(Day 1) $5,000 Buy-in $10/$20/$30 Texas Hold’em

boesky takes off the glasses and look at
those glances he’s staring into his soul boomerang the boomerang Oh another great king tut massage for
hands to women fifty dollars for one our best deal in Costa Rica highly recommend
it if you ever stay at the terra mina hotel casino a great way to prepare you
for the cage you got to be relaxed Travel is a very taxing thing day one of
the Americas card room live cage in San Jose Costa Rica we just finished our
free continental breakfast courtesy of the taormina resort had a good
conversation with Phil naggy and all the a/c our staff and a lot of the
qualifiers everyone’s looking forward to the action
of the five thousand dollar live cage later today but first we’re going to go
to the ACR headquarters and check out all the new happenings security game
development sign up today using promo code Boesky let’s bag and tag this five
thousand dollar event and come back tomorrow with a big stack we’re going to
be playing fearless aggressive everybody’s there 10:20 you can see how
across move it moves how fast it moves this is Arvind again this is the new
software platform that we’ve been working on for like like two years ten
histories converge like it takes a long time it’s a lot of fucking hands that
have to happen to catch anything where we’ve got you know MAC addresses for
machines we’ve got IP addresses we’ve got transfers we’ve even caught some
stuff through the blockchain where you know we’re sending a payout to one
person and then that same wallet sending money back to to another account and
we’re associating accounts there the only BMW in Costa Rica back to tear
me like you can even oh the bed here it’s like no mechanic wants to work on
where they charge you’re home early this is holding water that makes just
before buckets over and they were just instantly like fry their body about to go live on the Americas card
room twitch stream feature table $5,000 to start let’s bag up a big stack for
day to wash it with the commentators Justin Kelly and Vanessa Cade we
appreciate you guys tuning in being interactive and look at these hands
shaping up Queens fours and eights on so Felix makes it fifty to go here under
the gun with fours Jonathan flats with eights and I guarantee you we’re gonna
see some blood here from Boesky just popping it up from the big can’t reach
for those chips fast not there to 270 yeah you actually had already came up
ready to set yeah perfect looks like a pretty quick call from Felix here with
force little set mining opportunity but they were anyway they were all good yeah
so ace Jack deuce peels down nobody connects with their pocket pair but also
nobody really loves that board base yeah this is like an action killing board for
all these names pretty much yeah yeah with both with a three-bed I mean
there’s how could there not be an ace in your range or something like that big
hand so this bet should get through unless
one of these other players wants to just take a really weird line yeah always
good to see us as an email twitch to put you guys on the front page so we reach
1k viewers well if they did that I bet you we’d go way past 1k viewers for sure
yeah Boesky gets it through as he should I mean the three bet yes exactly if none
of your opponent’s have an ace that should work
I had a bit of a sizing tell on sauces opens when he made it 150 at 10:20 he
usually had a small to medium pair this time he makes it 125 on the button
not quite sure what to make of this but I’m pretty sure I’m still gonna put in
the three bet with king queen so salsa makes a 125 to go here on the
bun with ace Jack boesky solid hand here with king queen oh yeah there we go I
was like the three bet knew was coming up to 400 and salsa makes the call in
position here with ace jack we’re gonna see a flop pot is healthy at 8:50 all
hearts queen high danger there will be blood second nut flush draw and top hair
versus nut flush draw almost here for these two players Boesky bets on 225 here and a snap call
looks like you’re from Santa and he’s gonna fire 500 mess at this point if you
think you’re up against like a really high flush draw
in this case and salsa well look at this sausage ships maximum pressure up
massive ship now look at his boast he takes off the glasses and look at those
glances he’s staring into his soul and bows he can’t believe it he’s like
really because the turn is irrelevant nobody cares about the three right so
that’s my boast it is just some alarms going off especially the King of Hearts
you this would be like a really hard handle a down because you got to think
even if he is on two pair or set you do have some outs for it and otherwise it’s
just like this over bed is like usually none dead in a lot of games but not not
at the cage the cage welcome to it there’s such a huge over bed – this is a
really interesting spot really tough spot
what’s like boughs you might be talking on let’s see it’s thinking she’s in the tank I don’t blame them
yeah absolutely this is a really hard spot no I mean it’s for your life it’s
for you it’s for you sir my life it’s $5,000 bet it’s rough dude so let’s talk
about the hand when he just did the huge ship on you and just put you in the tank
man like we’re sitting here really excited painful
nobody envies that decision man that was rough you took off your glasses and
you’re like cuz it’s happening five seconds to showboating yeah right it’s
usually pretty free damn strong in so I put him on pocket fives pocket exactly a
lot of low flushes that he doesn’t want to see another heart pop on and like the
semi-bluff so I can beat her like a sec so hurts
felt weird and I didn’t like a towel on him because like a sues the flop can you
look back at his hand which did like the heart check her check yeah you know I
think it was a like a fake heart check it was like if you have a flush you know
you fought the flush yeah and if you’ve been in retrospective he flopped I said
you’re not checking for a flush draw yeah and said you can’t flush draw so
that kind of weighed in my mind I’m like am I just gonna call off five grand
right here’s based on him checking his cards yeah it’s a it’s a 5k choice you
know he flew from say he’s still told me he flew 28 hours and serve you to come
here he’s never played like Oh cash me never I mean that’s a smart thing to
factor into because usually have a lot of the best food that we aren’t gonna
just like super over bet on on air Danny does make the flame I mean I think
it’s gonna be like the correct full yeah it’s quite possible maybe he flopped up
a lot right he’s behind all the two pair is all of this set and it’s a very
confusing bet it’s hard to make out which like hand would reasonably do that as the bus key doesn’t make it 80 to go
here the ace 4 and Felix really taking a sign you’re thinking about what he wants
to do he does have 8 on the button and if he liked to flat I think that might
have been a raise he does he 3 bets up to 255 I would imagine this this should
just get through problem is is you know you kind of you took a little stab at it
you wanted to make it you want to take down right there if you’re both ski but
now I’d be have to I have to play out of position against a player who 3bet me
very mediocre hammock ace 4 and that’s a healthy rebound he’s telling Felix I’m
not messing around I raised with a monster and now believe me that’s rough
the only thing I love about me now is that I have position but my eights
definitely shrink up when it comes to a healthy format like that and I don’t
think most he’s the type of guy who’s steaming which yet perfect which is
actually what leads me to believe that he actually has a strong hand and lends
more credibility to where he’s at right there so he comes back and four bets me
I’m like all right bro I mean come on is he really doing that with less than nine
forty-five hundred ships after first break 90 minutes in table soft play is
horrible oh oh they’re here they’re sitting right here having a great time
on the livestream see you guys in another 90 minutes with blinds at 10 20
action folds around to Geoff gross on the button my initial thoughts on his
game was that he’s very tight and barely ever Bluffs but he will open wide he did
open a lot of buttons with a lot of marginal Holdings this is no exception
but he does have a small pair so it’s very reasonable Sasha quickly calls I’m
not putting him on a trap we definitely could just complete with our Queen 10
but I think this hand plays better as a squeeze so they made it three blinds
let’s make it 16 blinds to go three bet putting the pressure on we’re deep
stacked let’s take it down pre or maintain our range advantage post flop
with us being over 200 blinds deep very reasonable for Jeff grosse to put
in the call with the pocket threes he’s getting direct odds to set mine and I
could have a lot of Ace King ace queen king queen combos that he’s flipping
against he does have position he puts in a call alright so again Battle of the
Jeff seer look at this we got a raise and then a three bet by boesky with
Queen ten from the big gross is gonna make the call Jeff on Jeff violence here
for eight nine four hey Jeff gross currently in the lead with threes but
Boesky with two overs and a straight draw and the Terminator sunglasses actually if you’re either than this
probably looks like a pretty dry board pretty good flop for me to see BETT I’m
repping an over pair preflop so let’s continue the story
I could have pocket tens plus I happen to have a queen and a ten
they could be matching they’re not this time but as is I do have two over cards
and the nut straight draw when Jeff calls the flop his range is still pretty
wide he could have him like Jack ten ace high or mid pairs even ten nine nine
Jack stuff like that when the turn pairs the bottom card it’s a great card for us
to barrel even if he has top pair he can’t be loving it
since we’re repping an over pair he now only has two outs to improve on the
river so we size up to put max pressure on alright so it does go bet by boesky
on the flop called by gross and now again on the turn
leave Bosque fired a healthy about of 900 applying max pressure here to gross
and that board pair again we were talking about that with those low pairs
it’s just so rough because even if you’re ahead right any 8 or 9 also kills
you he does let it go then goes he’s gonna take it down with the draw with blinds at 10:20 folds assassin in
the cutoff he opens large 150 is his bet based on his past hands it shows that he
has middle pairs when he makes it this exact size I’m gonna play my hand as
though he has a middle pair and rep a bigger pair I happen to have an ace and
I have the button so good time to do it let’s 3x that make it 450 to go the
blinds fold action back to Sasha and he quickly puts in the call he wants to see
a flop we’re gonna play the flop as though he has a small pair so hopefully
some big cards come up the flop comes 10 9 8 2 diamonds we do have the ace of
diamonds which eliminates him from having the nut flush draw and gives us
backdoor runner runner equity it’s time to stick with the plan if he has a small
pair he’s not gonna love this flop let’s bet 550 dollars and hope that he folds
he does snap fold ace queen and we take it down with the worst hand the power of
aggression and positioned

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