Place cat in front of screen. No, not your face. Warning: You may lose a monitor during the course of this video. Why are you here? Just to suffer? cat mouse Didn’t you read the title? “FOR CATS ONLY” You need serious mental help if you identify as a cat. be gone

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  1. mi gato se quedo mirando trato de agarrarlo busco detrás de la computadora y se fue molesto porque no podia agarrarlo

  2. Meu gato fico loco kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk quer pegar tela do pc carai

  3. Mi gato escucha esta música y va corriendo a mi tv para atrapar el ratón.
    Like si ya te rayaron la pantalla 😝

  4. I was pleasantly surprised at how two of my cats reacted to this video. One, a young cat who has never seen a mouse before, and the other, who had been a mouser for some years…both reacted exactly the same…with rapt attention. Thanks for the video!

  5. okay basically i woke up my cat, showed her the monitor, she started sleeping on the monitor until she noticed that mouse and she went behind the monitor sniffing it. okay then

  6. Me and my new kitten Alice of 3 months watched it and she was impressed. I have to get one for her. I told my husband “I’ve never done anything like this with any of my furry children.” Didn’t have that technology. A first for this old lady.

  7. Cabron mi gato me ha mordido el dedo pensandose que era mi dedo , me debes una tirita y 5 ml de sangre o quedamos para ajustar cuentas y muerdo a tu gato y sino tienes t muerdo el cuello a ti

  8. привет арина я уже на тебя зла недержу довай миридса пожалуйста ариночка

  9. Thanks so much for this! My cat needs to watch this at least one a day. We made a video of her watching this video, and now she LOVES to watch herself in action!!: So basically, she's teaming up with her former self to catch these mice. She's broken our TV, of course.

  10. My cat totally ignored the screen and just trampled on the keyboard ( which she is doing RIGHT now ) and just kept nuzzling my face with her wet nose. Guess they only want affection XD . Like if you read the subtitles!

  11. This is my Cats #1FAVORITE video!!!
    But TABLETS & phones NEED a screen-lock option to toggle..
    My Lucy always activates something with her paws..
    **and for the record, I’m not a barbaric parasite POS loser scumbag deuche who declaws a cat.
    Nothing again those that do ;D
    Btw,,Lucy does-not scratch my tablet or PC when she plays,,
    And it was as easy a pit to teach her not to scratch furniture..
    Actually, I don’t even remember teaching her that..
    She just didn’t do it.

    Probably bevause she prefers her stuff to scratch since it’s made for that and she k it’s it hers now…
    ThankYou for this video..

  12. My cat has been enjoying this video since she was a kitten and that was 2 years ago. She recognizes the music now…no matter where she is in the house as soon as she hears this video start she comes running. Thanks for making such a great video, and all the others for cats!

  13. A ver gente estúpida, los gatos no perciben la pantalla del móvil o de la PC como nosotros, ellos lo ven a colores raros y sin sentido por eso es que algunos no prestan atención.

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  15. Mi gato ama este juego me tira el telefono para ver si esta atras del Celu 😂 se lo saque y me miraba para q se lo ponga nananana😍💜

  16. My cat is STILL looking for the mouse after the video ended! When it ran off the screen, she was looking behind the monitor for it. LOL, I don't know who had more fun, her or me!!

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