Deck of Black Playing Cards

Upgrade your card game
with Black Playing Cards. These cards are a
fully playable deck with a striking visual style. Each card features
modern illustrations printed in glossy black
ink on a matte black card. The glossy finish catches
and reflects light, making them perfectly
readable to the cardholder. The good looks of
the all-black cards don’t sacrifice playability. Black Playing Cards
are a standard deck of 52 cards in four
suits plus 2 jokers. So aside from the
enchanting design, there’s nothing magical
about Black Playing Cards, although you can
perform magic with them. Let’s go explode some minds. I want these guys. Do you guys want
to see some magic? No way. Is that Kryss? That’s Kryss Kadabra. Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead and pick
a card, any card. All right. OK. Sign it with this, please. Sign it with this. OK. When you’re done,
show it to the camera. OK. Put it back in the deck. OK. I’m going to shuffle them. This is crazy. I love this guy. Is this your card? No. No, that’s not my– I thought he was
better than this. That’s not my card. Well, how is everything
tasting at least? It’s all right. Pretty good, I guess. Why don’t you take a bite of
your Boombastic Baconburger. OK. What? No way. No way. What? What the crap? What? No way. That’s my card. You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s my card. How did he get it in the burger? It was in my burger. Where did he go? Is he– There he is. Can I get you guys started
out with any appetizers today? Kadabra. I recommend the triple dip. It’s like a buffalo
wing sauce, and then we top it off with some wontons. Buy Black Playing
Happy, happy birthday, from all of us to you. We wish it was our birthday,
so we could party, too. Hey. Hey.

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100 thoughts on “Deck of Black Playing Cards

  1. Yeah, at least make the back side of the card obvious, that way you would not accidentally shuffle a face up card

  2. yeah a friend bought these… believe me its hell playing with these cards… i mean sure the other players cant see them… so does the player… you have to sit in a well lit room and at an angle… not to mention you have to concentrate really hard not to mix up the blacks with the reds…

  3. Ya thats going to make poker lots of fun.
    "What does he have, i cant see it from this angle"
    "Move the lamp"
    "Just say what you have"
    "Oh yeah THATS going to end well"
    "So what is it he has?"
    "Two pair, aces and fours"
    "Thats not right, i got three aces"
    "Oh shit thats not an ace its a four. Fuck my bad you win"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Ya come stand over here you can see it better."
    "This is fucking stupid can we just play with the normal deck please?
    "I got nudey cards"

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