Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ special card games of luck for kitty party with English Subtitles

Hello Friends, I am your friend Anu Singhal Welcome you all to my channel Friends, Today I have brought a luck game for you Lets, see what all things we need for this game For this we only need a pack of cards You have to call the members one by one and there is no limit of time this game can be done really fast …so that you can present it between 50-60 people also NO CHEATING GAME Friends, Diwali is going to come and Diwali is incomplete without cards Lets see how will this card game be presented For this , when will be member come to play Host have to keep this pack of cards in his hands and take out 15 cards from anywhere from the pack for the member who has come to play Imahine that i come as the first parcipant So, the host will take out 15 cards from me 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ……….12, 13, 14, 15 host has taken out thses 15 cards for me and 15 cards will be taken out for host himself/herself from anywhere from the pack 1, 2, 3, ……13, 14, 15 Our pack have 52 cards 15 are taken out for the host and 15 for the member, now we are left with 22 cards This we will keep aside. These 22 are not neede Both the cards for host and the member will be opened like this We have to check the trail in this Trail means ” 3 cards with a same digit” like 3 ‘5’ , 3 ‘4’ , 3’A’, 3’K’ etc pair has 2 cards and trail has 3 We just have to take out the trails in this 30 cards firstly we have got a trail of ‘As’ Now lets see the other trails we are getting the cards which are not making a trail will be kept aside as background up We have to check all the 30 cards together We have also made a trails of 9 4’s trail is also going to be made trails of A’s is already made we have 2 Q’s only so thats not a trail trail of 10 is made Lets see the cards again to recheck whether a trail by mistake is left or not we have only 2 ‘6’ and 2 ‘7’ and 1 ‘J’ ..trail of A and 9 is already made Done these cards will be mixed with that 22 cards and kept aside Now we have to count the number of trails we have got Friend , a twist is left . Watch till the end for that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 We have got 5 trails in this So we have 5 points But A’s trail is the best All these guys who know how to play TeenPatti know the value of trail of A I have made the game by A’s trail insiparation If any member has got an A’s trail is made then He/she will get 3 points for that other trails will have 1 pont each but A’s trail have 3 points So 3 points +1 point 4 times=s so 7 points will be written after my name this game will go on like this 15 cards for host , 15 for member then the trails will be checked A’s trail will have 3 points other trails will have 1 point the highest scorer will be the winner if you liked my video then , please Click the LIKE button And Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel We will meet again with a new video THANK YOU friends . Take care. Bye Bye

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