DEEP in Sunday MTTs on ACR!

what’s up guys jeff Boesky here today
we’ll be streaming a final table $44 10k along with two other tip tournaments the
$21 hyper and the $33 15k I may get the title correct in the description of
course we’re always had a five-minute delay never fear Ace King easy I so got a run good in the
Hyper’s most plays are pretty automatic and if it feels a little bit too thin
you probably shouldn’t do it let’s hold bone beautiful turn send it all right I hope you guys can see
everything okay hope there’s no echo on the mic there will be a break in eight
minutes so hang tight action should only heat up from here on out we’re sitting
real pretty in all three of these tournaments I might have to go with it
with this eight eight here small blind for his big blind 25 players left in
this event over 500 started against a limp I think a seat is just a little bit
too strong to be checking back and just good enough to be jamming and picking up
the 10k and we’ll take it down you can see the payouts for the 44 10k
final table 287 entered 8 remain and pretty card debt here recently but we’re
gonna push some edges stay tuned for a new vlog which is going to drop tomorrow
poker food casinos you know the drill how’s we doing there out there tonight
it’s Sunday pretty excited to have some results after a long day of re-entering
and some min cashing losing flips but ready to win some flips cooler some
people and take down the top prize let’s roll him on his head hopefully the stream quality is good
with three tables in the lobby open hopefully this OBS handles it love it
says encoding overloaded not scared a state in the big we might have to roll
with this depending on who opens in what position they’re from you guys Sam
applications looks like we’re tied for last so not too much question is doing a
full equity on our jam at being just 10 blinds over just over two blind open mr.
punch Oh Argentina confirmed crazy so I think we can show for value a say we’re
all in pocket jacks we can raise to induce its gonna fold at the ace eight
big hand nice whoo a lot of spots like that I’ve
got a workout to win a tournament can’t just sit back and fold you’ll be blinded
out believe me I’ve seen it it’s not fun excellent flop four jacks we’re gonna see but hopefully jams with
10x race huh why doesn’t Hollywood shove that free I’d actually shoved Queen five
suited here you can see the short stack but on to maintain my Reshef stack you’ll are complaining that I’ve been
documenting too much food and not enough hand histories well you’re in luck we’re
going to be talking about 95% hands maybe a little bit of food live stream
thanks for joining me tonight makes you make sure you smash that
thumbs up button show a lot of love to the channel logging and hit subscribe
don’t be lazy you just Auto will permanently be logged into YouTube get
the alerts like videos stuff like that definitely worth it to be logged into
YouTube so you can subscribe it alerts and the like button really helps the
YouTube algorithm Brandon Haney in first
followed by bringe pretty close here with East three off an order line call
these three suited tight fold tight fold I would just post the $30.00 25k and
15th or something for a couple hundred bucks had a sick for table deep run
going but we’ll make the best best use that we can out of these three if you want to buy it no gamble hats get
in on the ground floor you can get them on Geoff Bowes key comm along with other
related merchandise we up we up the quality it’s now comfortable quality
trucker hat with embroidery that’s right no screen printing here real stitching
done right in the United States of America no slave labor
no third-world shit we do it right at Jeff Basquiat king/queen off I think we
got to go all into your guys hold on to your butts we’re going for it all got to
play to win hopefully they just fold take down the
30k it’s a nice nice little upswing uptick we’ll take it all right three finally drink some
coffee need to take care of some business so we got some big prize pools
for fighting for their tonight guys I’m trying to book a losing session with
these stacks split up Newark find some good spots all about
identifying the good spots and just going for it
educated guesses information is power tell your friends hang on tight I’ll be
back in four minutes all right we’re back we are back we got pineapple juice that’s right
you didn’t even think this is possible Salameh pineapple juice it’s cold
pressured the best way of enjoying pineapple juice makes six bucks at sam’s
club 12 bucks for the 2-pack tastes delicious real pineapple on that fake
frozen doll Dan crap all right chitchat here we go sup nick
pappagiorgio thanks for joining us tonight one of my main mods and number
one man’s fan so Brett food documenting is important I know
it’s very relatable apparently people like food who didn’t know yeah I’m fine
just haven’t had any poker content to include in the food vlog content and
since I’m getting almost 50% thumbs downs on non poker related stuff yeah
the people have spoken they want more hand history so here we are three tables
deep on a Sunday and let this 65 go and wait for a better spot five minutes away i Mitch make sure you sign up on a CR
using the link below and of course bonus code boesky 100% deposit bonus on the
first time you sign up on America’s card room you too can play these great
tournaments not planning on a Costa Rica move just yet I still got a lot of
business to take care of in Vegas including winning six figures this
summer in a World Series event pocket nines on the button only way we’re
getting away from this is if there’s a raise and rear ace and Ace King in the
turbo alright looking good looking good pocket nines rolling and two ace kings
Wow look at his action all in all in all in three islands at once Ace King Ace
King pack at nines let’s win them all doom switch your boom switch what’s it
gonna be hold punk gotta win those eighth place
for $287 in for at least 44 possibly 132 not sure luckily we didn’t get free
rolled with this ace king and a $33 15k and pocket nines another easy region
let’s get it all right – great tournaments – bodies he’s ten facing it under the gun raised
pretty tight player really give them credit for having it better than ace ten
even at an eight max table oh forgot to put on my lapel mic sorry guys pocket
fives close but I think a little bit too thin to shove so we’ll go for the double
fold we’ll be open shoving east ain’t suited
if all the tube not folded too and not a loose opener so
we’re going to let it go oh shit it’s wrong love you love it yeah
15 K and 10 K that’s right all right Andrew back the rights of $15
eat max change search me I’ll shoot your questions to
meet in the chat just trying to focus on these two tables so don’t be mad if it
takes a minute man’s mafia 42069 at let’s check out the ITM 8 cm on both
table see we’ve already got locked up already in your account if I wanted to
throw this in a cash game and I had no more money left it’s already there you
don’t have to wait to lose a tournament genius innovative idea about ECR 23 remain in the 8 max 68 remain in the
hyper and believe it or not the hyper is going to get down before the feet max oh there’s a lot of action can Queen off he’s a jam take it down all right that should be good IRA good
work alright time for some hands let’s get
some hands three-five not a hand be doing some $265 ticket giveaways the
next few weeks stay tuned for details it might involve
commenting on a vlog it might involve retweeting a tweet I put out so make
sure you follow me on Twitter I see you are a rook and of course on this channel
subscribe jeff Bosque tell your friends east 3 off gonna fold pretty sad pretty
sad same thing the 7/9 off all right streams good mic should be good a seed
on the button with 13 blinds is definitely good oh god good nose
got a fade that uh five out around the river sometimes four top five and chips
with 56 left a big deal can’t let the emotions get to you just have to let the
Barents happen make solid plays and good things will happen in the long run I’m a single man art no commitment here
buy-ins are $33 on the right $21 on the left 404 here on a link interesting huh that’s true I get it to give you a
different link we’re gonna have to go with whatever
given the big blind looks like our 33 15k will be the last hope for the
evening as we pull off a miracle in the hyper let me know if this link works better
for my clothing great hand in the big blind I got a good feeling about this
one that thing should work King Jack run it
back our queen Jack ten Queen no ed we’re out $40 let’s focus on the last
table and speaking of the last table ace on the button we’re all in oh we need a
seven it’s not a chop and just like that it all comes crashing down
$101 winnings in that tournament thanks for joining me tonight make sure you hit
the like and subscribe buttons below tomorrow will be a new vlog hope you
guys like it let me know in the car

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4 thoughts on “DEEP in Sunday MTTs on ACR!

  1. Understand this is where you are spending much of your time playing online, but personally much prefer the Live Tournament videos, Restaurant visits, etc.. I am used to watching streams of this type of content and I find myself forwarding to see how you did, instead of following the analysis as I should.

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