Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 – First Impressions And Opinions/Review | 2017

what be going on guys Commander here and welcome
to a lets play on Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. Now I said to you that I would do this lets
play sort of like to say what I think of the game and whatnot and here we are so what is
going to consist of is the good parts, the bad parts and anything else that may tie in
to that and also my final opinion of the game. what we are doing here is a Team Death Match
on I think the map Hunted I haven’t totally memorized the maps yet as I have only had
it for about a week and i am rank 16 already so yeah. I am basically going to go through
the overview of Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 in its self this is the game that was released
the year before Infinite Warefare so we have Infinite Warefare and COD 4 Remastered this
year or 2016 and then 2015 was Black Ops 3 now the reason why this is the case is because
Call Of Duty bring out a game every year, I am not going too much into detail but that
is a reason why some people don’t like these games because they are running out of ideas
and that what people say but that’s up to you hardcore Call Of Duty fans this for me
is just a 1 off because I just wanted to do my impressions of the game. so anyway first
of all I am going to go through some of the good parts now some of the good parts that
I have realized are that the maps look a whole lot nicer now bear in mind I am comparing
this to a very old school Call Of Duty game that a lot of people really love called MW3
and I have done a video on that and that will be linked in the description down below but
some things that I like the quality has got a lot better and there is a lot of new ways
to play the game like there is a lot more attachments to your guns that you can have,
you can add a lot better skins that look a whole lot nicer your character generally looks
a whole lot nicer as well and just the entire game just looks that much better and I personally
don’t think like you get games like Infinite Warefare that looks too much but I personally
think that Black Ops 3 is it is a bit more Sci-Fi ish but the surrounding area doesn’t
look so Sci Fi that you can say oh that is never going to happen in real life and what
we are seeing is never going to happen in real life or as yet you still have cars and
the buildings and the old fashioned wood works that you can get around the world now and
I think that is really good something else I also like is it hasn’t lost the old style
Call Of Duty things like the care packages and air strikes and whatnot they have added
in a few more things like they have added a thunder strike which I just used and I didn’t
see the point of that what so ever but there is a lot more support abilities like UAV and
the little bomb droid things I cant remember what they are called because I barely use
them but there are a lot more rewards for playing really well in Call Of Duty so that
is something that I like quite a lot one last thing that I am going to say (there are a
lot more but these are just the ones that I can think of) one that I liked quite a lot
is the more special utilities like grenades and the trip mines that I have been using
this game which I find really useful and the trophy system which is good but th trip mine
is brilliant and you have the frag grenade and the sticky bomb as well which I think
is rather useful something else which is think goes along with this as well is the special
ups that you get from playing the game like the gravity spikes that I have got in this
game I think that they work really well because its sort of a nice way of getting kills for
playing the game properly and doing well in the game so you do well in the game and you
get a special ability which gets you more kills for your team so I think that that works
really well I am just using the gravity spikes just because I love the gravity spikes I personally
think that they are really good I have experimented with a few other things but I think that the
gravity spikes work well for me and I can get a load of good kills for that but now
on to somethings that I think that some people may not like as much a lot of the problems
people have with the new Call Of Duty games is that they are a lot more Sci Fi ish sort
of style and I can see where that comes from because you have the jump packs you have one
of the abilities where your arm transforms into a machine gun and you can use that as
your special weapon and its more noticable in the campaign and not as much on online
and when you are online you cans see that you have bionic hands and bionic arms and
that is just blatant to see but I think personally that its just, I don’t know too much difference
because I have only had two Call Of Duty games MW3 and Black Ops 3 so I am not a passionate
about it as some of the really hardcore Call Of Duty players who have played it for ages
and know the difference between what it used to be and what it is now but things like the
jump packs and your bionic arms they would not happen in real life and theirs a lot different
then the old Call Of Duty games which I think is sort of a step in the wrong direction I
have defiantly realized it a lot more with Infinite Warefare
and I think that is why people hate it so much but something else I personally don’t
like about the game is the infinite sprint I know you could say this about Halo 5 as
well but Halo 5 has a penalty for sprinting all of the time the penalty for Halo 5 for
constantly sprinting is that you have to stop sprinting on orser for your shield to go up
now for this you can sprint all over the map you can literally sprint pull out your gun
get a load of kills and carry on sprinting and not have to press any buttons except for
the trigger for shooting and I don’t think that that is very good because it just means
that you can have somebody just charge past five people and just go bang bang bang bang
bang so I don’t think that is a very good thing but again if you like it then that your
right but yeah that about all we have time for in this video here altogether I personally
think that Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is generally a good game but there are some aspects of
it that are not so good and some are better than others but altogether I think that it
is a really good game and I really enjoy playing it also one last thing Zombies are really
hard probably because I haven’t played it much but I think that it is really hard but
anyway that is about all we have time for in this lets play video here I would like
to thank you all every much for watching if you did enjoy don’t forget to SMASH that like
button and HIT that subscribe buttons for more awesome gaming content and I shall see
you all later bye.

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