Checking 5 VR Games With The Valve Index Controllers

The Valve Index shipping date is in about
a month if you preordered it at release. As preorderers ourselves, we were wondering
what games work with the Valve Index Controllers, more specifically… What VR games supports finger tracking? Right now, there isn’t much information
on this except for a list on Reddit that is based on developers saying they added Index
Controller support. I have found that even though developers say
they support the Index Controllers that it doesn’t mean their game will work including
finger tracking. In case you are new to the Valve Index. Let me give you a brief introduction. It’s a new VR headset made by Valve themselves
with some…. cool specifications. With the Valve Index comes the Index Controllers
that were previously known as the Valve Knuckles which you can now choose to order in a kit
or separately. Preorders are available now and the first
wave will ship on June 28. If you want to know what the controllers are
capable of, check out our previous video about it. I’ll link it below. First, don’t get me wrong, EVERY SteamVR
game should work with the Valve Index out of the box. However, to be able to fully use the capabilities
of the Index Controllers, developers need to implement its features, like the finger
tracking, in their games before it works. We haven’t gotten the chance to try out
the Valve Index headset ourselves yet, however, we do have the Index Controllers at home that
we had the chance to test. Just so you know, the ones we have here are
the Knuckles DV version. However, we spoke to Valve about this and
the DV is actually exactly the same as the consumer Index Controllers, except for the
strap arm connector. This was switched to a stronger material in
the consumer version. So with these controllers we can check what
games work and share that with you. I grabbed the list from Reddit (Thanks NovaKevin!)
and I picked out 5 games to check out. In this video I will let you know whether
the games work with the Index Controllers and if so, in what way. I will also tell you a little about the game
itself so if you didn’t buy the Valve Index, you might still enjoy this video! I hope this helps you in picking what games
to buy for your Index Controllers and if there is enough interest in this, I’ll keep testing
them out, so definitely let us know by leaving us a like or a comment. Also, subscribe if you haven’t yet to see
more videos like this one. Let’s start with the first game: A Township
Tale. This is an online multiplayer open-world RPG. Currenty in pre-alpha and free to play. And it has, as you can see, full Index controller
finger tracking support and I was quite surprised by this game actually. For those that don’t know the game, it is
a typical RPG with quests and multiple roles that you can take on. You can become a blacksmith, farmer or warrior
for example. Straight away you’ll be put into a tutorial
that teaches you how to interact with the world, craft and explore. What immediately stood out in this game was
its hand interactions! I was able to hold a stick almost any way
I wanted and with the Index Controller it was even more of a pleasure because I could
grab and let go of stuff by letting go of the controller. Then I was also able to craft items by putting
them together and in different ways as well. Like this axe I made. With it I was able to chop off a tree and
grind stones. It seems that there are many more things to
explore in this game. The thing I haven’t been able to find was
something that made use of the controller’s pressure sensors that allows you to squeeze
virtual objects. I didn’t go very far than the tutorial though,
so maybe there is something that you can squeeze in this game too. If not, I hope they add it! Overall, I think A Township Tale definitely
nailed VR interactions and the Index Controllers gave it an extra touch. I think this is going to be a great game to
play with these controllers. Next, I tried out PokerStars VR, which was
on the list too. This is a free social VR game where you play
Texas Hold’em, a variation of the card game Poker. Here, I soon realized that the game indeed
supports the Index Controllers as all the buttons worked straight away. However, there is no finger tracking or squeezing
support, which is kind of a bummer since it would have been really fun in this game. For those that don’t know the game. It is a pretty social experience since you
chat with others by speaking through your headset’s microphone with your own designed
avatar. There are also many toys, props and accessories
to buy with your virtual money that you can throw around on the table. The game is very polished and highly detailed
in interactions. So I think it would have been incredible to
make fully use of the Index Controllers. I hope they will add that later on. I must say that even without the finger tracking
it was still more immersive to me to use the Index Controllers, since I was able to pinch
by putting my thumb and index finger together to peek at the cards for example and I was
able to throw away the cards naturally. This is a lot of fun and really adds another
layer of immersion. While you are watching this video, don’t
forget to leave a like if you want to see more videos like this one. The third game I tried was Climbey! And Climbey was actually one of the first
games that got Index Controller support, complete with finger tracking implementation. The name says it already, Climbey is a VR
climbing game. The goal is to climb to the finish as fast
as you can, avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall along the way. Using the Index Controllers in this game is
very cool since you’re able to climb naturally by opening and closing your hand. Using the pressure sensors, you can jump. So yes, it isn’t really used for squeezing
virual objects, but it is a fun way to do it this way. I don’t think this game uses a lot of the
Index Controller capabilities though. I personally feel that the controllers fit
a game better where you interact with a lot of different virtual objects. In this game, you’re only climbing and jumping
around walls and that doesn’t really speak to me personally. The fourth game I tried was GORN! Here, the Index Controllers buttons worked
fine as well. There is however, no finger tracking or squeezing
support. Still, it is pretty cool to be able to punch
and throw rocks using the Index Controllers in GORN. If you don’t know GORN yet, you should definitely
get it, because it has great fighting mechanics and that is also what made the game very popular. That and the gory, yet weirdly satisfying,
way you can rip the enemies apart. In GORN you are a gladiator, fighting other
gladiators before Ceasar and proving your worth. After a couple of waves, you’ll get a champion
and the further you go the harder it gets. You’ll also unlock a variety of medieval
and fantasy weapons that you can use. I think it is a great feeling in a fighting
game to be able to let go of the Index Controllers without the fear of actually dropping the
controllers. Although, I really hope that the developers
will use more of the Index Controllers capabilities, like how funny would it be flip Ceasar the
bird? :’) I think this game would really fit the Index
Controllers so let’s hope they do more with it in the future. For now, you can indeed use the controllers
with this game out of the box. The last game I already tried several times
with the Index Controllers, which is Beat Saber. And I think I can be fairly short here since
the game doesn’t do anything with finger tracking or squeezing since you are holding
light sabers. (Although it would have been cool to squeeze
the light sabers and then see the light become a bit brighter or something). I don’t even think that the developers added
support for the Index Controllers specifically, they just work straight out of the box with
this game. So this game was actually not on the Reddit
list either, but I still found it works fine, without the need to do any basic bindings
with SteamVR either. But the most important question here is, what
does it feel like? I personally think that Beat Saber feels better
with the Index controllers. The light sabers are aligned with the base
handles and well, it just feels more natural to me than the VIVE Wands or even the Oculus
Touch. This is also why I prefer playing Beat Saber
with the Index Controllers. Now you might wonder, what about games not
on any lists? Most of the games will work fine straight
away. Sometimes a more complicated button combination
can be a bit wonky though, but SteamVR provides an input rebinder that you can use to rebind
the buttons to make it work in that case. I will keep trying out games with the Valve
Index Controllers and if you like this video, I’ll continue making videos too. So, are there any other games you would like
us to test out with the Index Controllers? And who here has preordered a Valve Index? Let us know, because we are curious. A special thanks goes to artArmin and a special
shout out goes to his Patreon page – Everyone, thank you all so much for your support
by watching. And as always VR on!

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100 thoughts on “Checking 5 VR Games With The Valve Index Controllers

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  5. It's really a bummer if devs say that they "added Index controller support" without having actually implemented the finger tracking. Since every single game that uses SteamVR supports Index controllers by default, just not the finger tracking.

  6. According to Steam Customer Service, right now the Valve Index is only available in the US and UK only. No information on any release dates to other countries.

  7. Before the video: For the moment the only VR games I have are Onward, pavlov, Monstrum, and VRChat. I'm most curious about Onward and VRChat with finger tracking, gripping, and grabbing objects.

  8. Yeah just as i expected. Devs are treating these like vive wands. Not expecting much support for the finger tracking if im being honest. And i dont blame them. The amount of players that will use these will be insignificant to the total VR market. Especially now that touch has become the standard

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  23. do the controllers track your fingers midway? like if you bend your finger halfway, or is it purely down and up?

  24. I didn't feel the need to get the Index mainly since my GPU cannot run games at such high refresh rates anyhow, however I did get the Index Controllers. I am currently using the HMD Odyssey+ and I am quite happy with it. The only negative to it is the lenses really. Would love to eventually use the VIVE PRO wireless adapter with the Odyssey as well, should work since the resolution is the same as the Vive pro and it has and HDMI connector for OG VIVE.

  25. you defiantly never played with the touch controllers from oculus don't get me wrong the valve index is even better but compared to the htc controllers the touch is in my opinion a nice middle ground ware only your ring and pink finger are constant holding the controller gripping really feels like grabbing considering you don't really use those fingers normally i don't think they will add match besides your going to be able to flip people off and with the htc controllers its like holding a remote for your tv or like the wii controller for the rest every time you make any gesture with your hands the ping and ring finger are usually doing the same so the index is really nice and a other step to a better emulation but maybe for playing games a little overkill especially in prize compared to others on the market

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  28. A while back you did a video on using knuckles with Rift CV1. Any plans to revisit that for the Rift S? Obviously you still need the lighthouses, I'm just wondering if they would play nice in Steam VR since the 5 inside out cameras are emulated as 3 Rift sensors. (Picking up my Rift S Tuesday after work!)

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  33. Hey! Thanks for checking out A Township Tale! ๐Ÿ˜€

    For anyone who does want to jump in (it's free!) check out

  34. Good review, answers exactly what I want to know, what games can we play and how it feels.

    I dont have VR set so this is great.

  35. It's super disappointing that they don't have some decent software to ship with their hardware. I don't see the companys bridging this gap, but Lone Echo and the upcoming sequel would be wild with the knuckles.

  36. What's with the disembodied hands in vr games? Where's the rest of the arms?, takes you right out the immersion.

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    Nee ik ben je niet bashen ik vind het wel mooi. Ik heb het zelf ook. Maar wel lachen hoe je het meteen kan herkennen.

  39. Came here now that the knuckles are shipping. Thanks for the game tests. I interested in finding that one game that really demonstrates the capabilities of the knuckles controllers that will justify the upgrade from my standard Vive wands. Does valve ship any demos with the index/knuckles?

  40. Cool. I wish there was a way to pay it in long installments.

    Is the Index the best VR experience you've tried (have you tried all the good VR and AR stuff: Labo VR, Playstation VR, the many Oculus models, the many HTC models, Hololens, iPhone VR, Google VR)?

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  41. The index head set has great sound but the panels have almost no contrast so in the dark like the mines in arizona your blind in a white black, every where it needs black its a light grey. Notice she is using the controllers not the headset..the pro may only do 90hrz but it has a very clear panels with great contrast.

  42. 7:02 Gorn by default (regardless of controller) has a button bound to flipping the bird! Obviously it would be nice to do it naturally, with finger support, but you technically /can/ flip caeser the bird in Gorn

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