Card Games: Crash Course Games #13

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  1. This series is totally shallow. The exploration of the subject matter feels like a brisk stroll through Wikipedia.

  2. Monopoly Deal? No? Because that card game is much more efficient than the board game variant in destroying friendships.

  3. Bummed they didn't get touch back on deck building games buuuut challenge me in Star Realms I'm "Starcat" 👍

  4. its pronounced "mo-dern" – not "mo-der-en" (unless you are purposely trying to sound smart by mispronouncing easy words)…

  5. Are you planning on making a video about augmented-reality games, like Pokemon Go and Ingress? They're a fairly new phenomenon, but they look like they can become really big. Or maybe they're just a fad. It's probably too early to tell.

  6. I love the Pokemon TCG. I don't just collect, I like a good battle, too. I've been playing for 8 years now. Too bad there aren't a lot of people that actually play these days. At least, not where I live.

  7. I'm surprised/pleased that Dominion showed up in the video at all, even if only as a brief mention.

  8. I actually play and own an old Swiss card game that uses similar suits to the German ones mentioned. They're Bells, Shields, Acorns and Flowers. The game is called Jass and I don't believe it's well known outside Europe or Swiss communities but if you've ever played Pinochle then it's like that, a trick-taking game with a similar deck, but MORE complicated. There's a big focus on the Trump Suit, a suit that beats everything but a higher Trump card.

  9. It's neat that you guys did this video right before yugioh nats 😛 We just had our largest nationals this weekend with 2253 people playing. I didn't win 50 grand or 7.6 million but I did manage to get 23rd and roughly 950 bucks :p so it was still fun

  10. It doesn't inspire much confidence to have Crash Course videos with corrections annotated all over them. Come on guys, you're better than this.

  11. Seth Manfield
    At first Oh he won MtG world Champs? Respect!
    sees his deck ABZAN CONTROL? THIS GUY IS A ****.

  12. Allegedly the 22 high suits used as Suite Cards in Tarot were used as things that could be pointed at to help merchants communicate across languages.

  13. this video seamed rushed. Lets first starts with the history of card games, i would like to see a video just based on the history of card games and not as much on what we know and love as today's as the world wide phenomenon know as magic the gathering. it seems as if this video jumped the evolution of card games represented as a evolution in gaming, gaming can be spanned as several different interpretations of people and what brings us together as a community of gamer's. there's defiantly a certain break in the gaming field from table top games to multi e platform computer based games and i wish that this video was more broken up into part of the gaming sphere that is what we konw and love as today's gaming scene.all im asking i guess is that i wish this video focused more o what built the gaming culture of today rather then what just got us her. i hopw tom green and the rest of the wonderful world over at crash cousre could expand an and explore. PS this video needed some more mongols…

  14. Honestly all i would have liked to see is a 2 part video. HOPE YOU SEE MY TWO PoSTED CRASH COURSE; i love your work.

  15. I actually stopped playing MTG when I got into university, since noone I knew at the time played it. Then again, I'm definitely not one of the hardcore card game players because I normally enjoy making heavy combo decks.
    I mean, most of the competitively viable decks in ALL of these games basically revolves around "Find one way to win the game with as few cards as possible, put all the cards you need for that into one deck, fill out the rest with cards you can easily cycle through to get what you need." Me on the other hand, I like having at least three ways to win the game available, preferably with interactions between them, and that usually makes my decks too slow.

    However, people HATE playing sealed against me because I'm apparently very good at taking random new cards and making them work together, so I guess that's something.

  16. Very disappointed to see Tarot cards reduced to hocus pocus fortunetelling. In fact, Tarot cards, just like your average set of Bicycles, are, at their heart, PLAYING CARDS. Though virtually unheard of in the US, popular tarot games like French Tarot and Danish Tarok are still significantly popular in Europe. It is unfortunate that the actual history of these cards has been lost to the absolutely bull** mysticism with which they are now commonly associated. As an example, just check out a Tarot Nouveau deck. Regular suits, and then a set of 21 trumps; no death, high priestess or whatever else the heck in sight.

  17. I'm doing research on Magic The Gathering! Especially about how it's localized, but there's much more ^^

  18. Didn't even mention Cards Against Humanity? It's the card game I see played most often in small social circles.

  19. Seems odd that you didn't even mention the "trick" games, like whist, hearts, spades, bridge, etc. There was a time, I think, where they were the dominant card game in the US. I know contract bridge is basically only played by old people, now, but it really is one of the greatest card games of all time.

  20. Every time he says "deck building" I keep thinking he's saying "d*** building"

    (Censored because I know kids watch this stuff)

  21. Interesting factoid: Wizards of the Coast didn't have a lot of confidence in Magic: The Gathering, so wanted Richard Garfield to give them a 'money maker' first, and he gave them the board game called Robo Rally.

  22. Kind of hilarious that this series has 8 videos on the 40-year history of video games, and one video on card games which have been around for centuries.

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  24. These videos are amazing. I know nothing about the gaming world I need this channel since I have so many gaming friends!

  25. This series is so fascinating! I didn't think I would be interested when it first came out but I'm learning a ton and it's so interesting.

  26. I like how they threw in the more spiritual/divinatory significance of Tarot cards. Regardless of your personal stance on such things, I appreciate anyone who doesn't make fun of and further ostracize such groups. 🙂

  27. Primero that literally means first in Spanish or more accurately the first geez looks like the YouTube trend of saying first on a video as invented centuries ago

  28. My favorite GAME was born in 2003.
    Wait, you thought I meant the arrival of Pokemon in the US?
    Look it up. Its an RTS 🙂

  29. Pokemon TCG was in the states as soon as the games. 1998. There was a ban on Pokemon cards at my school in 1999.

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