California Lowball Poker : California Lowball: Variation of Five-Card Draw

You know, five card draw is not without its
many variations. Indeed, there are a number of ways to spruce up the game, if you will,
and one of the ways that you can change five card draw, is to flip the rules if you will,
and how do I mean? Well, you can play lo- ball. That’s basically, flipping the rules,
in that, in low ball, when you say, get what looks like a really great hand, it’s not a
good hand. For instance, if you had a full house, that would be a horrible hand in lo-ball.
You would need to throw that away if it was after the draw, and what’s the worst hand
of all in a lo-ball game? That would be the royal flush. Imagine that, it’s the hardest
hand to get, and yet, in a lo-ball game, it’s the worst hand possible, so think about that,
and let’s move forward, let’s learn how to play California Lo-ball.

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