DEEPRUN IM $109 MONDAY 6-MAX!!! [Twitch Poker]

We do 6-max 109.- now. Cmon man, lets simply jump in. We simply jump in here. Lets simply build a stack. We can do this. A little cashgame. Let’s go! Let’s go guys! Oh we have Aces guys. Get out the Aces in the chat! In the Monday 6-Max. That’s tasty! That’s tasty. Holy maccaroni! Now here comes the 3bet. Against the nuts. Vs. Jugis. And we have KK in the Bounty Builder! And the guy on the left is All-in, we call, and?? Vs. TT! Hold! 3! 3 of 💕… 3 of 💕!! Yes, there we go. Nice! Boooom! We 3bet AT here. Vs. UTG… i don’t know. Uuum, i’m supposed to shove here. It’s an amazing hand. I love it too. No joking. A truely love this hand. But it doesn’t work vs. UTG. Oh, look a this. Sick flop! Tasty flop! A really tasty flop. We are going to bet small here. And hopefully he jams with 77, 88 or 99 or something similar. Mr. Big Al425. He is not believing us anything. Watch this now. He is saying now… And here we go! JT! And now the 3 of 💎 diamonds pls! Yes! Very nice thing. Very nice thing. 38k in the $109. Where it really counts. Oooh. We’re really gearing up now. K: “You can say that you have QQ, cause we’re on a delay, right?” Yes right. 3 minutes. Let’s see. First we gonna 3bet here. Vs. The cut-off. F: Now. K: With such a hand I always go broke. Don’t know why… F: Yeah. M: Ladies. K: Now will come a 4bet. F: We’re a bit deeper here. That’s the problem. We have to be cautious. K: Yeah but i tell you to 4bet. And you say, he has to have KK. F: Yeah, but we are 5 handed. That’s a bit more dicy. Now here is the 4bet. He often has AA or KK in this spot, but sometimes he has AK. We have to ask ourselves, do we want to flip or do want to call it. 24x. I guess we jam here. Let’s hope he doesn’t have AA or KK. And he folds! Boooomm! K: Yes. Now we’re talking. Give us the 5 here. K: Well done Flixx. Here we go. Flixx, when are you going to check the discord… oh we have AA guys. Now we are rocking! And? Let’s put up the sunglasse everyone. K: If i put the glasse on i don’t see it. Where are the sunglasses? F: The expensive Ray-Ban? Now we crush it. K: And the crazy thing is, your Brazilian guy is here again. Watch it. He wants to bluff you again. He wants to bust me. Check this out. K: He will say, lets bust him now. Aaaahh… gone… K: Always the same also when i play… when i have AA, they fold. Ooooh! Back to back AA!! Same AA again. K. Now he goes for a steal. What is the probability to get back to back AA. K: What’s the probability for him not to raise now. Very low. Ok, he first limps. And we gonna pot now. Check this out. K: I would do an oversize bet now. F: Yes possible. But you first want to do the things you’re doing with all your hands. Not just with AA. You do things, that you also do with weaker hands. F: No!! Let’s see. Let’s see. K: Now the guy probably has 85. F: This flop is not so bad. Not bad at all. That’s a good flop. A very good flop. Directly bet here. That holy flop. M: Actually, who is running the pokerstars FB page? K: Uuumm, Potty runs it. Potty. And Knosi. M: Cause i commented: good flop. And he writes: absolutely. Good flopinho. F: So the 6 on the turn is a bit dangerous. He doesn’t have a pocket pair. Maybe he has a 5. That would be bad. But he could also have something like 67 or 78. Or he has a flush draw. A really crazy spot now. Limp-call pre-flop. Unlikely 5x. He donks the turn. I jam it. He probably could be very strong. But whatever he has, he has that. Lets go. Bonne chance! F: And Gansao, what do you say? K: Fold. Fold. He has 78 or 67. Or a flush draw. I just say: Fold right? Here we go. M: I’ll send you a video. I just clipped a video from the buffet. F: Yeah, the problem with the buffet video… i have to know the ingredients. K: WHAT? F: I have to know the ingredients. Just give ’em a quick call. Yes, but if i call them, they go: I don’t know what’s in the food. Maybe it’s tasty. But i don’t know. Maybe vegetables. Hmmm tasty. M: But see, there is this restaurant. And the cook of this restaurant is the former Chef of…George Clooney. Uuuuhh… K: And what does that mean? M: This cook is very good. Tasty. K: This doesn’t mean that it’s good food. M: What i want to say is, the quality of the food is good. F: McAppeal. McAppeal. K: Ah. You’re talking about… Ahh, yes that i know. K: That’s the best food. M: See? F: Tricky river. Tricky river. I think he is bluffing. K: I don’t know if xflixx would be very happy in this restaurant. F: He could have 77, 44, 55. Looks very strong. K: You just eat gras and flowers, right? F: Yeah right, gras and flowers. I think he often bluffs. I don’t know. I am not shure. I don’t know if that’s a good call. M: God its so thrilling. F: Maybe 6x or something similar. Pay Batman his money. Nooooo. He flopped a straight with a backdoor flush. The King did not improve my range. Doesn’t matter. M: You need something like a cookie. A3 on the button will be a shove. 5 x 6 equals 30, guys. It doesn’t help. The situation doesn’t improve here for us. If everyone is folding, i will jam. I shove guys. We are on the bubble. M: Felix already opend everything…. I shove with A3 and two folds. Very good. We open all the other tables now. That helps. Also 99 is a jam. Fingers crossed. A shove again. Let’s go guys. 9 9 9 9 !!! Let’s go go go go go go!!! He calls. Vs. 88. Hooold! Hold! And the 3! 3 of diamonds. Ya Man! K: 8 would have been perfect. You would have a straight. No. Yes of course. Now i made him a short stack. I didn’t see that. Ah yes, you are right. Cool. He was drawing dead. K: On the turn there was the 4. You could become our card teller here with us. Because we do “card-telling” Do you know “card-telling”‘? That’s a strategy, a skill. We finetuned this skill. K: I do have that skill. Yeah, that’s perfect. K: I also always call out cards for my opponent. I always say, now the Ace is coming. Ace Ace Ace and it’s coming. I should call cards for myself. Felix: yes, that’s the point. K: You see? It was worth coming here. I am an idiot calling cards for my opponent The cards really come then. They bring a “run-good” today. Konstantin and Mila. They are calling cards for me. Looks good. K: And we maybe have the best idea. F: Just a sec… Oh we have KK guys. Holy Moly! The BB shoves. Let’s go, fingers crossed. We are All-in with KK. Hold! Fingers crossed! Card-telling!! K: “Card-calling”!Lets see the cards first. Because if we call them now its bad. K: If you now say: 333 and he has a 3. Bad! F: Yes you are right. K: Man, Don Boass go away, you’re stupid. And?? He still tanks. He is still thinking. K: He has a smaller pocket pair. And he has A3. Yeah!! F: And the 4! The King is here! 4 of diamond. *crazy yelling all together* K: The king was there. Fuck it. We have to close the door. K: oh, sorry. Soon Harald Schmid comes and kicks our ass. Coool! They will kick us out soon, i think. Oh, AQ guys. We are short stacked. Unfortunately I will jam here. How much i will get? 14 players left. If 12 people remain? Let’s wait a minute. We do the ship trick. Maybe someone ships first. And then we take the pay-jump. We wait. M: Tasty right? F: They are great. I am addicted to them. K: ok, but there is no shugar inside. Ok, there is an All-in. Over here. 22 vs. 44. Maybe the guy with 22 busts. Then we are safe. Yes he busts. We take another pay-jump guys. We just laddered guys. Let’s go. 13 people left. Zack. Lets 3bet again. Cool rigth? If.. then… Just said it right. Oh he is short too. And he folds again. Lets go. Just 10 remain. Oh we have another All-in. J2 vs. 88. If a J comes. Here comes the J!! Very cool. Amazing. K: calling! calling! 10 people remain. J in the office. Oh, All-in over here. One sec…we have to sweat. And`? AK… oh, the Q on the river! He is out! He is out. Pay-jump! Karma! 688.- locked up guys. Next pay-jump. K: Let’s play to the FT. Oh, All-in. And? And? He is out! Yes! He busted guys. So we have… how many are left? 8 players left. Holy moly. 2 have to bust and we have the FT. But now…If one player busts then we have locked 900.- up. We play hand-for-hand for the final table (FT). Has one busted? Oh, AQ is a shove. I mean. Whatever happens happens guys. K: But we have to think positive. Don’t think whatever happens. Oh, oh. Wait a sec. That’s really interesting. Puuuh, i have to think. I really have to think about this. Snap 3bet. K: i tell you after you decided how i would act. Hand-for-hand. 4-way play. He 3bets. I go All-in guys. We have to. K: I would have shoved too. Because I want to win the tournament. So i tell myself i have to take that spot. Because he could do the same thing with 88, 77 because he has a lot of chips. This guy mocks. He calls. And he has a small Ace. YES YEAH!! 3 of clubs!! Nooooo…. I just called the 3 of clubs. Noooo Nooooo K: But anyway. You played well. It’s ok. It’s ok. We analysed everything correctly. On the flop i think, what could go wrong here, nothing. And then i called the 3 on the flop, but unfortunately it was not coming. K: That’s typically “online”. F: You can’t do nothing here.

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12 thoughts on “DEEPRUN IM $109 MONDAY 6-MAX!!! [Twitch Poker]

  1. War recht unterhaltsam mit euch 3n ✌🏼
    Am Final Table bin Ich vielleicht 2x im Jahr und du haust sie nur so raus, richtig geil!!

  2. Seit da immer schreiende Leute bei dir im Büro sitzen schau ich dich nicht mehr auf twitch als du alleine warst warst du viel angenehmer

  3. Leute glaub nicht was ihr hier seht! Pokerstars sind betrüger!!! Jeder der mal etwas mehr und länger spielt kann das bezeugen die Hände die man hier sieht sind alle vorprogramiert.
    Wer gibt den die Karten ? = Pokerstars!
    Wer hat alle informationen über euer setzt Verhalten ? = Pokerstars!
    Verlieren ist kein Problem aber das was auf dieser Drecks Seite passiert ist 1000% Betrug
    Pokerstars setzt 100% bots ein!!!!!!!
    Es gibt spieler die sind nicht mal 2 Wochen angemeldet und gewinnen ein Tunier nach dem anderen wenn man Pokerstars dazu befragt spielen diese Speiler auf einmal nicht mehr! Im low limit bereich wird zu 1000000 % betrogen der Speiler Pool ist einfach zu gross um den Überblick zu behalten.
    Aber wir arbeiten grad dran und wir haben mehr als 1000 Beweise ich gibt Menschen die lassen sich nicht so einfach betrügen und wir haben sehr gute Anwälte in Europpa!!!!!!

    Leute lasst die Finger von dieser Betrüger Seite! Mann 70:30 oder 80 -20 bedeutet nichts bei Pokerstars und die scheiss mega guten runs wie diese best off videos sind gesponsert von Pokerstars damit ihr bock drauf bekommt zu spielen.
    Weil jeder denkt sich ohh ein paar Euros habe ich mathe kann ich auch und ich bin diziplin. das kann ich auch ja dann viel spass beim Geld verlieren

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