12 thoughts on “Dark Souls the Card Game Extended Gameplay

  1. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding how the deckbuilding part works, but… wouldn't it always be better to just fill your deck to capacity with Remnants of Humanity and then switch out basic cards with the advanced ones you just bought? This way, you essentially do NOT increase your deck size (as the Remnants are immediately replaced by another card the moment they are played), and you still get better cards. Am I missing something?

  2. Hey. When placing enemies at 30mins, you only put out a medium enemy instead of a hard one. Hard enemies have a sword under the helmet icon.
    Great play through once again though!

  3. It looks like the deck-building is pretty automatic, where you just grab the items and the combo cards that support your class' colours. Then again, possibly you don't want to be bogged down too much between battles, and different loot will add more complications.

  4. Note that a kukri is type of dagger and an estoc is a type of sword, not names the assassin gave them. I like the idea of the assassin naming her weapons though!

  5. The “show these guys the business” and “Mr. Man” comments had me crying laughing lol. I LOVE the enthusiasm. It makes it entertaining. Liking the vids. Should def make more and maybe even have full on adventures in a single video and/or make some with other players and you be the host. I’d def watch more. Just bought the game and am learning it. This was informative and entertaining. Gl:hf

  6. There is some sort of errata it seems. You said and I have read from elsewhere that if an Enemy cannot Spawn in a Row, you will wait till a Space becomes available. However, the Rulebook says that Enemy is then placed anywhere on the Board as you like. What is the proper ruling?

  7. 'Estoc' is pronounced 'Ess-tock' … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estoc … long pointy sword with a 3 to 4.5 foot edgeless blade. It's not just a named weapon, it's a real historical weapon.

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