Dame Hazlebark – Carbot | Hearthstone

Hey! Would you like to hear a song
about a magic tree? No. Okay. Well, it goes like this. Dame Hazelbark Dame Hazelbark How lovely are thy tokens Your hand so full when quest complete Stay fully healed in smoking heat Dame Hazelbark Dame Hazelbark How lowly are your Treants With these new cards is it enough? Your trees may need another buff Dame Hazelbark O Dame Hazelbark How powerful your end game Your cards run low, Armor runs high Your combo makes me want to cry Dame Hazelbark Dame Hazelbark Dame Hazelbark You shouldn’t wake the trees, child. Dame Hazelbark… Happy Winter Veil everyone! And a Well Played to all! And to all, a GG! Get the DAME HAZELBARK DRUID HERO in the

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