Day 2 of PCA 25k

all right
we are live 10 minutes before start playing the Atlantis day 2 of 25k 43,000
chip stack over thousand players plenty of familiar faces I tell you the truth I
don’t like most these people they’re weird I mean I guess weirds not the
thing nerdy it reminds me of my old magic days a lot of nerds just a lot of
a lot of weird people might get a few cameos but you guys want to see who
should I pull over here you guys want a little view Truman area area there’s a
table yes you’re me okay livestream doing good
shout out to check raise Charles in the chat chip stack 43,000 going to 1200 big
blind big blind ante buffet trick does not work here nothing works here
everyone everything is extremely overpriced service is horrible
ten percent state tax plus fifteen percent automatic creativity on
automatic overpriced low quality foods let’s see what I can get here like Paul
Michael good luck shag around the why you always call me shagird but yeah I
does that mean like Bangor tell like British for Bangor blonde from the dude
behind uh uh yep okay I’d be a good live stream see who do we got here Oh heap of
sex okay I feel that I feel that more sex is better 43,000 is the chip count
sixty thousand starting stack a few controversial hands went down
Terry flush or scary Terry you made a cameo in the blog ten dollar water
pony up I have others for the Dasani yesterday Oh Mike Lea that’s the that’s
the good way the conch chowder Boise Falls view can’t stop winning
3 3 1 K titles normal for year 3 bad see what we got in the chat here well shaky
oh we got min past specials ran hey don’t don’t put yourself on that level mase reader the you Paul Pierce I
believe he got eliminated you can see his highlights of him dancing on a
future table what else we got here you guys want the
full 360 thousand entries ozune entries starting in about five
minutes let me know bunch of empty tables right now a bunch of late poker
players notables on my table we got Nadia Magnus
from old school big game fame Martin’s adiy Mia British player a few platinum
past winners and that’s about it let’s chat with her Brando all right
let’s go find let’s go find a little Rando actually I could just walk around
we got a good we got a good view right here Nadia I don’t have any reads on
Nadia I’m guessing tighter than normal could be wrong I haven’t seen many
updates been pretty busy mm-hmm yeah pretty pretty underwhelming
experience we could do some walk buys if this area is a little bit too boring to
get pumped up in the zone I got 36 blinds the perfect cold for bet stack
luckily no stinky hey you’re famous you had that great Dan Shak grant yeah no
that was great and then the euros yeah can I get one minute you of you berating
euros dirt right so you know I just fell in here and then you got a goddamn scarf
um what the hell eight euros I say ban-ban all your that’s so 1960s fix me
hot for you turn in the fuck up right now I’m thinking about the bus is my
hair like yours okay oh I guess my hair makes up for the
hoodies on the scars put your hair over is wrap it around your face oh gosh on
the creeper can that come out of the box oh I’m not PC alright see here on a
famous Twitter video where she goes off on Dan Shak and a bunch of Germans you
look it up ah see who else we got here who do you guys want CSE Johnson main
event champ and I guess I should get to my table
we got a Hollywood reception
honey Wi-Fi here let’s walk around let’s find our table and our opponents
17/8 South Korea you’re on YouTube
fickle Rocco how are you gonna be no home from the internet
some live tournament success each but we’re working with got unbag all
right on bag bag and tag that right playing area players then I’ll show you the service out here
because what we’re working with this is our food option just this stand thousand
people trying to get burgers and hotdogs these people right here I almost forgot and then you go right back in here big
OD wound Renee – lets go then show me you ready Stephen s ICU chipcount 43 thousands I got Elon Musk in the chat what am i detained
I don’t know that means of course on here I wouldn’t miss out on
this I love tournaments yep gonna do that slick train now they
got some some scammer Phil Hellmuth at the feature table no justice in this
simulation it’s all a big corrupt game patient no not gonna do that
I can’t crypto nope bingo bango bongo is a horrible person most of the money
triple of classes yeah shout out and check raise Charles yep justified Marco
no oh ski yep I got all of that for next World Series of Poker Europe Ian’s will
not be tolerated we got got some players oh yeah
table looks tough oh no not this guy you know I ran bad in that 3:40 time to run
good as predicted we have a Dylan all right say hi to YouTube puck he says I
do predict many cases there’s no reason I can’t bag up a million chips just got
a boss a lot of people for dinner last night
oh that’s a great question I ate some Doritos in a Snickers bar because the
options here suck no boo clothed on sand I didn’t want to wait for another
restaurant currently sitting at the table with all the people I’m gonna bust
they can’t hear me that’s okay we will bag and tag nacho Doritos racially about
a five out of ten compared to the other shit they service
here horrible service would not recommend sitting this establishment shout out to me channel family man poker
player or of a cash game player Rasta hat about to start any minute no shot clock the money hits the vegan
food ovens I don’t I don’t even consider vegans human so they shouldn’t get any
option rear clip joy no no that means mace Reed shout out to Colorado
shout out to boxers pack a lunch not a bad idea I did not
pre plan that I should have brought some peanut butter and jelly no setup in deck
no decks right here how do we flip the deck flip action and that’s what I’m
looking at this is my forward action look at this guy’s hat hell’s going on
here who else we got yeah that’s my buddy
rock go over there eat your table shout-out to Mexico after
this guy is that a hat what is that sleeve yeah coffee into that oh no you can’t
cover your face all right but this would shout out to the average man in chat free roll no pre-roll I know yeah GZ is
preferred final table music that don’t get you pumped up I don’t know what will up in live for 18 minutes already 43,000
for now 63 or 60 case starting I did put on my deodorant hopefully everybody else
did too goddamn right shout-out to Finland oh yeah gotta stay in the zone what is he repping I mean that’s an
age-old question I do like the new little Wayne mo at his a good song ain’t
nice stinky French cheese at the table well I’m not sure anybody French here
no no French Scottish okay you guys shower it’s good half-hour that’s what I
like to hear interesting hands yep got some you’ll be
seeing that in a future vlog notion o’clock now but 30 seconds is more than
enough time bust the vegans any vegans no oh she’s
eaten sandwich no not vegan no I’m so much parkour yeah shut up
oh shit we got drama I’m also saying I never sincerity what I see you guys tomorrow

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