Card Tricks: Cuts and Shuffles : How to Care for Your Magic Playing Cards

Hi everybody! Malik the magic guy with
I just want to say a few words to you about how to take care of your cards and how to
get a little more life out of them. Now like I said before this is called the card case;
when you’re not using your cards you probably want to keep them in the case, not wrapped
in a rubber band or something that you use to keep your hair in. It’s also important
to keep them away from extreme heat and extreme humidity, and if you’d like get yourself
one of these, this is a metal card clip. The cards slide right in here just this and this
will keep the cards from warping, you can carry them in your pocket without them getting
bent. These are pretty cool to have. This is a stainless steel one, you can get a basic
one of these at a magic shop or online for a few dollars… it’s just stainless. This
is an example of a little more expensive custom one that was ordered from an online supplier.
But basically taking care of your cards is important because once you start doing some
slight of hand type work, having a big bend in them or a warp is not going to help you
out at all, so keep them in a case, if you’re going to do a lot of work with them keep them
in a card clip. Now that’s some important tips on taking care of your cards.

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