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we have really pushed the boat out with this we’ve just gone back to the basics we’ve just gone back to the basics really would you care to join me in this video yes I need a little sip of my beverage do you want me to no no chummy chummy chummy chummy no chummy (laughter) (small shat) Chummy don’t (more laughter) hello everybody, today I am doing my annual gift giving video with Louise Pentland dan dan dan hello We’re doing it at my house this year Normally we do it at yours with your stylish tree but i thought you said with my stylist, I was like I don’t have a stylist no, I’m serious, I love it I’m being serious, i absolutely love it Surely not no, i really do I’m actually a bit jealous of it I like how you’ve got so many different baubles what i really like it as always, I’m going to be giving Louise her presents here on this channel and then, on Louises channel you will find me giving Zoe her presents she’s actually already opened them I have, they were great chummy, chummy, you could use some of this agan yes, for crafts! if you wanted to this isn’t my phone, no that’s mine. nice merch on the back of that there yeah, sugg life, didn’t chose the sugg life, the sugg life chose me first one. A selection box? it didn’t fit in the stocking is it a selection box? you’ll have to open it and find out you’ll have to open it and find out oh, Marks and Spencers, very nice do you know why? because they do 10 metre rolls of wrapping paper, its so good hashtag spon hashtag not spon hashtag do you need to lie down? do you need some more coke? she means the drink. Yes. cola. I find it really stressful to open presents cos if i don’t like them i have to pretend i do have you ever had to do that on any of my videos not on any of yours what is this? turn it over its one of those! yes i do like this thank goodness thank goodness i actually like this so you could write like, i dunno at a party you could write like, the cocktails or how many days till christmas or a little quote that is lovely, thanks chummy 🙂 thanks chummy thats a really great gift thought you’d like that you can open anything in there so many chummy! theres not that many i love little nik nak gifts don’t i ooh what is this a bath shower oil all i want for christmas is a moment of calm i put this in my gift giving video aint that the truth, yeah i was hoping you wouldn’t see it that whole video was full of peoples actual presents brilliant, thanks chummy bath oil it does smell very nice actually I’ve got a lovely bath, ill put them in it i just complimented… I’ve got a lovely bath what could this possibly be i just don’t know, you know oh that is nice isn’t it, its a cat mug then you can put a teabag in there you can have a peppermint tea or something or a biscuit you could put a couple of like chocolate fingers or a pink wafer or something oh thats lovely chummy, thats lovely, i love cats i was really charismatic then wasnt i i love cats, meow this is a lovely bag as well you can keep that did you wrap everything yourself? yeah really good not patronising in the slightest did you wrap everything yourself? well done here we go, here we go what is it coaster mixed marble hexagon set of four its what I’ve always wanted a mixed marble coco-coconut? i think i prefer to watch people opening presents than opening presents really? i think i like to watch people too i love gift giving. I wish my job was to buy people presents and watch them open it why don’t you do a series where you just give people presents i think it might start to get quite expensive im glad my hair looks so great on your video i mean, we’ve done this really casj chummy! in your video i had no lipstick on and in mine you’ve got fluffy hair i look like such a fricking mess you do not sorry Zoetrons, what are they called they don’t have a name Zoellarinos? yeah, they’re nice aren’t they. They are nice thought you’d like them, very sturdy they’ve got little dots, so these are some coasters, they’re very heavy marble and copper block your face out so it reconizes it brilliant there we go, yes thats the thumbnail right there thank you chummy thats lovely. really nice ooh this is lovely this looks a bit like an oliver bonas if ever i saw one its merry merry actually lovely i love these cause you like space yes i do, look, daily journal have you ever seen one of these? no so you can write, literally your timetable. oh nice the month, the objective, notes, to do its nice, its like everything you need on a page beautiful thanks chumbelina did you know that chummy name is chumbelina cause I’m small. yeah, so when we call each other chummy im actually chummy and she’s chumbelina, like thumbelina look at this guy i hope you like this this feels like a proper present right here careful its a spell wow chummy thats very generous of you is this for us to go to sketch together? yes or you can take whoever you want, if you want to go with Liam I want you to come these are the different rooms you can select from I’ve been to the sketch many times, i love it have you seen the pink room chummy I’ve been in all of them have you been in the pink one? yeah look at me, I’m a woman that eats basically, if you’re a bit confused this is too nice. no don’t be silly err, i got louise a voucher for erm a really lovely restaurant i realise, i forgot to say what it was yeah, i was just slowly opening it and they’re really cool the way that they send them in vouchers and because its a set amount, you could probably go multiple times at least twice maybe no this is a very lovely restaurant its enough for two though chummy lets go together, like actually book a day and do it this will be lovely thanks chummy this is a lovely gift its very difficult, i think, to get someone something when you’ve known them for seven years and also, cause were so lucky, we get sent a lot of lovely stuff do you know how many people hate buying presents for me cos they know i get sent stuff and i always feel like i never want to get anyone makeup cos I’m worried they’ll think I’ve got it for free but actually nobody would mind that anyway, cos its still a present so you’re trying to say all mine were free? so what I’m saying is, all this was free samples do you like them? yeah, that was so lovely of you, you’re a good egg hope you enjoyed this vid- oh its yours, you wrap it up i really hope you guys have enjoyed this video make sure you give i a thumbs up if you did and theres not long left now until christmas and the end of 24 days of zoella but thank god, thank god make sure to go on over to louises channel, ill make sure to leave a link in the description. go and watch the video where i open Louises presents and subscribe and we will see you very soon merry christmas, merry christmas, Goodbye! two hands. Oh, you’re crazy at christnas im gonna fade this one out casually like this, just gently

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