Change the COLOR of a playing card : MAGIC TUTORIAL

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63 thoughts on “Change the COLOR of a playing card : MAGIC TUTORIAL

  1. Why do I continually get double backer magic trick tutorials in my feed when I have no double backers! I mean I know you can make them, as you've just described, but it's the principal dang it!

  2. Hi Alex i'm loving the daily uploads! Could you teach something with a normal double backer ? They come with a ton of decks and i don't do many things with them. Thank you !

  3. I agree with the fact that slower is better. Everybody know's that the hand is quicker then the eye and that's not the point.

  4. Great Tutorial man!!! But.. I have some problems with the top shot every time I "throw" it flips 360 not 180 😀 can you give me some advice to fix it?

  5. I was already doing version B. In my routine I have them select the card without touching it… like touch the back with a sharpie… cut it into the middle under the double backer but sticking out… at this point I let them touch their card and push it into the deck…. then i set it down and say that I think they have magic in them….. you can figure out the rest.

  6. I'm liking your recent uploads AP not the typical shite that most YouTube channels offer which is typically a daisy chain of similar shite. Your offering different stuff with practical uses! 👊🏻

  7. hey everybody I was wondering if anyone could check out my latest video it's a quick tutorial and I really want to get my channel started and I can't without other people so if you do thanks if you don't ok bye

  8. Hi Alex i am from Austria and for me you are the greatest Magician all over the whole wide world…..your sleights are awesome and the way you teach Magic is very good. For me you are a GOD in sleight of Hand. Your greatest Fan from Austria !!!

  9. I like this video alot.. I feel like I got more than just a card trick tutorial.. the advice u gave is really good, no one tells u tips like that, that turn a card trick, into magic.. well done sir!

  10. I prefer version B and my first idea pops up to do this version on one guy who wears glasses. Like, ask them to name a card then take down their glasses, show the pink back then ask them to add the glasses back then show that it was an optical illusion. This needs some refining but I think this can might be interesting to perform.

  11. Great video & instruction Alex! Thankyou very much. I especially like how you showed 2 different versions so that I can try to learn more with less.

  12. You have only made 9 tutorials and for me you have surpassed 52kards, chris ramsey and even xavier spades. Seriously dude to me you look more skilled than xavier spades. Why the hell do you not have more subscribers than chris ramsey. And are you planning to do a live stream?

  13. Why don't you put that gaff card to the green deck instead of the pink deck or both? Oh right,so we have to buy both 🙂

  14. Just a question alex…

    Have you ever played poker at mohegan sun in wilkes barre p.a. ?

    You look like someone I have played on the table with a few years back..

  15. Nice tut man! Alex can u make a tutorial for beginners about " escaping and joining" gaff and gimmiks off/into the deck? Cuz I can't figure out sometimes how i can remove some gaffs after the trick infront of people's faces staying around.

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