Cashgamefestival handhistory – Paavo Tromm vs Ranno Sootla

This is the one where Estonia’s leading cashgame coach Paavo Tromm had kings on the BB and one of the biggest tournament winners in 2014, Ranno Sootla held jacks on the button. Uno Sööt limped with 83 of clubs, Lauri Meidla raised it up to 100 with Q6, Ranno 3bet to 350 and Paavo decided to slowplay. They see the flop heads-up and Paavo checks, Ranno bets 350€ which is a little under half of what is in so far, Paavo continues with the slow pace and opts to call. Commentator Silver: Paavo is sure he has the best hand here, he’s probably thinking whether to checkraise and represent a draw. Still prefers the call option. Silver: The turn is a ten, another undercard to both players and there is a big chance Ranno will continue with another valuebet We have seen him check behind many times on the turn, but I cannot see a reason for that in this situation. He decides to protect his jacks with a bet of 800€. With an additional 1600€ behind for Ranno, Paavo might be thinking about an all-in, but still chooses to play it slower. The pot now is round 3200€ and there is still 1600€ behind for both of them. Paavo checks the second ten and Ranno.. goes all-in! which gets an instant call from Paavo and a nice pot of more than 6000€!

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