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This week eleven DFS picks edition of the
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Hello welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast.
I’m Shawn stacking them and agreeing with my partner and picks Ryan real money. Kramer
what’s up Craig. Dog Well I gotta be honest dealing with some
some sort of allergy smoke related maybe a lot a lot of weird shit in the air out here
in California. And oh by the way my shirt I didn’t do the stats yet but has to be my
shittiest weekend of the year. A crushing college still missed the locks.
I did not crush it in the NFL. RYAN Of course I hit my lock.
So I called the lock Arizona plus four and a half never even had a sweat that thing out.
And I also hit my locking college and my bonus locking college. I think I’m on like a 6 and
0 run in locks and bonus locks in the college football podcast Wow Shawn Ryan any chance
that your poor performance was tied directly to you engaging in the Dion Waiters challenge
where you put your foot where you put your body to a day and insane amount of edibles.
No no the pics were made before the Dion Waiters challenge was accepted it did and you know
I did. You did randomly take a take a nice long nap
with a with a blanket on you. Remind me as a guy I go in and they do a blood and again
not that I’m a hero. The veterans are in honor of Veterans Day but I go and donate blood.
And then you see the people that are donating platelets and they’re completely because it’s
a way more intensive thing they’re completely laid out like whiteface with a giant blanket
on them and it kind of reminded me of Ryan mid-afternoon. But I also took a I took a
nap and I was not involved in the Deon Raiders challenge. Just a couple just check a bunch
of beers and eat some crappy food. All right. We’re talking daily fantasy football and cordon
this on Veterans Day with a veteran himself. Coast Guard veteran veteran of the Las Vegas
professional gambling scene Christian Pina Pino what’s happening man.
What a transition. Sean Happy Veterans Day my friend. Like I always said people people
didn’t realize they had to be you guys at DFS and kept Nicholson’s ass from the horrors
of Boston all the way to Newport in COD. I’m well traveled in the New England area. You
know. I’m just picturing a Coast Guard peanut we
need some sort of avatar for this right. Yes. Yeah. Maybe a salute salute to Peter.
Hey this is the only boat trip music we have. So can I just quickly make a comment about
Veterans Day of course. Sure we all we all like America we all like the troops.
I love the troop but could the Fox pregame show be going any more over the top and then
trying to crowbar in a Gronkowski spike. From a military man like come on. RILEY Right I
flipped NFL Network. They got so they got a guy with one leg doing pull ups. It feels
a little bit it feels a little bit like a charitable thing that the leagues are doing
to show everyone how much they love America. It is a it is a battle to see who loves the
troops the most. Meanwhile Colin Cameron is still not an NFL team. Meanwhile you know
who loves the troops most sports gambling powerhouse in the sports gambling Podcast
Network. No one with the troops in fact I have an i tunes review in honor of Veterans
Day. Real quick I’ll read this to kick things off and then given our picks. Listening every
day at work by veteran Bry I listen this fantastic podcast makes my blue collar work less miserable
at U.P.S. love these guys they give great weekly advice and insights on professional
football the college picks with Colby Dan are suspect. He has this obsession with the
Golden Hurricanes team. This team definite this seems to have vanished by the modern
dictionary was described as peeing into a fan with his foreign girlfriend enjoying the
wild urine shower exhausted on her face. I just cannot back teams of that sort of disgusting
backing I took minus seven and a half USCF live bet and my bookie. Gee thank you guys
for your service from an armory. Veteran Brian for Boulder Colorado Brian.
I’m sorry if you don’t like plus 575 MONEYLINE da. I know that was a.
Yeah. You missed out Brian. But hey you may not have had Golden Hurricane live MONEYLINE
but we’re happy to hook you up with some merch podcast that sports game and podcast dot com.
Always good to have some that are always good to have some Golden Hurricane exposure in
your life right. Hey plus seventeen and a half. Didn’t even
have to think about that. But the the live was that was a sweet sweet cash. But again
we’re talking daily fantasy on this podcast. We’re not talking about the college football
world. We’ll be hitting. That later in the week before we get into the picks. My bookie
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when he get paid my bookie H S GPA. We’re back here given out are a DFS lineups
peanut kicked things off. Lot of options here. I feel like for the quarterback
position drew brees really boned me last week I had a pretty solid lineup otherwise but
you’re very not look old ish. He looked like he fell off the cliff. Him in Heaven Phil
rivers. Tough times QB. Reminds me a bit of the patented Peyton Manning
experience that last season there was a bit of a noodle arm there.
We’ll see if that continues. Pino What are you doing for your quarterback
this week. Man like you said a lot of options right.
You can go to Brees in a great match up. I mean we already saw what Jimmy Garoppolo is
capable of doing to Arizona at home. We could be boring and go Jameis Winston in a great
matchup as we tend to do on this show and I went back and forth between those three.
And truthfully I don’t think you can go wrong but based on price. Guys I hate to do this
but it’s too easy it’s a video game type of numbers and scenario for a guy like Jameis
Winston who is just to save the most money because I think those three are largely grouped
together. And when you look at you know up and down at the prices at Brees at sixty nine
hundred Garoppolo sixty seven you’re just saving the most money with Winston as we have
done time and time again. He is the ultimate streamer yet he’s not really
a streamer he’s a QB one right. So it’s a great matchup. You know for them being at
home with this Saints team that has shown time and time again that they are you know
what the defense is not whereas you know people thought it would be after taking a little
bit of a step up they’ve regressed and a bunch of areas especially covering that tight end
position which they were so good at. But any one of those is great. I’m just going 60 500
to the cheapest option yet again with Jameis Winston.
It is ridiculous because if you look at his numbers and granted I would throw this out
he did have one of his fewest attempt games came against the Saints but at this point
it’s hard to not get him in the lineup every week. Now I did not shown I did not get him
in the lineup this week and I’ll tell you why I want to support guys named Ryan in the
NFL. And I scrolled down this list and then what
do I see. I see a guy named Ryan coming off a game where they just got taken to the woodshed.
He didn’t look horrible Ryan Finley they now take to the road against the Oakland Raiders
who are one of the most prolific teams in giving up points to quarterbacks. I’m going
to go way current contrarian here maybe I completely fall off the cliff five thousand
dollars Ryan family against an Oakland team that just week in week out gives up points
the opposing quarterback Yeah it’s kind of crazy.
Ryan Finley on the road. Yeah I think that’s a big craze. I thought it was a better play
than Carson Wentz against the Patriots should I switch the consequence once. Yeah. I mean
if they. Yeah. I mean look what happened the last time
the Eagles had a week to prepare against New England Patriots put up 41 points. Doug P
clearly in appellate checks head. I didn’t know Carson Wentz I went to that Cincinnati
Oakland game. But give me Derek Khan Derek Carr. I mean you saw what Cincinnati let up.
Now you’re getting Derek Carr at home after that many by sixty one hundred dollars.
Yes please give me some. Derek Carr and you saw that connection. Spoiler alert for what
I might do as far as my stack here. But you saw that QB tight end connection with Lamar
Jackson against the Bengals in Cincinnati. I think a similar matchup could favor the
Raiders who Waller is you know kind of like their number one there especially with Terrelle
Williams in and out of the lineup. Peter what are you doing for your first running
back. Again I’m playing all the greatest hits on
this lineup here. But if we just look back at what Cincinnati as you just talked about
man what the Heat has gave up and they are the by far the worst team in the league right
now. And yes I fell into that trap of the book’s biggest liability was Baltimore and
I had Cincinnati and I will never make that mistake again at that running back spot. And
I talk about him every week and he’s seemingly still so under the radar about to go over
a thousand yards rushing 190 away from that mark this season is Josh Jacobs on that Oakland
team man and as he evolves this game know his game I absolutely love what he’s doing
in the receiving department you know against the Chargers five targets. That is huge in
a PPR format. He is auto double digits all year with games you know upwards of twenty
seven point twenty nineteen thirty two. And at the price point yeah kind of. It’s being
cut up too. But it’s still so valuable in a game where Cincinnati wants no part of playing
football they look like UMass is defense against teams running triple options against them.
They just don’t want that smoke man. Sixty nine hundred draft shakeups at home.
Sean if you could save a lot of money at the quarterback position you swipe over it get
here it is. You’re killing me shy. Oh that’s not it. That’s not it. There you go. Right.
Why are we not back. Why are we not making room for Christian McCaffrey every week. Guess
who they have the Falcons. Yeah coming off win the Falcons coming off
a win. Coming off a massive game for them it tells me right here. Christian McCaffrey
has averaged thirty two point three games again his floor is 30. Take the man.
I don’t care what you get to spend take the man ten thousand five hundred Christian McCaffrey
yeah it’s it’s tough not to have him in a lineup I didn’t figure out a way to get him
in I went to another a high price running back or certainly not cheap. Seventy four
hundred dollars give me Alvin Kamara I think this could be a big game for Alvin Kamara
they kind of eased him back into the game last week he had ten targets eight catches
which is huge he only rushed the ball four times but we’ve seen Drew Brees something
might not be right with his either his hand or whatever. Him throwing the ball downfield
could be an issue and Alvin Kamara perfect opportunity against his very porous box defense
he’s only seventy four hundred dollars I think he’s going to catch a ton of balls I think
their plan is to involve him more in the offense and he’ll be one week and whatever was bothering
him before maybe an extra week is a little bit healthier so yeah I like Alvin come out
this week against that Tampa Bay defense which is really I mean they’ve looked bad against
everyone so I think you got to have some saints in your lineup this week they have done well
yeah I mean they did kind of shut him down earlier in the year but I agree and I think
also Kamara is a nice contrarian play because I do think that less people will be on him
for that reason Yeah I don’t see people loading up on Kamara Pino who’s your second running
back man we’re recording this early show you can have to watch the injury report but I
get so happy when I see you guys that I loved watching play in college finally get their
opportunity man Brian Hill was one of the most explosive players in college football
at the University of Wyoming this is the kind of Darnell Humphrey type of guy.
There was some other ones in there but he finally got his opportunity and at forty eight
hundred men. If this continues again you got to watch this.
You may have to pivot but Brian Hill can be electric with the ball in his hands and it
doesn’t or didn’t you wasn’t familiar with him at Wyoming. He was an absolute monster.
I believe he has. He owns a bunch of records that either him or Humphrey split. And so
you know sixty one yards on 20 carries. All right. He also had two catches the touchdown
certainly helped his game in his day but he gets a pretty good matchup against Carolina
That is allowing a lot of yards through the air or running backs as well as on the ground.
So it’s a really good spot for him. Again you had to watch the injury report. Obviously
you need to pivot away but if you can get that sneaky forty eight hundred other RB 1
workhorse in there you’ve got to do it. So I love Brian look 48 hundred.
Yeah. I mean Peter and I are lockstep with this.
I’m always going to and fortunately for me I think Brian Hill what this is allowing me
to do is not put Belhaj in my lineup because he’s another guy workload through the roof
of football. And efficiency is just down Atlanta. I do think it’s not super concerning that
he wasn’t all that efficient against the Saints defense that has been all right against the
wrong has been has been pretty staunch up front. Now they’re taking on a Carolina team
that what do we see Aaron Jones do repeatedly last week kind of pounded through.
Different different Jones but the song remains. And like Peter said if you can if you can
get a workhorse for 48 hundred it it’s again check the injury reports like Peter’s saying
but I will. It’s never good when they say that the foot sprain is concerning. Right.
So. And later on when we touch on this I think Brian Hill also has to be a priority pick
up for season long. Forty eight hundred Brian who.
Yeah definitely a guy you want to throw in the waiver wire for sure but to go that New
England Philly game give me Jordan Howard he’s forty seven hundred dollars and you’ve
seen the one the Eagles have had their best games offensively it’s when they’ve really
turned to the run establish the run with Jordan Howard get Myles Sanders go and maybe a little
bit in the passing game a little bit in the running game you saw the game plan they had
to go in and beat Green Bay I think it’s gonna be a similar game plan to beat this pats team
the Patriots seem kind of got pushed around against the Ravens and I think that’s the
Eagles best shot against New England at home but Jordan Howard seven touchdowns this season
you know the guys having a good good career are good season averaging what does he putting
up first yeah four point four yards per carry seven touchdowns had a couple catches nothing
crazy but I think he’s going to get. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got twenty carries
he’s getting all the goal line stuff so me Jordan Howard at forty seven hundred Peter
who is your second running back now we’re onto wide receiver right.
Oh yeah. So Sean’s not paying it now either. I was looking at that game as well though.
It’s a savvy veteran of Yeah man. Oh I see what you did. There you go. A little
more double play there. What do you what do you do in a receiver two easy guys.
You got to stack Winston. You do it without Lindsey Evans or you do with Godwin. I’m going
with Evans here. Look six target I mean 82 yards on four receptions. You know the week
before that 12 on 16 it’s Mike Evans attacking Jameis Winston how much do I really get to
pump this in a situation against the Saints defense while tape is at home so it’s pretty
easy and they’re both averaging one little fact twenty two point one percent fantasy
points per game mirror images of each other I like that so seventy four hundred Evans
again it does feel feel silly to not get a Tampa Bay receiver in your lineup unfortunately
Sean Yeah I’ve been spending a bit. Mm hmm. So for me I’m going to start I’m just
gonna start off what right up front with my stack.
Tyler Boyd the new quarterback comes in still sees a targets Yeah it’s catches for sixty
two again a better matchup this week on the horizon AJ Green is still out with a serious
case of does not want to play for the fucking bangles. You could you could go the route
of tape here and save a couple of bucks but I’m going to go with Boyd. I saw some chemistry
there. I think they’re only going to grow on that. So give me Tyler broad. Fifty two
hundred. Yeah. I also on the same page with peanut.
Give me Mike Evans for seventy four hundred. Couple of things to note. He’s coming off.
I think one of his lower games of the season only four catches eighty two yards which is
a really down came from Mike Evans and that I think was a big part of it was Patrick Peterson
shadowing him for the entire game now Marshawn Lattimore is out for the Saints so I think
that’s huge because I don’t think anyone on this Saints team can cover him. Maybe they
try and double him but Jameis Winston is just going to get this guy the ball so seventy
four hundred dollars against a backup quarterback or at least not a legit number one like Lattimore
huge opportunity here for Mike Evans peanut what’s your second receiver men again.
I do want to see what’s going to happen in this game it’s upcoming yet to be played on
Monday. But you talk about a new weapon in a new offense and a guy just finally kind
of breaking free it adds to the. Forgotten about. Kind of person in this league man.
Let’s talk about Emmanuel Sanders linking up with my boy Jimmy G.
Seventy two hundred in an absolutely great spot against his Arizona team that has no
interest in playing defense aside from rushing the quarterback and if they don’t get there
they just play flag football out there. I know he’s coming off a big game at that twenty
seven in his debut spot with them. So I do want to see what happens and even if he has
a bad game I’ll probably like it even more. But he is quickly coming you know coming into
his own becoming. I can’t believe how quickly he got into this offensive into this role
with Jimmy G. He’s exactly what they needed and they didn’t
really have to give up much or anything for it at home against Arizona’s defenses a spot
that I love I talked about the Jimmy you know you could play Jimmy G I just save a little
money but I. This 70 200. Yeah. The market kind of quick but I absolutely love him in
this offense doing what he used to do it for so long with Denver so so many 200 for Emmanuel
Sanders. Yeah. If you head over to sports game we podcast
dot com and this will drop before Monday Night Football shown. So if the game hasn’t started
yet all over Emmanuel Sanders over five catches tonight for those same reasons I didn’t have
that again I don’t have that kind of money to spend on receivers when you’re packing
your garage filled with escalation but what I saw I saw some areas Thomas character who
got nine targets six of them catches. I really wanted to go the Jamison Crowder
revenge spot here against the Redskins but for thirty nine hundred dollars why not go
to Marius Thomas in a matchup where there’s gonna be opportunity so Demaryius Thomas thirty
nine hundred I don’t know the Redskins past secondary woke up and figured out how to play
defense over the bye week now so thirty nine hundred for nine targets I don’t know if you
can find better value and worth noting that Haskins has been named the starter and now
he’s gonna be the starter for the rest of the season so this guy likes turning the ball
over I’m not afraid to turn the ball over so there could be opportunity as far as the
Jets you know getting a turnover deep in Washington or just you know being able to capitalize
on a guy who’s willing to turn the ball over I’m with Peter here lock step with Arena give
me a minute I’ll Sanders. Now granted they have a short week but they’re at home against
an Arizona secondary that’s just not good at times and really bad. Who knows if Kittel
will be back by then. He’s dealing with an injury as well so with Kittle out I think
that Emmanuel senior’s targets go up even more. We’ll see how he does against Seattle
tonight but either way it’s 70 to 100. I’d like me some Emmanuel Sanders who’s your
third receiver Pina then this leaky Minnesota back and secondary where else would I go that
my bladder and beating my chest for so long. I’m so happy to see him finally break out.
Yeah I know he has a shitty quarterback. I know it’s a no name calling in man. Absolutely
on him forever What have I always said he runs like Josh Gordon but he’s built like
Justin Blackmon right. Man this kid is unreal in a great matchup. He had a quarterback.
I mean you saw what he would do with just Joe Flacco. Imagine if he actually had somebody
that could play the position. Can you get Elway out of the out of the office come throwing
some passes plays against his Minnesota team at 6. I love it.
You mention Josh Gordon and Blackmon. Does he also. Does he talk like those guys. Because
that’s I found it. I love how you keep comparing him to Blackmon who is just a hilarious failure
of what happened. What happens to weed and the physical specimen.
No no I hear you it just makes me laugh. For my third receiver shown I’m dusting off a
white guy around a white guy wide receiver. He clearly is.
He clearly is the guy that Josh Allen to trust the most and that’s Kobe’s call again. Low
price high targets. He said he’s coming off a fourth seventy four
yard game on six targets. They’re now going to wear Miami.
He certainly won’t be the guy that gets shut down in this game. I like Josh Gordon to get
a good night’s rest too. You know Cole Beasley is a guy you don’t have to worry about him.
There’s not going to be any cold body bed check if you click on his draft Kings picture.
He looks like he’s stoned as shit. But but does a long hair. I mean it could be travel.
Miami is not a weed city if you know now. So Kobe Beasley forty seven hundred OK.
Interesting spot there. We haven’t talked about the Jacksonville Jaguars at all but
give me a chart. Junior sixty two hundred dollars. Jacksonville coming off the buy big
dick Nick. Back in the lineup going up against this Colts defense which has had their they’re
very interesting especially if Hoyer starts again. I think they’re gonna be in trouble
as far as again the turnovers. I think we’ll put their defense in a bad spot and what I
really like is Nick Foles back into the lineup. If you remember the last throw you had before
or the throw You had that he broke his collarbone on was a 35 yard touchdown pass to D.J. chart
they had a lot of chemistry in the preseason Foles is back and you could do you could definitely
do worse than a false charge stack. I think this week Foles is only fifty six hundred.
So yeah gimme gimme D.J. shark at 60 to honor a third.
I almost went that route instead of the Ryan Finley Tyler Boyd experiment. Okay. I like
that though. Yeah. I mean he’s going to feel like he’s going to show up.
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Let’s talk about them and I want to go kiddo and he’s going to be sitting out this week
in a week arrest and of course that’s that Arizona match up that is foolproof. Even Cramer’s
borrow OJ. How are you getting involved. Last week a good call but I couldn’t do it
I couldn’t fit him in there again I think that that’s a great stock in a different lineup
to go Jimmy G and kill if he is back there at seven came in. You are paying for it. I
went to the next best option and that’s that Tampa match up at time and time again and
guess who we get there Jared Cook coming off a 10 target performance against Atlanta who
again historically client really struggles there. So you’re saving a ton of money at
that forty four hundred point price point and you know basically the that’s two three
matchups on the board for a tight end. Love this spot.
Jared Cook at forty four hundred so Jared I’ll I’ll caveat this with if I saved it thousand
dollars in this lineup because if I have to pivot away from this guy Jared Cook is the
pivot away as Tampa Bay is slowly catching Arizona for being dreadful against the tight
end Yeah and the number two team to target in this scenario but what I did was I’ve got
to. So in my prep for the Monday night game I think there’s more doubt around George Kittle
than people are letting on and I think this whole nonsense that he might play Monday night’s
bullshit I think he might be out a another week. No he’s definitely not playing tonight.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find props for this guy but next week assuming kiddo is still
out. I think there’s a strong chance of that Ross
dwell. He is the backup. He had a four target for catch. Game against the Cardinals.
The last time he was on the field and I gotta I gotta be honest I’m just fading this matchup.
That’s it. I saved a thousand dollars. I like I said
the pivot is the Jared Cook. Maybe I find ways to get Kittle in there if that’s what
needs to happen. But they also activated Garrick Selig for tonight.
Yeah and that’s a sign Kindles not plan also a sign to me that he’s gonna at potentially
a little bit more banged up than we. Yeah. I’m going with the Ross de welly play with
the opportunity to pivot up to Jared Cook if needed. Like it.
Yeah. Now I kind of alluded to it earlier but yeah give me the kid out of Oakland give
me Darren Waller. I think he’s a great I mean he seems to be kind of the leader for that
Oakland pass offense and as well as like a good matchup against the Bangles. I compare
it similarly to the Ravens where they like to use the tight end a lot with Lamar Jackson.
If you look at the two games the Bengals had against the Ravens combined twenty one catches
and two hundred and seventy two yards. They allowed in those two games. Now they’ve had
other games where they’ve been a little better against the tight end. But I think Waller
in the same way as Andrews and some of the Ravens tight ends is kind of like the one
of the leaders and targets catches receptions for Oakland. So I think he has a big game
and a fifty five hundred. I think that’s a great price point so yeah give me Darren Waller
from the tight end spot. Quick question John. Yeah. Why can’t the NFL
figure out a way to make a schedule where teams aren’t playing each other twice in three
weeks. They somehow like that too especially like
late in the season they like the divisional matchups they got a crowbar it or something.
It’s very odd. It’s like their algorithm doesn’t know how to make a schedule.
One hundred years later. Pina what are you doing for the flex spot.
Then how you know how many times have we talked about that. We got to kind of try to attack
this Philly secondary and who do we do that with. Off a by off a down week you know. In
this offense I would love to do with Edelman. You’re not going to get it. How about Philip
they’re set at a great price point at forty two hundred. I know it’s a real team but look.
We’ve done it time and time again with this Philly team right. And until they prove that
they can really get it right. The cheapest option for this is absolutely touchdown plus
upside. You know the targets they’ve been. It’s really been weird for a guy like Thor
said right because he was so involved early. Gordon comes back Gordon leaves he’s been
kind of all over but now you get this you know kind of everyone knows their role Dorsett
steps back into his role and while the numbers don’t look good I think you’re going to see
a really strong second kind of second half of the year for this for this offensive four
door set as a whole. I mean Lord knows until Gronkowski comes back for playoffs and he
takes another back seat but door set of forty two hundred.
I absolutely love the situation form Gronk is too busy hanging out with high school football
teams that are undefeated. He’s already jumped ship. I watched the fox pre game. He was hanging
out at the Culver City squad because they’re still undefeated in and Gronk doesn’t like
losers. I almost put print Mohamed Sanu in there. I mean again he’s coming off for teens
are your game but it does seem like there is opportunity for Brady if he doesn’t look
like complete dog shit to shred this Eagles secondary Sean.
Yes from my flex spot I told you I would be a little careful about loading up against
Eagles secondary because they loaded up. No no know but targeted but there to the Eagles
secondary credit like you know they were getting roasted when they had guys like Sidney Jones
and who is now a healthy scratch. Now that they got you know Derby back who’s healthy
Mills whose back is healthy vanity Maddox. They were missing their top three cornerbacks.
They’re all back healthy so that does. Well I don’t think they’re like a top 15 defensive
secondary. I think they are way better than the dogs that they were trotting out earlier
in the season. Well worth noting some shit is better than
others I guess. From my flex if you could I again we’re rearranging fucking deck chairs
as a slot but I needed to fit another escalated in my garage and this is in the flex spot.
Well. I failed once I got Brian Hill in the regular
spot thinking I would get him out. Pain is still stole my thunder so what am I going
to do. I’m going to play the ultimate regression spot Zeke Elliott coming off a horrible Monday
night oh my god that is a disgusting act now going to Detroit against a gloriously bad
run defense that somehow showed up last week against the backup quarterback game script
should dictate Dallas taking a lead here and holding it Zeke still at 20 Cowan carries
last week he was just not very efficient. Nine thousand dollars. Zeke Elliott in the
flex spot. Okay.
For my flex I went to former Philadelphia Eagle and now current Philadelphia Eagle.
They brought him back. Adam nowhere. Jordan Matthews he’s only thirty five hundred dollars
and again this is a is kind of a millionaire maker type play high ceiling.
Are you saying against this Patriots back end.
No I’m not because I think they’re going to. They just send George Matthews because there
are other receivers can’t do shit. Also Jeffrey is banged up and thirty five hundred dollar
Jordan Matthews the savior of the Philadelphia receiving corps.
Please I want that on record. No no no I’m just saying they’ve gotten nothing
out of their other receivers. He is going to get the targets because him and wins have
a relationship. He has a ton of chemistry with Carson Wentz. Zach Berman of the athletic
is reporting that he will have an immediate role in the offense. So you’re getting a guy
for thirty five hundred dollars who’s I think could get five six targets and look at Jordan
Matthews thirty. And real quick on that note of guys who are
pretty cheap who are gonna get opportunities. I want to hear a little bit more of the coach
speak this week but there it goes. He is active. I know it’s a running back for the Redskins.
Again he’s another potential workload guy that is sitting there below 5000.
Interesting play for sure. Pina close things out. What do you do with your defense this
week. Ben only twenty six hundred to spend and pricing
wise. I mean Tampa at 26 falcons. No thank you. You go up and down below that man and
what do I land on somehow. Look say what we want about this. You know how about this Miami
team is in they are very bad. But look this buffalo team is an under machine. The offense
is divisional match up. They’re always low scoring. You know on every which way. And
look Josh challenger probably gonna have had himself a decent game but at twenty five hundred
and you’re getting you know at least a familiar opponent you’re getting Miami at home in the
humidity from from Buffalo which I think is is really the biggest key in this Miami defense.
You know quietly 9/11 points last week eight the one before that and that Jets spot which
is really you know exactly what you’re looking for I know they played Buffalo before they
were fifteen hundred dollars at the timing and only had one. But look I’m not above feeding
Josh Allen in Miami Heat when he’s coming from Wyoming heading to Miami. Really bad
spot for him. So give me Miami at twenty five hundred.
I agree with this spot. This is the other half of my pivot right. So if I have to pivot
up to Jared Cook I have to pivot down to the Miami Dolphins. But until that happens Sean
Mm hmm. I saw Brandon Allen for this Denver Broncos team look like a competent pro in
a home start first start. Now where does he go. Goes to the spaceship against the Vikings
defense that we know is solid and I know Peter played Courtland Sutton in his lineup but
fuck you if you if you think that Brandon Allen is going to look like a look like fucking
John Elway in the spaceship. You know how much I like this Vikings defense
in this spaceship. Give me the Minnesota Vikings for thirty four hundred again. Wow. If I need
to pivot to Jared Cook in the tight end spot over dwelling.
I’m going to pivot down to Miami because for all of the reasons Pete has said Josh Allen
will give you some turnovers there is heat down there Josh Allen is not familiar with
heat he’s a white guy from the from the north right.
So they and the bill suck really most overrated team in football right.
I mean it’s and three year yet it’s a win. Yeah. Well you tolerate it still. I don’t
I don’t know. It’s hard to say who’s like overrated at this
point because everyone I don’t think anyone’s saying the bills are amazing.
So they just lost the Cleveland right. Yeah I know I was a push and I called that I was
a bad spot. But anyway pivot down the dolphins if needed but let’s go with the Vikings.
I completely punted on defense I got I was going on a spending spree on all the other
player positions but I ended up with the two thousand dollars so it’s between the lions
and the Arizona Cardinals on defense. I had to go Lions at home. They’re playing the Dallas
Cowboys who got exposed on Sunday night television for being horrible. Now this is pretty embarrassing
to lose the Kirk Cousins in private. Pretty embarrassing. They they found it the Jason
Garrett coming off a Monday night. A win was a strong trend. I threw that out there. Well.
I do. Kirk I did like catching that sweet MONEYLINE one less day to prepare.
It’s tough when you have all those shoes to shine.
Yeah I. There’s nothing I really I can’t make a great case about Detroit. They’re at home.
Patricia should get them up for this game. But other than that I got nothing. Oh are.
Eighteen hundred dollars you could do. I don’t know if he could do worse but I’ll predict
this. They won’t be the worst scoring defense. Mm hmm. Well that’s bull at eighteen hundred
dollars. Well again I’ve just been kind of punting defenses because it seems like you
have to either play one at like 3000 or 4000 and get anything out of it or just completely
say fuck it. So it’s kind of my picks before we go waiver wire.
What are you guys thinking besides Daniel Jones for touchdowns David.
Is he still available. According to the numbers I’m looking at he’s
available in more than half of league. So again I guess I would say call me and tell
me about it and a great spot I did nothing. I’m genuinely curious on your take.
I don’t know I didn’t watch. I didn’t the audio wasn’t. I basically turned that game
off. I mean we had it on but that the game the game audio was off after about what four
drives can’t handle this anymore. Coaching sucks. Clearly when I told this to Sean this
past Sunday as we were watching games but when I heard the reporter asked Shurmur how
he copes with all of this losing and he says I was built for this shit fire the man that
doesn’t play well out here and the New York media get him out of here.
As far as waiver wire guys Gerald Everett he’s a fun pickup to crush I don’t know what
happened to Cooper Kupp I started him just guy did nothing.
McVeigh has been saying forever that Gerald ever ever it is gonna be his Jordan Reed and
he can’t. I mean he kind of looks the part. It’s just strange how like over the course
of the season how they’re getting more and more involved.
We talked about him last week I think I had me and my Draft Kings lineup that I gave out
on air James Washington season for the Steelers. He seems to be getting involved more. Oh Slayton
God Ryan. I don’t know why you didn’t alert us to seriously Slayton but if he’s available
he’s a he seems like he has got some cause he just doesn’t know the chemistry.
A lot’s at Jones chemistry. He just does. I mean what 10 10 catches two touchdowns.
Yeah. Crazy Kareem Hunt. Kareem on seven catches. Sure. Yeah. That’s heaven. I was surprised
he was involved in the passing game. Painted yellow green hills. Yeah. But Brian.
Brian Hill. I mean he’s Oh and then your guy Sean James Washington.
Yeah college rapport with the quarterback. He said I won I understand I’m giving you
Crow. OK that’s a good. That’s definitely something I co-sign and then if you’re into
white guys it’s the other play in the play in the the wide receiver position. It’s clear
that Hunter Renfro is gonna be is more and more involved in this offense going forward.
He had a bad game last week only four catches but I do like his prospects going forward.
And then I guess if you can’t chase touchdown Shaw but Kyle had a hell of a game. Yeah but
yeah I would I would lean more towards Everett if he knew the guy.
Yeah that makes sense I don’t see glass. Yeah. Sorry. What were you saying Pete. I just I
don’t see Rudolph doing that again. No probably not. He was a big touchdown dependent.
Seems like he’s more involved than he was earlier in the season for sure worries champion.
Going to your team and your guys man after a three game three games off look Darren Sproles
is you know active is there I know Jordan Howard has come up to be that guy but you
know if anything should happen or you have that I think that Sproles is you know Mr.
Reliable he still could get behind bringing a punt back or anything like that so you could
do worse if you need one and guys was the other one I want to touch on as Ryan said
as well. Well again and I would say if you’re looking
for a deep flex play I would I would slot Jordan Matthews above Darren Sproles as far
as the slot. No I’m saying I think that Howard is gonna
be the one. He is the guy that I’m saying should anything
happen. I think that they always know that they can at least count on Sproles or anything
like that if you do have Howard. Yeah. Doug he does seem to like Sproles way
more than he should. It’s various Thomas to I don’t I miss them
but got him on the first lineup nine targets Alabama saw a pickup for sure.
All right guys thank you for participating in the sports game and I guess make sure you
rate review and share on i Tunes again. The podcasts are adding up to Pullman Washington.
So if you’re in THE WAS WHO area this weekend hit us up at gambling podcasts looking for
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I feel like if you’re in the was you area this weekend it’s because you live in the
was new area. Well it turns out it’s in the middle fucking
no in the middle. We’re in Idaho. You may say Air B and B in Idaho.
So again if you’re if you’re It was the alarm that’s coming back for the game you’re gonna
be tailgating drinking whatever hit us up at gambling podcasts or podcast that that’s
sports gaming podcast dot com. Pina what can people expect on Inside Vegas yeah man lucky
people think it’s easy out here in this business. I think you guys know more than you it’s sometimes
you get to wait on other other programs and other things. The fee just took a little bit
longer we are coming at you live officially this week myself and James albino a.k.a. spread
investor on Twitter debut episode of Inside Vegas on the new feed is coming up. So excited
for it and sorry for the delay for everyone it was just waiting on apples feet and a couple
of things that you know great things take time as they say so we are coming at you live
this week and couldn’t be more excited for you guys.
Yes. Shout out to everyone that distributes podcast that isn’t named Apple for actually
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Exactly. Tell them feature us for the sports gaming podcast I’m short stack and one arena
and he is Ryan I got another boring Today show. Cramer let it ride.

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