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This past Anime Expo had all sorts of shenanigans. On one of the days my friends I went to the cluster of food trucks located a block away from the con To get some lunch. There wasn’t exactly anywhere in that area to sit, And we weren’t about to stand in the 40-degree weather and get cooked alive. I mean, I guess our food would stay warm, but no it was just too hot okay, it hurt to be outside. I don’t know how you cosplayers do it but, *starts clapping* but man you guys are troopers kudos to you So we head over to the block that’s apparently called the ‘Gilbert Lindsay Plaza’ Across the street to look for some sort of shelter. During the Anime Expo weekend, this area is pretty popular for cosplay gatherings, and just general lounging for people who need some air from the jam-packed convention. The hot blazing sun is still present but fortunately, there’s a few trees to provide a bit of shade. Granted you’d have to scooch over every few minutes as the earth rotated and the sun’s angle shifted So we picked a spot and plopped their stuff down. While we were munching on our grub, we noticed that not too far from us was a Haikyuu cosplay gathering, where people were having group photoshoots with others in similarly themed cosplay. If you’re still unfamiliar with Haikyuu after I’ve been indirectly shoving it in your face this past year It’s an anime about high school volleyball So the plaza was pretty much filled with Hinatas, Kageyamas, and Nishinoyas. Off to the side from the main gathering, was a small group of friends (who were also cosplaying as haikyuu characters) rallying their volleyball around. And just by looking at them, you can tell that they actually, did know how to play volleyball. They had total control and knew how to hit the ball safely to each other. Now enter another group of Haikyuu cosplayers. Seemingly younger than the previously mentioned group, these cosplayers just arrived at gathering, looking excited to see other brethren. However they didn’t look particularly interested in being with the main crowd so after a minute or so they branched off to the side I guess to figure out what exactly they wanted to do. As they were walking by I overheard one of them ask one of their friends: “Have you ever played?” And they replied with: “Yeah, I’ve played volleyball once.” And you’d think with that kind of uncertainty It’s probably not a good idea to rally a ball with inexperienced players Especially in a pedestrian traffic area. Not for these kids! I think because they saw the other group of friends playing volleyball They figured it was appropriate for them to attempt to do as well. Assuming because they think they can contain the ball if they played within a circumference the group of friends got into a circular formation maybe 10 meters away from us. The girl who asked the “Have you ever played volleyball?”-question, gets the ball and does underhand serve to the other girl who she knew was inexperienced with volleyball Ironically enough the first girl made a pretty poor serve for a friendly rally no offense just being honest with my observations. The ball gets lobbed up pretty high way past where she intended to serve it And no-one went for the ball. No-one even called for it and in volleyball communication is pretty important. Literally everyone in the circle had their feet planted and watched as the ball went up and land on a Sailor Pluto cosplayer’s staff Like it could have literally gone anywhere, but on that day that volleyball just decided “I’m gonna wreck some shit today!” Now if this staff was laying flat on the ground it may have stood a chance But because it was partially resting on her bag the volleyball kind of just came in like a meteor and obliterated the staff in half Okay, probably not that violent, but it broke nonetheless. You guys remember that video game Gun Bound and you have those boomer players shoot those super high angle shots, and you suspect them of hacking because it was almost as if they were homing missiles Yeah, that’s kind of what we saw. And remember my friends and I were sitting pretty close to the Haikyuu crew and the Sailor Pluto cosplayer and her friends were sitting right beside us in the shade. Front-row seats. So the staff snaps and the Sailor Pluto girl starts crying Obviously. Cosplayers spend a lot of time with their costumes and props so naturally they’d be upset if something broke. And then I look up and the Haikyuu kids are frozen Deer-in-the-Headlights still with their feet planted. The girl who served the ball just had her hands over her mouth and they’re kind of just Looking at each other not knowing what to do Aw gee I don’t know maybe apologize?! Sailor Pluto’s friends are trying to comfort her and it’s like the Haikyuu kids are just thinking that if they wait long enough maybe it’ll fix itself It was just too sad of a sight so eventually my friend Phil gets up and also joins in to comfort Sailor Pluto and ask the other kids to come and apologize and figure something out. Eventually they did say sorry after hibernating for like three years and offered to take the girl to the cosplay repair. And I just couldn’t believe that literally happened in front eyes. You know, it was almost scripted. “Do you play volleyball?” “No, not really.” “Well, okay. Here’s a serve.” And for some reason this incident spread like wildfire because we headed back inside the con right after and we were already hearing people gossiping about it “Did you hear about that girl whose staff got broken by a volleyball?” “You won’t believe what happened at the Haikyuu meetup.” “Oh my God, this girl’s staff broke out there.” Oh like Gossip Expo, am I right Hahaha, I’m not sure if she was able to repair her staff But I hope the Sailor Pluto cosplayer was still able to enjoy the rest of the con and you know damn well she’s gonna steer clear from Haikyuu gatherings from now on Aaaw shiit! You all know I can’t mention Haikyuu without inviting you guys to join Crunchyroll and having some anime and chill. If you’re behind on Haikyuu now’s your chance to catch up if you head over to link in the description You can get a free 30-day trial of premium membership ad free, professionally subtitled and in full hd. It’s my favorite place to watch anime But on top of that they have manga and drama titles as well I know Christmas may be over, but it doesn’t mean you can treat yourself or even a friend. Again that’s or click the link below Enjoy and Happy New Year

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100 thoughts on “Cosplay Shenanigans

  1. I live in Finland, and during a con in the winter when it was -17°c there were cosplayers in BIKINIS, they had blue lips from the cold

  2. When I tell you, just visualizing this has me in literal tears 😭 of course I would comfort her because those kids sound like they were the MOST competent, but I’d be doing it through muffled laughter 😂😂

  3. When I was in volleyball, if someone was about to hit somebody or their possessions with a volleyball, we would shout "heads!" or something similar to them. I get that these people have never played volleyball before, but it seems like common sense to give out a warning to the sailor pluto cosplayer..?

  4. Personally Came here to Know where i can Watch “Hotarubi No Mori e” knowing Domics does alot of sponsors.

  5. 1 year after I started playing volleyball I discovered haikyuu!! (Which was only some months ago) I LOVE HAIKYUU!! It’s actually a very accurate anime when it comes to the sport

  6. The only costume i ever wore at any sort of convention or halloween party was just a balaclava that i wore like a beanie for some reason despite the fact that i knew how to wear it properly but nobody had any problem with it.

  7. Once at school I was cosplaying Annabeth from the pjo books
    Pretty easy. Camp half blood tee shirts and sneakers + ponytail
    My teacher came up to me and told me that my shirt was not appropriate. a.k.a she think it has gang association because it has the camp logo of a Pegasus. Also it says blood on it so… Yeah…
    I explained what it was. My friend helped out. he was cosplaying Leo.
    This was on the day of haloween

  8. ·Anime-
    Kags-Let's see if you improved in those 3 months..

    Also Kags-Serves

    Hinata-Not ready
    And Volleyball hits him

    Kags Cosplayer-Do you know how to play volleyball?

    Hinata Cosplayer-Inexperienced

    Kags Cosplayer-Em awesome animation serve

    Hinata Cosplayer-Shook
    Volleyball-I'm just gonna reck what's right infront of me!!!

  9. I play volleyball but I'm not playing literal games I'm having trainings and stuff I ve also been on a volleyball camp and it was great

  10. Cosplayers watching this in 2019
    I’m a new cosplayer and about to do my first for my first cosplay do you have any tips or tricks

  11. RIGHT WHEN I WAS WATCHING THIS, I just got back from a hot air balloon thingy and night, and right before I left I was cosplaying as Todoroki, but basically I left and went to the place, and I saw two people cosplaying as Izuku Midori and Shoto Todoroki and I was so happyyyy

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