CGRundertow FINAL FANTASY XI ONLINE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Some reviews are tougher to write than others.
Usually they’re the weaker end of the NES spectrum, where there’s so little actual
content to the game that I have to resort to flowery language just to fill four minutes’
time. And then there are the games that are so unspeakably massive that I know that anything
I say, even if I did the whole talking-fast thing, would merely scratch the surface. As far as MMOs go, Final Fantasy XI is an
odd bird. Perhaps due to the international success of the Final Fantasy brand, Square
Enix decided at the outset to integrate their servers, racially speaking. You could be fighting
alongside a Japanese PLD, a French BLM, a Canadian COR, all in the same party and working
toward the same ends: More EXP, more gil, more things to obtain. Some concepts are universally
understood. For everything else, there’s an autotranslate system that replaces simple
phrases, place names, and items with text objects that resolve dependent on the client
seeing it. It’s not exactly the United Nations, but it’s been working fairly well since…
really, it’s been that long? October of ‘03. Over eight years now in
the US, and closer to 10 in Japan. And you don’t have a game running for eight years
without change. Time used to be that, unless you were a Black Mage or Ranger, you didn’t
get invited to EXP parties, and you didn’t get EXP outside of parties because the mobs
you’d have to kill were unspeakably vicious to a lone player. That was then. These days,
there are so many bonuses, buffs, and new features that you can play the game more myopically
if you wish, but where’s the fun in that? It seems these achievements are no longer
considered the hardest in the whole of XBoxdom. But wait, the 360 didn’t even exist in October
‘03. But the PC did, and those players were playing right along with the already-released
Japanese PS2 version, the flagship software for the short-lived PS2 hard drive. The good
news is that the world finally had its first truly cross-platform MMORPG. The bad news
is that, even today, the XBox 360 and PC versions are hamstrung by continuing to support the
PS2. See? It’s been how many minutes and I’ve
only barely touched on the game itself, as opposed WHY the game works the way it does.
There is actual gameplay! It doesn’t just play itself… well, kinda. You don’t actually
attack your foes directly, rather you lock onto them with an attack command and from
that point out, your basic weapon swings are rigorously timed by the delay value of your
weapon, and augmented by various factors on your other 15 pieces of gear. And then there’s
an update, and a new shiny object, and the great wheels of progress and power creep spin
up again. Because fashion is smashin’, the true meaning of it. I could easily do a five-minute analysis of
each of the game’s 20 jobs, and even that would be barely enough to do some of the more
eclectic classes justice. The quick and dirty version follows: Warrior, Monk, Thief, and
Red, Black, and White Mage are available from the outset, and if that list sounds familiar,
you’ve probably played Final Fantasy 1. Everything else requires completing a quest
to unlock: Paladins tank things and cure themselves, Ninja were supposed to be a ranged-attack
and debuff class until it was found that they tank better than Paladins, Rangers shoot things
with bows, Beastmasters and Summoners subcontract their beatdowns, Dragoons enlist the service
of a baby dragon as a damage sidecar, Bards buff the party by singing, Corsairs buff the
party by… playing blackjack… Dark Knights and Samurai hit things really hard, Puppetmasters
get to build their teammate from scratch (with a whole lot of money), Dancers inflict all
sorts of weird debuffs in melee range, Scholars are schizophrenic mages, able to choose the
Light Side or the Dark Side as the situation calls, and… … well, let’s just say that Final Fantasy
V, their point of origin, afforded Blue Mages 30 spells. 11’s blue mages? 150ish. Somewhere
around there. Honestly, I lost count. I blame the bagpipes. And catgirls. Final Fantasy
XI is the true black sheep, sequestered in its place as the MMO no one played, except
the thousands who did, and unable to gather the attention of its woefully defective little
brother 14. And then Shantotto shows up in Dissidia and people are interested again.
Funny how that works.

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100 thoughts on “CGRundertow FINAL FANTASY XI ONLINE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

  1. Wow, was so surprised to see this reviewed! Loved this game so much, pretty much grew up with it.. started playing when i was 16 and got first 75 after a year haha then comes all the technical stuff with the WS stats modifier and SKY SEA Limbus Dynamis HNMs… Don't even get me started on the CoP quests… I moved to 14 ever since they introduced level cap raise though.. but it was a good 5 years ๐Ÿ™‚ never forget!

  2. @DesperadoBloo Or you can just buy some other better MMO. Just because it's Final Fantasy, doesn't mean you have to have it.

  3. FFXI is such a fantastic MMORPG if you're a hardcore player with a lot of time to devote into it. I enjoyed it immensely when I could afford it.

  4. I loved Final Fantasy XI I played it from 03 till 09 fucking timesink but <3'd that game so much. Although do PUPS still suck?!

  5. I still think this game had no right to be called Final Fantasy 11. It should have been Final Fantasy Online. Why oh WHY did it get a number?! Final Fantasy Tactics wasn't called Final Fantasy 8 or whatever number it might have been. It was tactics so it was Final Fantasy Tactics. This is online so why isn't it Final Fantasy Online? And then they did it again with Final Fantasy 14…{FacePalm}

  6. good review considering the 5min review time lol.. I played ffxi from 2006-2011 and quit mainly due to abbyssea (new expansion packs..) I found it boring after that.. the style of play I wanted was gone.. and everyone was abby exp/drops.. Instead of taking months trying to fit my corsair into the current playstyle.. I decided to leave it and move on.. once FFXIV 2.0 is released in 2013.. I'll return to mmo's until then, I'll enjoy playing offline rpgs ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. It's not a black sheep, it's different. People have a mindset if it's a MMORPG it should look like WoW. WRONG. I have still yet to see a mmorpg with as much dept as FFXI.

  8. I donno why I was never into MMORPGs ! probably of time consuming
    I played a lot of RPGs but never on-line, I think it's for another public, in which I don't belong

  9. i want to start playing final fantasy but do the games have things in them that were in the past ones. like say i buy FF13 for xbox am i going to be confused? also should i but this game does anyone play it

  10. @Willissssssssss They are all different stories. I would get 12 since its so large. 13 isn't open world unfortunately. 7 and 6 are the best though.

  11. to me, that's kinda what I love about this game and how many paralells wit draws with the likes of FF1 and FF3 [Famicom]. Vana'diel was a world-building experience where careful and planned exploration was a requirement for death [once before Fellcleave fucked it all up] had a sever and crushing penalty that you wanted to avoid and it motivated skillful play out of you, along with how everything was SO skill based. you couldn't get far if you didn't fit into your role in a party once.

  12. guys be prepaired for a long tedious sign up process 9 hour patch wait 30 minutes to download said patches.but all worth it in the end i hope XD

  13. id suggest starting from the beginning, use emulators and such to play the first games, IV, V and 6 are must plays, then theres 7 8 and 9, 8 is my least favorite out of the ps1 games but thats my opinion, i find 7 to be overrated, but try all of them, find the one that you like the most. its not really something someone can recommend, since they are all different, so try them all and decide which one you like the most.

  14. I've played FFXI since it was released in Japan on the PC in late 2002. I've always loved this game, and am installing it on my xbox 360 yet again, because I miss playing it. After over 10 years since it's Japanese launch, there is still no better MMO out there in my opinion.

  15. Yeah it's out on PC, PS2, and Xbox 360. There's also a complete version on PC with all the game plus all the expations on it.

  16. this guy has one of the worst video review styles ive ever heard. he says so much without saying anything really. he goes on and on but never really reviews the damn game

  17. hahahaha im assuming ure about 10 years old, only an immature child would speak such blasphemy….lol kids these days

  18. You don't need emulators if there are systems available. The first two games are available for the NES and Playstation, "IV", "V" and "VI" are also available for the Playstation ("IV and "VI" are also out for the SNES), "VII", "VIII" and "IX" are easy to find on the PS One or PS Store. The majority of the early games can be found on the Virtual Console on the Wii.

  19. Played this game from 06'-08'..pretty much 2 years straight. Have to say while it is VERY time consuming, I can honestly say i've never had more fun while playing an mmo. This game is so beautiful and open, it'd be a shame to never try it as a "hardcore mmo" player.

  20. If only there were actual copies of this game I could buy (and no, you can't buy a used copy because each copy gets locked to it's particular console)

  21. well I got the game today iv never seen it befor till no but I signd up to it and all but it says iv messed up the password or user name … and still trying. so is this used copy useless.

  22. Go to Amazon they have the entire thing on sale for 10 bucks for pc. It's a download too so no waiting for delivery. Then use the game key to sign up for an account and then you should be able to access that account on all three platforms considering you have the soft ware for each platform you want to play on. Honestly PC isn't that bad to be playing it on as that's what I've been doing since I bought the game the other day and have already sunk way too much time in to it.

  23. This brings back memories… but you can't go back. It wasn't just a game, it was a point in time, a group of people and friends… adventurers….linkshell. I left before Treasures of Aht Urgan. What the hell is a Blue Mage?

  24. It was actually pretty fun back in the day. Keep in mind that this was a PS2 era game, though Square-Enix still supports it apparently which I found surprising.

  25. Played this in 2005 when wow came out. I wanted to buy wow but there was a shortage is I got thus… quit after 6 months and got wow. Wasted so many hours on it.

  26. Obviously, if you don't know what a Blue Mage is, you shouldn't be playing Final Fantasy. Thats like asking who what a Viera is. xD

  27. I once heard: Comparing WoW to FFXI is like this: WoW is like playing checkers, FFXI is like playing Chess. Each game has it's ups and downs, but one obviously takes more brain power, paying attention, knowing what's about to happen, and making sure everything is timed at the exact time, or you loose.

  28. actually not knowing what a Viera is is understandable since they only appear in the tactics advance games and FF12. anyone who only played the older games wouldn't know what a viera is. if you don't know what a chocobo is however…..

  29. i decided to buy this game and give it a go. i am a level 10 red mage. anyone have some tips for a beginner? could use the help.

  30. I want to be a newbie getting into final fantasy

    You do realize that without a new playerbase games die right?
    People learn as they go.

  31. I wanna get into this game but, i feel like im far to late into the game in 2013 now. Seekers just came out but, im affraid I wont have enough time to get into thie game before they finally can it once 14 reborn takes off.

  32. I got this game like four days ago. and within these four days im still trying to set up my account. I have not even seen the game yet, just playonline stuff. It keeps saying i cant play with my current gamertag, even though i have xbox live and everything. Someone please help. Square enix cant even help with their fucked up selves.

  33. I just watched this and I have to agree. I don't know what the fuck he was talking about near the end, and I really would have liked to hear about the actual game. Just bloody awful.

  34. "There's so much to talk about that I won't have time to talk about; so let me reiterate that point 5 more times to waste even more of this already short time span!"

  35. I got stuck setting up play-online on my xbox! I eventually got to the game intro and because I spent so long trying to set it up I turned it off; after that I haven't been able to get back onto the game… If anyone knows a tutorial of how to set up the game I would be grateful for a link.

  36. Decided to get this on PC the other day because it was ยฃ7.99 instead of ยฃ24.99 and my god is it a ballache to get setup! I had no clue what a "PlayOnline ID" was cos I only have a Square Enix ID for FFXIV so I had to spent half an hour googling what to do and eventually found the service account stuff. Now, after a 5-hour patching process I am ready to start ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. I just got this game for $5 for the 360. I don't own an xbox but I'm surprised that it goes for so much on ebay. Most xbox games don't carry value even the ones that are not exclusives. This game goes for $100 bucks on ebay

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