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  1. Oh, for the love of God. You "experts" should know that casino and rueda are not the same thing. Please, please do a little research before spreading even more misinformation about Cuban dance.

  2. Seriously???? Experts??
    Cuban Salsa??
    All salsa is mambo but not all mambo is salsa????
    Cuban Salsa is rueda or Casino style salsa?????
    What kind of experts are they?
    Casino is not "La" Rueda, there are two different things.
    Casino style salsa????

  3. Excuse me but…

    "ALL SALSA IS MAMBO BUT NOT ALL MAMBO IS SALSA" has absolutely *NOTHING* to do with Cuba.

    That quote came from the famous timbalero in the US, Tito Puente, who was trying to describe salsa music that was being played in NY in the 70s.

  4. And what kind of F,K music was playing in NY?That's Cuban music no matter how you sliced it in NY or Cochinchina…Get it!!!

  5. The idiot was talking about the dance from Cuba (rueda de casino) but was quoting a quote from Tito Puente that has nothing to do with rueda de casino. GET IT…??

    Conchinchina? *rolls eyes*

    At least watch the video in question first before you diss someone. Pffffft…

  6. I was born and grown in Playa, Havana, Cuba, a walk distance where the Rueda de Casino took place and I can tell you, based on what they say and the few "moves" shown there that these people are "lost".

    In havana, people dance "on one", as the son cubano is played in the western part of Cuba "on one", i.e. it starts on the "down beat", while the son cubano from the eastern part is played "on two", i.e. it starts in the "up beat" or called it contratiempo. That's why you see people dancing in Cuba "on two" as well. Note that I wrote "on one" and "on two" with " " as you don't dance counting, but it is la clave who dictates how fast you should dance. It is where you start to move within the clave where "some people" call it "one one" or "on two".  It is meaningless to talk about "one one/two" if you don't talk about WHERE within the clave.

    Second, the word "salsa" is just a commercial name, used for both playing and dancing son cubano. The dancing of the son cubano is called Casino.
    The term "Rueda de Casino" is used when many couples are dancing casino forming a wheel (=Rueda).

    The trick to figure out whether or not your instructor can REALLY dance casino (=salsa), is to ask him/her/them about the clave, type and how to pick up a clave when the music is played. If they cannot then, they can NOT dance casino (=salsa).

    Don't get fooled by people who are trying to make money selling you a lot of BS.

  7. Lol..not all cubans just dance Rueda de Casino. Wtf…!! What if theres just one couple? How are they supposed to dance Rueda? Casino is dancing in one couple, Rueda is making a wheel with different couples and interchanging. And you didnt even explain "Contratiempo" which is traditionally how Casino is danced. You guys need to do more research and travel before calling yourselves Experts. Owing 2 studios does not make one an expert either!

  8. Good Lord…I'm glad I actually learned to dance with Cubans before taking classes with "experts" like these. The MAIN difference between Cuban salsa and son (which they didn't even bother to mention) and all lineal salsa is that Cuban salsa is more circular. The don't dance in a straight line like LA style for example. A couple dancing Cuban salsa will literally dance in circles and walk all over the dance floor while the majority of couples dancing LA style and other lineal styles of salsa can literally dance in a straight line going back and forth between two traffic cones…

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