(Day 2) $50/$100 NO LIMIT in Costa Rica!

and we are back guide as we have more
Jeff on Jeff action here Boesky and gross with blinds at 25 50 30 Jeff gross
opens under the gun to 125 the button calls Sean McCormack
I call him a small blind with Jack 10 of spades and the big blind completes I
contemplate three betting but I think Jack 10 plays a little bit too good post
flop don’t want to get for bet and no reason to bloke the pot out of position
the flop comes east nine eight with two spades a dream flop I checked
big blind checks Jeff gross checks wutface Sean McCormack bets 355 well
since I started with 5500 I got to think about if I check raise this I make it
say 1200 what am I going to do if I break the turn dry Jam touch that call
so we’re gonna play it safe and just put in the call with our huge combo draw the
other two players fall over heads up the turn is an off suit ace one of the worst
cards in the deck we can’t leave now we check Sean McCormack checks so I’m
guessing he doesn’t have an ace maybe he also has a spade draw or a straight draw
like me I might have to bluff this river the river comes the Jack of Clubs we got
two pair is it any good was he checking back a weak ace we check and you quickly
bet 600 what’s your rapid true basis Queen ten
only one way to find out we put in the call he immediately says do you have
jack 10 and I do have jack 10 and it’s good and then we have 7,000 chips but 90
minutes left in the day let’s bag and tag
there’s boskie boskie boskie boskie made a nice colleague how many got 7 K nice a
nice River coal there and we have bagged seven thousand nine hundred and ninety
dollars coming back to 40 80 tomorrow but first let’s go to the after party
complimentary of a CR I love free parties day two tomorrow gonna start out with 40
80 with a $60 bought nanny for three hours finishing with 50 100 this guy’s about to pop up just showing
a 1d back there looks just like a log day two of the Americas card room live
cage just under eight thousand dollars in chips it’s gonna be playing 4080 with
a $10 button an e for each player pretty excited I have two tough opponents on my
left a local rag that’s very good at Cash games and tournaments and to the
left of him is a guy that got second in a 1500 at the World Series of Poker
young probably aggressive player the good news is the three guys to my right
I found almost no information on based upon hinted mob and full background
checks shout-out to the Internet so we’re gonna try to play pots with the
guys on my right and avoid pots with the guys on my left that’s the strategy
we’re not gonna be the future table for the first three hours hopefully we’ll
hit the feature table to conclude the day and bag up twenty thousand dollars
and chips that’s the goal I put it in the universe let’s make it happen with blinds at 40 80 under the gun makes
it 200 I’m next to act six-handed with East Jack offsuit I make it 550 to go
and he quickly snapped calls we’re heads up to a flop the flop comes King six
three good flop for my range I have all the ace kings King Queens aces kings
queens stuff like that he checks up at 450 and he calls he too could have some
slow played aces ace king maybe even king queen suited and some small pairs
that want to hang around the turn is a seven straight does get there but it’s
probably not a concern now is the choice of do I barrel or not or do I just give
up and hope to spike an ace I do decide to check the river is a deuce he checks
I check and he rolls over King Queen of Hearts and we lose $1,000 blinds at 40 80 with the button ante a
Dutch Pro opens to 200 small blind calls I’ve with the big blind with six three
of spades we put in the call the flop comes ten seven seven two spades good
flop for our range we check it to the raiser who bets two fifty five small
blind folds and it’s time to go for it let’s wrap a seven maybe even eight nine
or a flush draw some tens also I make it 750 he puts in the call he has about
2,000 behind now the question is what do I do if the turn bricks do I just rip it
with my six high flush draw you might hero us with a bigger flush
draw ten acts or a big pair and we’re in big trouble or do I just give up let’s
see what the turn brings the turn is an off suit six oh eight nine gets there
and we now have a pair so we’re ahead of his flush draws we might get him to fold
the 10 now that he doesn’t really beat many of my value combos so I go for it I
show of 2006 in the middle of covering him he tanks and eventually folds we get
that one through 90 minutes down Ron first break with
$9,300 inner stack another 90 minutes of 40 80 are ahead of us let’s stay focused
fearless and aggressive Fulton me on the button at pocket nines 200 to go this is
my standard open for all positions other than a small blind where I have a
limping or for Xing strategy small blind a competent long time online reg that
played a final table with me at the Caesars back in 2011 three bets to 760
interesting spot with pocket nines the big blinds probably the weakest player
at the table who has a short stack around 1200 chips small blind has around
6000 behind so my gut says just jam it in it’s a big Jam a lot to risk but you
know a thousand to pick up if I’m right or it could be flipping against East
King you know worst case scenario he has a bigger pair if you if you had say 4000
I think it’s a more reasonable spot to jam I don’t want to fold I don’t want a
four bet call or four bet fold so I think flat is best and play some flops
the flop comes King five deuce rainbow he bets 530 our hands definitely too
strong to fold just yet let’s see how this board develops we put in the call
the turn is an ace a horrible card for us because a lot of his three betting
range is all ace XCOM booze and he does not slow down he bets 900 we can’t beat
much and even if he turn to draw like Queen Jack Jack 10 Queen 10 he would
barrel but I think allow those hands just flat free so we can eliminate a lot
of those hands so we eventually put in the fold and we’re not happy to lose
$1,000 when we might have been able to pick up a thousand preflop and we are back guys here’s your new
feature table I know right off the bat you guys notice we have more Jeff on
Jeff action here Boesky all the Jeff Jeff ception Boesky and gross and we’re
hopping right into a pot where they’re three betting each other come get some
Kings versus Queen Jack here boesky does three bet to 1k after gross raises to
two and a quarter good hand to come back from break I’m here with the pocket
kings we are now at 5100 by the way here on the final level of day 2 and Jeff
Boesky here makes it two and a quarter to go he sitting about 14k under the gun
and Aaron is gonna make the call here with 8 Jack Fuller comes down nine nine
deuce two hearts both players miss but boskie
still way out in front five five deuce peels down gross and
boesky more Jeff ception both connect with the deuce boesky with the better of
the kickers look at this it’s almost like they’re matching they’re both
rocking like a blue swags sunglasses the stare down like a mirror right in the
middle of the table and I’m so glad that they have this camera angle for both of
them too it’s just like damn so gross is gonna check here after he does check
call the flop now he checks again and both he fires 350 Jeff gross had been
defending his big blind with any two cards so I think this is a good spot to
double barrel for value he can still continue with age three days four and
backdoor diamonds sorry I’m just looking more Jeff carnage
comin atcha jacks for Boesky and queens for gross Jeff on Jeff again Jeff on
Jeff violence so it looks like gross with Queens here is gonna make it two
and a quarter from the button now over to boesky and this is sick because you
specially six-handed you’re gonna see a lot of this like a button verse blinds
thing oh and Boesky just flats you sneaky dog
if the flop comes ten high we could see some carnage here well that’s actually
Oh kind of okay – I mean the fact that there’s two aces out there makes it less
likely your opponent has one and sickly enough both of them have a club in their
hand if it does want to come potential backdoor running clubs so gross is gonna
bet 200 bucks Keys gonna call ten on the turn both of them are kind of leveling
each other back and forth just trying to hope if their opponent doesn’t have an
ace I’m good here right and both of them are thinking the same thing
especially with Boesky just flatting pre so gross here bets 400 and now this is
so silly what a sick river Wow okay so you’re pretty much sitting here thinking
your opponent doesn’t have an ace you’d have to have the one card that beats me
and both of them are essentially crushing the board because the next
highest card is a 10 I’m surprised this pot isn’t larger at this point to be
honest with you so most key checks do gross check – no whoa I really thought
we were gonna see a solid riverbed snap call like just like boom called done I
beat you to the pot when I said call Wow so our resident to Jeff’s at the table
of definitely dominating your 15k I believe 12 K effectively so more Jeff
ception gross makes it 200 to go boesky calls flop comes seven high seven deuce
for Wow seven deuce for bottom to four Boesky top pair for gross checks through
on the flop the turn brings Wow the boats key broski
this one here Jeff grouse is going to check back this board with a lot of ace
high type hands so it’s time for us to bet we could be betting with a lot of
air and a lot of draws so we want to get value and get him to call with ace high so Boesky with the boat bets three hundo
grouse finds a call and six of diamonds hits the river does completes a
potential flush door or from sorry front door flushes neither player with it
doesn’t really matter if anything boasts key is hoping grouse made a flush you
could actually go so thin that a flesh would be inclined to raise you know you
get paid by the seven and possibly raised by a flush it’s still a pretty
tricky River for extracting value on a board like that grouse in the tank here
please ham pretty sneaky because it did check through on the flop Jennifer so lay it down subscribe and
hit the alerts bill for the grand finale

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