Dauntless – Console Launch Trailer

[MUSIC] The Behemoth threat looms
from beyond the horizon… To stand against it, each of us, Master
and Recruit alike, will choose our own path. [MUSIC] But whatever it is you seek… Every hunt offers the chance to
earn glory, trophies, or at least… a battle scar. [MUSIC] Ramsgate — an outpost at the edge
of the world — has become our home. [MUSIC] And as long as we draw
breath – it will. Not. fall. [MUSIC] We have learned to turn the Behemoths’
unique, lethal power back against them… [MUSIC] And we do it in style. [MUSIC] The Behemoths are changing. Evolving. …And so we forge new bonds
– Together, one hunt at a time. [MUSIC] Live on the edge of every
moment, Slayer. Live for the hunt! [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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