David Blaine Stoic Playing Card Review and Fantasma Take Over

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100 thoughts on “David Blaine Stoic Playing Card Review and Fantasma Take Over

  1. Yo this is a tapered/stripper deck btw. The taper is pretty thin, and the corners are rounded so its pretty subtle and actually works great. Good for your boi Ryan Plunkett New Angle stuff

  2. Cards look great, concerned there not done by USPC. Surprised David Blane would change. My favourite cards are Monarchs, Dystopias, white lions series B and red knights. Also can’t wait for Chris Ramsay’s cards to come in the mail. Love your channel keep up the great work.

  3. Supposedly, they are stripper decks. I ordered a brick not knowing, still waiting on them. Can anybody confirm this?

  4. Yo X ,great deck review brother don't knock yourself top notch as always . The mystery deck from Jj Abrams for Bad Robot are the softest stock I ever felt they so supple and rigid at the second time they super weird but great also . You had any experience with these ? Love the way you just you with no craziness on the vids !!!stay cool brother

  5. Hey Xavior, these decks are stripper decks FYI. Also, would love to have you lecture at Street Magic Con (www.streetmagiccon.com). Let's chat!

  6. I enjoy your videos. However this "filter/whatever it is" was horrible for me. 5mins in had to stop watching. Got a massive headache.

  7. Sadly exposure overkill in the review part. And your focus went a bit wild (or your aperture – either or) throughout. Would suggest adjusting (locking) settings for close up takes. Looking forward to the videos from the coming weekend!

  8. Thanks for the review. David’s website shows “sold out” for his new cards. Please send me a deck. Met you at MagiFest and I am a fan of your work and a subscriber:

  9. Great vid, but sorry the audio quality was terrible. I could barely hear you talk most of it sounded like mumbling, maybe the microphone was far away?

  10. for a person who has only had a brick of bikes and an orbit deck v4, and newer bee, I prefered an 20 year oldish bee deck that got washed and destroyed by my brother, but it was a beautiful feel, jhope i try to get my hands on someother decks maybe in a giveaway or treat myself well on a birthday.

  11. That box is the greatest box I've ever seen, I don't blaine you for liking it more than the cards. I'm really loving the Cartamundi's new finish, they really make some great cards. Anyone else think he was hinting at what the giveaway might be? "panda panda panda", I think it might be a baby panda giveaway!!!

  12. As I'm sure you already know, the new NOC outs are pretty dope. They are my new faves.

    Also, I'm not sure if anyone else told you, but the new Blaine deck is a stripper deck… in case the other commenters forgot to mention it. 😁

    Love, Peace and Hair Grease!

  13. I feel like I bought a brick not knowing they were strippers and that's disappointing. But i know Spade would vouch for "A New Angle" by Ryan Plunkett and Micheal Feldman. That's something to do with a stripper deck!!!!

  14. So I have never used the expert playing cards but I have to say my favorite deck of cards so far for handling, feel and longevity is the dragon back bicycle playing cards. They are soft have just a nice feel to them and last quite a while for being a thin stock. I also like Arch Angel bicycle cards too, these have a thicker stock and don't last a long time but look amazing and feel great right out of the box. Thanks for the review Xavior I want to get some of those stoics but I don't think I would get a whole brick of them.

  15. Not a fan of expert playing card either. May be I'm just too used to USPC cards.
    Anyway I'm a fan of the black scorpion deck.

  16. Spade, even when you are casually looking through Cards, your hand movement makes me think you’re fucking with us.

    You fucking with us, bro?

  17. Huh, so you could just give that a few out faros and a hippity-ha and be in stay stack too. Cool stuff.

    Edit: I’m new to medical marijuana and high af.

  18. The big selling point on these cards is they are supposed to feel exactly like jerrys nuggets. i don't have either deck so can't compare, maybe if you have some Jerrys you can make a comparison video? As a cardist my favorite feeling decks are printed by Hanson Chien. His new legacy finish makes the cards feel just amazing in every way. If you haven't already you need to see how those feel, Check out the kameleons, odyssey borreals, scythe deck, or the fuck you deck. I believe they all have that same amazing finish.

  19. The feeling with this deck is not to bad, but the fact that this deck is stripper one is not a good idea for me 🙁

  20. I love your work Xavior and love and appreciate what you do for the magic industry……Your are a massive inspiration to me and so many more people. Love you man, keep doing what you're doing…..Hopefully one day I will be as good as you…..I would love to meet you guys at Fantasma but unfortunately, I am 14 and live in England…….Thanks for everything you're doing in the magic community, appreciate it man…..Let me know where I can buy that sick panda hat. They're my favourite animals……..See ya man

  21. They are marked deck check the numbers and letters in opposite corners are different one is bold the oders is thinner.

  22. So, you got two bricks of cards you don't like much. At least you have some nice boxes. Green Monarchs and standard ass Bicycles are my favorite cards so far. My old ass just got into magic four months ago.

  23. I'm surprised that you didn't snap while handling them that they are strippers. Well, at least you didn't mention it. Well, you didn't spend a whole lot of time handling them in the review, so I guess it's something that could be missed.
    Anyway, thanks for the review. I'm curious to see what Chris (Ramsey) thinks about them….so, bring it up if you remember. I'm sure he'll have something to say about them. They've been getting so many bad reviews.
    I DO like the brick box, though!

  24. Great Review X-Man. Love that you love the brick box more than the cards. I just subbed your channel and can’t wait to dig in and check the vids. I think Blaine’s White Lions Tour Edition on USPCC Stock blows these away. These look, feel and clump just like the EPCC NOC’s. But unlike the Skull & Bones v2s. What’s your opinion or thoughts on the one bold and one regular indexes on the cards? Haven’t found a credible answer yet. Anywho NYC reppin, nice to drop some words here for ya brother & catch ya on the flip side.

  25. Isn't that is a FAKE DAVID BLAINE DECK ? These no an original deck.Make by expert , which “expert”?EXPERT got so many.
    Because I saw the bottom deck have wrote "PRC"(People's Republic of China.).
    Isn't make in China????

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