California Lowball Poker : California Lowball: Sample Hand 2

Ok, so let’s continue with our sample hand.
Everyone has received and looked through their cards. You and I are in ok shape. The player
to dealer’s left, not so much, but he got to check to the draw, so what he’s going to
do, is he’s going to throw away these two cards, and ask for two. I am going to give
him two, so it was very lucky that there was checking instead of betting, before the draw,
because that means you get to play. You’re going to throw away one of your aces, and
you’re going to throw away your jack, and hope to draw to a nine low, which is not ideal,
but we’re going to roll with it. To your left, is the best draw at the table. This person
is one card from a seven low, so they ask for one card, and again, I am two cards from
a seven low, so I take two, and now, let’s say that the person to my left really likes
his hand, and he can check or bet. He decides to bet two black chips. You call. This person
calls. I call. What happens now? Well, it’s called the showdown, and the first person
to showdown his hand, is the person who last bet or raised. That’s this person, and look
at that. He played wrong. He had a pair, so at this time, the pair of fours is the best
hand shown on the table, but it probably won’t win the hand. You look at your hand. Look
at what you did. You caught the bug, and caught your nine low, so right now, you’re ahead.
To your left, alas, an eight low. You’re hand is out, and let’s see if I can beat the eight
low. Look at that. I got way lucky, and caught my seven low. Pot goes to me, but what can
you say? I am a D list poker celebrity.

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