factory at the table and uh… of them and talk about work on
a man of the girls who popped out so hard for me stopping trigger omitted a
banger and uh… videotape you know stuff if
there’s a great story we brought fuckin goes off after the first round wake up a
couple hours later start going out again as taking a long time like i was in
fashions of the twenties and thirties this interview finishes years well would it help if you factor in the
ass right oh yes yes it would but and then later on that several blog post
about this issue has bought the car friends too it’s like baptist usually plays farther
back and i wasn’t too much stuff but and it’s really hot which is always hot friend publication
it is with some your friends like uh… interviews you did and they’re
good girls at that but the fact no one’s talking at the bar
on the first day we sit here have some dirt bag that’s crazy girl logic for you that’s all girls they know you can’t go
up my friends are good role too when i was cooler for you been there for
them another day is like to meet for drinks
or more low key public inflation keith you’re nuts p_s_ no sex in the first experience
right i actually just had a copy this from
girls to this what they’re saying on their page me for a drink cedric review whatever that we have a way diskeeper something
five-star status first before my fear of the city is always states up to a girl
before they can say to me you guys all delegates before the draws
a dog is like open i don’t like it is a few dozen it’s overused around before you go their
own after you they were like oh shit like a fine
complete slightly so i’ve a cat and i started to grow
photonic or other headcount it like you is over she really likes everyone so that she
comes out she meows and lays down michael my god it’s
awesome to the death of the people so yeah i’m going to capsize do the same
shit as first so upon my life is like oh by coming out
the second page so you know we’re having sex gigante now of course i go i don’t like
you said when i havent sex or a no you’re not having sex with me and you
can see it back to mister furs and the issue black rejected talked
about the lawyer one she came over and watch takin that that just came out to download it
watch that my room about three hours later having sex and in afterward she’s like i think that we’re gonna sex on the
first day and i guess she won mail settings attest to this too uh… on a separate email i want one of
these messaging me his guys were doing this for seminars
you probably sick of my page we really man you really fucking
resident complicitous to work for free line such a good thing on that i i i just
these two men his also conveys what you’re looking for
for girls kansas and sees it i don’t wanna fuck and compel i want to activity partner i don’t mean
to me to check your hiking with yet mariel the real world uh… reviewed by putting into encounter
there keep that up a lot of time to because the girl’s later try to pull up
on me bills they only a click of a copper
whatever i don’t know i’m not seeing there’s no admin killers not and looking to meet someone cool destroying my safety net later fred asp oh come on thursday so tips on searching for girls how specifically searching i want to
look for differ areas of the cities and states
are better than others as that my profile here is insane relief work in
our culture thing but how how picky he’s picky as you want so we’re looking for eighteen to thirty
two when you’re older than me five-foot to find a activated chick timing on here necessary first whose four foot nine that was fun as you’d like a p_h_d_ to use as u_s_
recruits were too shes relay but uh… balanced fund as much as you what would you looking
for what style black hair asian alike light-skinned dark-haired
sometimes i think then yeti careful to kiss then is usually athletic means they played softball high
school and other fats average means slightly overweight waiting for the use and begin following bedridden thoughtful some time now for nearly thirty years
ago well and then this business it is you
want and then obviously appreciate you can widen intricate minerals you want then maybe don’t be so picky with the hair something also
to sometimes go fucking optimal put like the wrong thing down it’s always change and i go i just
eleven thousand feet who’s online remotely online most recently there was another active but i want to
go after those girls such as on searching for girls what to avoid pay attention to these tips could save your life so contrast even a little bit bright you
guys can still see it make it out this is a good morning signed if i can
see the girls knows perhaps her mouth because she photoshop
it so much that’s a good sign which is something to
hide and also the sierra here temperature from fuckin i’d phone photoshop whatever love all things are making the case is the for their eyes
closed now the old-style old-style picture
again same one filters u_p_s_ must have pictures like that our face the page on your myspace page so that is how that stuff now
withdrawals do stuff all this is again at the time hide
something so if you have any normal pictures became disney half the states there’s a reason in this chick is thirty-six she put that
up by doing the contractor for young chiles nice if the paternal pitcher deal
down here and put it up that were used to reform people too much
so that when she was horrible uh… this was shares with which is
drawn pass that on the counselors like a six-pack of beer keith beer it’s like the sucker fish i get your stuff turkey for tricks again i don’t feel bad if if the girl
like this shows up in just looking at is that i do goodbye like this is a list of that like doesn’t let you
know me wants to use like white oldest girl that i was like
actually six-foot but i’m not so how can i play of the
people who like to know why there is a formal so him online some
just under five foot eight but if i was online say mike six-two and stuff and drive a lamborghini all that and i got it didn’t go for that that’s
not true she fucking dumb ally this to me is a girl misrepresenting
yourself the line here’s a good example of a tear families
pictures online permission before like light-skinned or care the schools where they show sexual
maturity to maybe lucia please video games and stuff visit that abroad go crazy for white skin alike to recognize nice lips piercing skeeter rocker kind of i’ve fucken saket this is our other picture we’ll wait and within the body i like this to there’s a t_v_ here it
almost looks like she’s the girl from the ring that just popped out of it edge the monster for public mood as well get napkins or
wanted to develop k an excellent angles there’s a studios they make enough money
to be where the angles let’s go do some weird head tell shielding approval popular hangout
twisting that let’s not normal the view that we don’t have a pitcher
from doing that picture but because i know this stuff now artists all the warning sign mackerel there’s next that you know she’s fat you careful she really is nice enough to put up a
real picture her or like bigger than my father but i guess that which is nice enough to
put it up however commission earlier body type average right in europe she’s leaning back switches orgasm ng had a nice view for any of us to have sociable to head up and she looks like a rat rat basic so that’s another angle prom pictures this was the one walked out of last time
i thought this personel lives in walked out factor of love from their big that it is
off it says that the job got you know god
has a sense of humor of the fact of flapping that was that but someone like a big fat cities in the past that she’s definitely show him off but before we talk about the turtle had over the next that software giant
sunglasses from the commercial too but i was that we saw that it’s not that
that right let me say anything for this one cole that’s a great power to get back but
record horrible dislike it save your life
imagine if she came over him ananya though the crushing will kill you look
at least five why would you think that picture and let
that be on the internet in general and the why do you think it’s okay to
crop right coupled with that why would someone thing that’s okay to do that it’s like solely horrible line with them so initiating contact called messaging this is what you are not your message
integral first and it is a couple divorce there are situational opens and that’s of the matter pager picture not something you can notice there’s uh… one girl one of the
transcripts she’s at a club in l_a_ as you sit down at the white churches a
glass your hand but the way the chair’s position it’s like you to look like a toyota
nissan to look at it first and i hate that when mike ads in girls run toilets
and kitchen i want to that but it is time s israeli opposition or a
twelve that picture snazzy back like two minutes later well that’s exactly the look i was going
for thank you so much like obviously words like when you’re
womanly tricks for the gotten the message it will play well play it was their messages back and forth benefactor so in other words i can’t open which this is one of the ones like hot there’s a variation is at the end but is worse than a girl who develop
that will put together often the store are you one of those girls he takes
whatever your hair and makeup or does it look that way and girls love having response tonight
no i’m not i don’t think that much time of the thirty minutes out the door i started playing with a recently and also liberal message in the subject
was a serious question also in this or something else was a
serious question let’s say you’re taking me out for sushi
an inference lego one reason or another i’m starving i’ve eaten anything all day ago how long
it or yet he’s got home from the gym you take a shower and get ready how long tore out the door a thirty minutes nua complicated my hands
off you uh… be fifteen minutes amulet pretty cute i go see two hours into a dive from
starvation vanished like will know integral star
player in all this the right now i would have out making something right have
snacks for you it’s a great and depends if it’s your birthday on taking out
really dressed up how to manage my time that every ethics
right now seller qualify in the role playing to
start joke around so that’s another way of doing it but
this one just real simple i copy and paste this over over over chicks said other way is the one i use for the one of the bar
reading your profile i think you’re liking eighty five percent match dot
shirt again or the other fifteen percent now to challenge that will why is that
what’s wrong that’s when you come because that’s what
a solid one for me now is the fact of the last one was really solve them this is the best way to do it actually
the best way is we really are operate on it now so i just leave my page up girls
message me first valves login to respond to me when i
wanted to respond to a girl afflicted viewed me button and also use checking out last week or
two that i’ll respond also one of these
messages to those girls that’s really all i find estimates on
aspen hours nationalism testing new things or working on new things and that’s been
all this time sort of uni section is really going to be the best way this
year because when you log in your esteemed
all these checks have been checking out who they look to you first second they
may be looking for five minutes we don’t know but what i’ll do it all disco right click open a new tab right click over the tab right click
open and also open malval tabs another quick standing look at the
pitchers rations oh cropped foes shop pitcher for fatty then i’ll just do copy paste messages
girls minister mrs read back that’s really the most effective way
cathedral party look at you for a second so that we some interest etc there’s a little warm approach record
pool corp approach lot of time for the message girls viewed me on the stand in just a couple of these
one is just old boy dot dot dot and the messages back leg what went
without a doubt regarding any of the curator of the cars
derailed my taxes like that him uh… girls with long hair ivory alice i get some serious
verification allotment to find a hair everywhere deployed deployed at my shower drain the
prize looked like a plumber something now i said that much problem you guys if they drove along here news
from around for a while you wash our clothes refining your stocks your walker alex in your underwear some tickling
important for going on here ends up everywhere this one’s money you look like trouble i said all the time the rolls of film few talk too much going on intellectual uh… yeah i’m a good boy we really kind of an asshole with so there’s another good was a little bit
longer but money to three check me out with the message me so what not hot enough or if it’s okay i
can take it probably for the best your scorpio or whatever they are nothing but trouble dot dot dot week
steve well we haven’t scorpions and actually the girl who i bank at the bar she actually did this
you know my work on the phone she was like all what are you know my
common areas chicago this astrology book was purchaser reading online it was some
sex astrology book so there wasn’t a problem if you start
talking about sex on the phone i was like that’s fuckin awesome that’s a great way
to bring up so then on one girl future growth later chica message me first of hot half-full
funeral weed of going out to the grove which is where i live nearby i have had
a couple scripted day for me to executive who have to the girls like
author barnes noble to get some things we were up there i would assume astrology books and i was
actually like which would you have don’t worry about which book i have go through the books and find one that
makes your science sound awesome so i went through another taiwan’s aries
ok that was ok also makes pop in a recent austin that’s going on line sub either on the date that became the
day well that i just leave it on my coffee table all the times of the
general comes over she sees it the star reading about it and also on the phone every month with girls
allies targeted astrology here has got a book out on the name of it
estar remove an after-work talking about the stuff you like yeah let’s shoot hopefully we’re going
to book is out the sex astrology and fragile message it is last week my four minutes naked getting on use
this book this is another one this week i will be
situational for specialized for this girl sleeping bag o probably for the best
your elbows look scary laugh out loud steve wink i was like we can and stuff that’s all
the stuff i hated for a long time but girls use its western authors softens up all my shit and i know you’re l will look scary
seriously that picnic angle makes them look crazy huge would have more than a picture shed like
our arm up like this inner elbows really close to the camera
so looked bucket like me right next to look huge so i’m necessarily look real point here
is my message of that bust your balls about it yes i think the next line has that his son s sister and this was a response a few minutes
later how did you find out the teen girls get
them to respond it’s way better than and she copy and paste depalma did
senator that he wrote so now under some dash as you know she’s
making fun of his other guy that’s another breakthrough i had when i
first got into this was you ought to realize that you’re x with over she’s probably in better than other do
today later maybe like a month before it’s over about she could be in better
than other did very very short time from afterwards and after they’ve done it she start open the floodgates asserts
however all the embarrassing shit about it the time you can get up and uh… i had a good going down there all these
kind of things that’s all the shit you’re all the time girls so when you guys are still thinking
about your x and i like how i want to get back to
know your taxes rightness mother did laughing at you don’t go back so this cold now making fun of the guy
that she doesn’t even know to another guy she was even now fucked up were fucked up in the stuff i’ve done
but initiative by the way my knees look scary too i think it’s because i was
gonna go well it was her messages back and forth very simple but she was that flat out how’d you find out a teasing girls with
the response book what’s called the game initiating contact so other they think
it is a when grocer messaging you first was this does happen how to respond these roles they have like the white
house torpedoes now the holiday less in court first in
the really hit it off today after a little you’re really clean we have a touch of
the crazy that’s why i don’t think that like omg are part of the earth after the
crazy there’s all downhill maybe it’s just
that uh… and i said something else something’s years within a week or something like that
that was fun chose one out like that i don’t leave
astrology i don’t think they can define you belong title actually had my chart done a
little bit ago and all the other planets pleaded partner
too that’s the way you can get away from it their lives as well that you are how
much is message zero answer question back right away from a allow are you really that cokie and i’ve relaxed and confident my cock is a big difference what lothar
cokie that’s true but also it’s not like that the will respond as the likely women now look at ur page analysts and some
back over well i’d just check that your paycheck i page
actually look like a good head on your shoulders which hit harder and harder for and what
your story so that is responsible checkout beaches
is what growth bonus responder question and they don’t check out your pages
respond then after a couple messages back and
forth and you’ll see a man of the section logo i just saw your capital of capture
something for girls are doing this to me i realize
it’s i forget them even if i really checked them out ahead
of time i just conveyed that i just looked at it is kind of general rules messaging
back and forth if they’re doing a short message actually love of a longer message
because i want to reinvest in the conversation if they do a long one but i wanna know
if they’re invested in it so that i can use the shortlisted but i don’t like eulogized stories to
jiang stories if they’re doing something short i’d
always just absorb back continue name exchanges i always do the three
knows all my emails on the tables and i wasn’t steve at the
bottom solves throw that out but my real name
statement but steve wanted to go home as you back in the
buffet steve again though he’s competence work toward
your name well behaved blah blah blah now i know that they
actually read it they paid attention it at the time to tighten up that with my life indicated interest they live has no offer their name at the
bottom offering their own polite minister use
it if they don’t after a few of these
alaska once in a fortune in you’re told me but that was their economies a little
bit of a test so then the point system the system i
got from from yale where other girls they see some call the
hot sauce above five point six with all things as i stated i plus five political points
something mission impossible at www how he points
to have another knowing if twenty you my phone doesn’t need to do to that co-branded members uh… closing never change so allot of times with the number change all of on strode out there at the bottom and put it and i wanna see what happens a lot of times film sin their number right now possitive is little comfort they feel
because i gave it to the medical station but then they sit back to me is they
want me to call other next thing is i’ll throw my number
others in his attorney before you know i call when i spoke to do it that way your
sparkling figure that out but i was very transition to full as
fast as possible because i don’t want thirty other pieces of guys message you
know and i don’t want when you guys stupider
than city long island messenger that’s right so i’ll throw out there the twenty points system and this is this in the ways and the
most effectively idle man my fingers again tired technol
day and actually don’t want associate work with chat with you reach and ten minutes well from my phone
number there answered say this chip and remove it at
the end but uh… still if the girl answer some of the put it there i know cd call me in block if you want
laugh out loud so that the girls go r_d_ block nothing
against our six seven legally block for card is privately call and all that hard and i just joined out
of our caller yes kinda overnight he called me and i have a
number that if you like me to sing up the rear for me but i’ve only idea never had a girl ever
actually block her number those uh… the fact of offering that they show that i might figure them with
we try to make them feel safe will be cool when to call if i say that in anything we’ll try to calm within about ten minutes not watching
the clock like twelve mins from other do somethin few drinks a down to my head so
i get comfortable but i also want to call the student
later xx i don’t want to miss that window of opportunity how many conversations i’d try to have
his few conversations as possible before and get them out lot of times yes number cause growth
talk on the phone tree has done this recent hours on the phone with a girl
you have this decal connection them like a week goes by getting a finding out
something happens and they never even fucking hang out
with a chip inertia bush off some comes up and it just doesn’t work i realized mexico wide wagner i realize awhile ago that’s a big
fucking waste the time solves telegram phone conversations go
for wider use of the project and i want to waste like our own have hours are from the waist supplanted a date from a quickly go through these always
want to try to do it this week with the latest next week uh… well wait too long because the
fires of burning fire retraction skin like so i wanted fast as possible so the
popular girl was they were messing friday or saturday
during the day i was pretty dates like on sunday monday
tuesday may be a list of those alike sooner than later but i was really on a weekday also so i
can barely everything going on friday and saturday night alpha don’t want uh… wait that long salt regular concern there monday disney
perjury some cool easy whatever i’d movie when i moved back to face i made
sure the place underneath me there’s a wine bars restaurants with all
the school stuff within walking distance by candidates there first date where to go what to do how to make her
feel comfortable i’d take care of all that of texture of the addressee she
doesn’t necessarily know the places fifty feet from a house loves to hate is really cool place we
should go there like okay cool sushi place free barbecue dealers activity takes the
focus of you guys that’s always wanted to after the call date fields going out of
something more than that’s where living so close comes into play leslie the page is a long-term investment once you have a policy working for a a
it’s done you have to do any more leave it up youth we did you get more pictures but it’s just a long-term investment was actually get it working very little work with a huge gain girls has become a guys have a flow of
girls from travelers something they agarwal
intervals split testing you can test of wrinkles
that these are pictures and profile to explain that earlier invisible mode this is an option if you
don’t play fish for the girls can see check them out well-lighted floods have of second
rollout vigil check me out that message the returnees pretty creepy freeze favorite the growing a messenger
first ever go out talk to play fish as they
hate it and this is the brand new thing is that
you brandi lines so shy girl that’s what’s in the subject rego you
checking out the message me why not network taking you for the shy type the next one this is the shorter one is
actually is right now are you one of those girls takes forever to get ready entertainer and the subject is serious question that’s on these right now just outlined
just copy paste copy paste are you what os growth takes forever to
get ready just g_o_p_ cupid talked about that okay now the fission though g that’s uh… in the mail topic
for my go to the minute t_v_ implement reforms but uh… american sailors on camera was
that there was awful for it they set up a fake profile made even
more over the top of mine and grover message is over and over the headline is crazy i’ve been tested
it when you guys are more then welcome to
but i walked into the state profile has all optimizes it was crazy traveling explains when i went to uh… one that i’ve done this twice out the
reports as fuck you know it’s collision epidural so hard turned on the phone and from online that we had a plan to
when she came to my house on like at one hundred hello i want her first touch to be like a kiss however it first touch for my dick to be sliding your pussy issues like occupy and annette twice now
plenty of fish these were girls are looking for him encounters personal
confirmed the wafers whatever that is the santa monica though now with
the wind in the real trouble for hours bust to subway all that came in a hotel propped on that sectors within fucking that’s all factors could be ido reiterate a wrap-up is there anything we need a bike once
you put questions in the us to talk to me afterwards or with michael heap industries he said beginning like you think uh…
computers ur desire wrote that and you know that was need being funny that’s that computers occurred for the quick upset
abt eidos ok thanks a lot out of the garage
entrances stuff uh… undersold a lot of the line sees a
lot of those on your form as well reacted at the arlington program
like had so much suffering like this what you guys is in good shape and size
i offer phone coaching i do a little bit a personal coaching i
did some called project x where it was a old small private boot
camp where we should live in the hotel together all day teaching all nine field on
sunday to go against the gunnery thomasyu two dash makeovers did cool
stuff it was a lot was exposed to other people charge this is my job is i do have a passion
about it but the online game is my one package program i have to go miss i
didn’t get it it’s the whole training video there’s
that private section where explain more and more stuff there so after our
wellman breaker that kind of happy explain moral county again if you want more of it then this is the one point no program
the two point oh is all that stuff there’s more shit
there problem for you a dot com you’ll probably way twitter face book gravel pueda telephone record i would be on the break come hang
out and hand out tonight and find out so i’ll be here ready watch bizarre
questions asking for help forgets join it

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    I’m hungry but I won’t order 18 tubs of ketchup and a spoon. No, I’ll order it because I’m thirsty, and I’ll ask for a straw.

  24. Great Video! But can anyone tell me what he wrote on the "about me" part, didn´t understand everythink. Thanks from Germany

  25. I use to do strictly online game cause I was a bitch in person, saw this video a little over a year ago. Deactivated my facebook and strictly focused on cold approach. I live in wyoming, so very few cute girls and pof is dead here (moving to nyc in 3 months). Just reactivated my facebook and used a lot of the stuff from this video, I'm getting way better results. Not necessarily because of the tips in this video, but because I have pictures that stand out and I look way more confident than I use too. Girls have been adding me. So if your stuck on online game, delete your profile and work your ass off on cold approaching. You WILL get rejected A LOT, but you start getting good fast if you do it a lot and your rejection rate will go down and you will gain so much more confidence. Then when you do get back online, talking to girls online is way easier. They can sense a guy who's unconfident even through text.

  26. It sounds like he says not fond of the LA club scene tired of being asked if I have any blow.឵ What's the last word? 

  27. Pof is bullshit, i did 2 profiles, one pix of me, one pix of a shirtless "hot dude" same profile, same messages. the hot guy got all the responses. regular me got shit.
    conclusion: only your pics matter.

  28. pof is DEAD at least in my area. Hosebeast Landwhale Walrus Boring Ugly Chicks. Cupid is better, but its a ton of work in comparison. Back in 2011 when this video was made I killed it on they have all sorts of dumb rules and shit now. I wish I could code a new site that is like POF in the old days lol

  29. this is a f**** joke..I mean really men have to be told how to be a gentleman this site seems like just to what get laid? how to pick up on a bunch of women? I agree with what that young lady said there are a**** men sociopathic men & you need to be careful these days giving advice to the wrong ones.. and these guys could be family men too looking for something on the side and treat other woman Like crap. I know a couple of boys not Even going to say men that only use woman for whatever they can come up on. a meal, sex, sympathy, money, bouts of what seems like love..Fuck the takers!

  30. Look at this sweaty fatty talking shit about random girls…obviously he has some crazy jedi internal game if he is not completely suicidal 24/7.

  31. This fat gonshite is fucking bullshit. 'They exchanged messages and then he fucked her! Haha! Whatever! Fat fucking loser with a chubby face, shit rig and no game. He's just ripping gullible guys off by bullshitting them about success that he hasn't even had online.

  32. This shit is fucking gold. I'm unemployed, living with my parents, and I'm still getting ridiculously hot chicks messaging me. @[email protected] Like 10/10, how the fuck are you interested in me–I would kill a man to get in your pants, and I am not fuckin' worthy–as my inner dialogue goes. Granted, I have a nice body, as a burgeoning bodybuilder, and am studying to become a personal trainer. So, I have direction. But even so, I didn't expect shit. But I still only weigh 145. Shredded, but not enough to interest women, imo. Women don't really care about bodies that much, anyway.

    My teeth are fucked up, though, so I'm not ready to put myself out there, yet. Gonna get them fixed in August. Also, I need to get a vasectomy before I have sex again. I had a close call a few years ago, and it made me realize how much I don't want children–and how little say in the matter I would have if she decided to keep the baby. My worst fear.

    Not to mention, I can write this word for word, but I still need to have a good understanding of the general process of pick up. Which I don't.

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