Buying XBOX Gift Card From Amazon!

hey what’s up guys so today I’m gonna show you how to buy Xbox gift cards or Live Gold membership so stay tuned okay first things first we have to go to this page right here I will leave the link in the description that’s gonna take you to the same page right here you can buy the gift card or the gold membership it’s up to you it works either way is the same method now from here you can choose the amount you would like to buy ten one hundred fifteen twenty five dollar and so on for the gold membership you can choose between twelve three or six months subscription and you can choose between digital code or a physical card I recommend a digital code because it’s faster and easier okay I’m going to buy this ten dollar gift card and from here you can choose the quantity you like and then click on add to cart click on proceed to checkout I have already added my credit card info it’s going to ask you for the for your payment method if you are buying for the first time as you can see it says instant delivery that means that I will get the code right away the last step is to click on place your order and there you go everything is done and now Amazon will send the code right away to your email address or you can click on games and software library let me type my password and here it will show you all the digital codes and games you have bought from Amazon as you can see in the past I have bought some PSN codes for the PlayStation I have did a video and how to buy them I related a video link in the description otherwise here is the $10 Xbox gift card that we had just bought and here’s the code I’m going to redeem the code on my computer you can do that on your xbox if you want to it’s okay I will open up a Microsoft Store and click on redeem a code let me copy the code and paste and guys remember that your that’s your region have to be the United States because this gift card only walks on the US store and you can’t change your region easily just go to settings time language region and language and here changes to the United States you have to close your Microsoft Store and reopen it I have already changed it so I will place the code and hit next hit confirm and there we go everything is done my balance is ten dollars that’s pretty much it for the video thank you guys for watching I will leave all the links in the description so don’t forget to check them out you guys in the next time [Music]

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