Crazy Pineapple: Variation on Texas Holdem : Learn What Cards to Discard in Crazy Pineapple Poker

So in crazy pineapple we get three cards before
the flop, flop comes be bet and then we have to decide which our three starting cards to
get rid of to discard. Let’s talk about that we’re going to do random hands here, we’re
going to deal out our three starting cards we are not going to do any betting here. We
are just going to say for the sake of our experiment that all four of these hands are
going to stay in, we’re going to burn a card then turn the flop. We can see we have queen
six four rainbow well, let’s just look at these hands here. The person in the small
blind has jack ten five the ten and the five are in spades, what do they have going on
in this flop. They actually don’t really have anything going on here so the best thing they
can do is stick with the top two cards. Hope for a runners straight with that queen and
if any betting comes they want to get out of this hand. But they are going to play jack
ten and in the big blind we see jack seven five well, the seven and the five are working
with the six and the four toward an open ended straight draw. In this case if they draw either
end they are going to have the nut straight so we’re going to get rid of this jack. Here we have nine five three this is similar
to the previous because the five and the three are working with the six and the four. So
we’re going to get rid of this nine and we have ended up with a straight draw, we have
to be weary if the seven comes we are going to have what is known as sucker straight.
But if a deuce comes we’re going to have the nuts and then lastly the dealer has king nine
four he actually has the worse starting hand of anybody here. He’s going to take his two
highest cards and hope for a miracle but if any betting comes he’s going to fold but for
know he’s going to discard the three. And that is how you choose to discard in crazy

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4 thoughts on “Crazy Pineapple: Variation on Texas Holdem : Learn What Cards to Discard in Crazy Pineapple Poker

  1. When do you discard your 3rd card? pre?, post flop? Or when all community cards have been dealt? And the showdown is at hand

  2. I have no idea why all the downvotes, it must be because they are not used to this variation of Irish poker(3 cards instead of 4 dealt). Very well explained and good examples, Thank you.

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