California Lowball Poker : California Lowball Dealing: Bet or Forfeit Your 7-low

There is a special rule that needs special
highlighting in California Lowball. And I don’t have a good susinct name for it, but
I guess you can call it the 7-Low rule. What it is, is if you have a 7-low, after the draw.
And what that means is, you’re highest card is seven, so you can call it a 7 high, but
in Lowball we typically say 7-Low. Means your highest card is seven and your other four
cards are lower than seven. So, for example, seven, five, four, three, ace. That’s a 7-Low.
The rule is if, after the draw, you check and you have a 7-Low, you are not allowed
to win the hand. So, if you catch a 7-Low and you’re playing to win the hand, do not
check in the, with the idea of trapping someone and then raising after they bet. Because you
will not win the hand. You’re not allowed to take the pot that way. Basically, what
it means is that check raising is not allowed in this game. When you would check a 7-Low
and not expect to win the pot is if you have seven, six, five, four, three, which is a
straight three to seven. That counts as 7-Low and it’s a hand that can win the pot. But,
if you think that someone has a better hand, like a six low. You would check and be planning
of folding once somebody bets. So, that’s that, remember that rule, and let’s move on
to the next segment

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