Defending your Blinds

welcome students to another edition of poker tips with yours truly Daniel Negreanu today we’re going to focus on defending the blind and we’re going to look at three specific areas that you should be considering when you’re doing that but first and foremost against men raises and these small raises that are pretty much the norm today in most tournaments you should be defending your blind almost as a rule okay and the first reason for that is the math is on our side okay let’s look at an example the blinds are 400-800 you’re in the big blind and it’s $100 Annie nine handed okay so already in the pot we’ve got 2,100 somebody makes them in race to 1600 now you’ve got to call 800 to 1000 hundred that’s almost five to one odds okay even a lowly hand like you know ten six offsuit or nine four of diamonds that doesn’t look very good it’s going to do pretty good against any hand when when getting five to one odds even if your opponent I’ll tell you what if you’re deep enough and your opponent raised and showed you pocket aces and you have nine three offsuit you should call I’m serious if you specially if you know if you can see the Aces that’s pretty big advantage but um you should call with any two cards basically because the price you’re getting you don’t need that much incentive to make the call now while I say that the danger here lies in the fact they’re still betting after the flop so there are what we call reverse implied odds which essentially means that you know you play this nine four offsuit you’re going to get yourself into a lot of trouble when it comes like nine six three I don’t know what are you gonna do is just the guy’s a better nine you’re screwed if you’ve got an over pair you’re screwed if you don’t flop anything you know you don’t you know make Nothing you could get yourself into more trouble you can get outplayed so the key factor you want to think about is when you’re playing especially these weaker hands is you want to defend your blind you want to see these flops but then you want to play cautiously you don’t necessarily want to get it in like you know big pot when the flop comes nine eight deuce and you’ve got nine deuce right because there’s potential to the guy has nine eight whatever so overall I mean there are times you want to get it in of course but you don’t want to overplay your hands in these situations essentially what you’re doing is you’re simply going listen I’m getting a real good price to see this flop if I catch a little some some I’ll go with it if not go ahead take the pot occasionally you’re going to throw in some Bluffs okay all good players do so you can throw in some jabs when you don’t flop nothing or maybe if you just flop a gut shot straight draw you continue and you Bluff the river or something like that but overall you want to play this position more carefully because you’re out of position throughout the whole hand okay and the third and final tip when it comes to defending your blind this one’s a little more of an advanced tip is play tighter against players you don’t want to see flops against so what I mean by that is the best player is the table you probably aren’t going to be able to make positive easy decisions against them post flop because they’re really good especially if your beginning player right whereas if you’re playing against the bad player at the table you want to call his raises way more liberally so if you just don’t want to tangle with Phil Ivey you don’t want to tangle with Tom go on when they’re raising and you’ve got nine five off suit just get rid of it because chances are against the complainer like that you’re not gonna be able to exploit them you don’t want to get into the war of like oh maybe I can Bluff them and all this kind of stuff maybe in those cases it might make sense for you now to bow down and say you know what I’m done so just think about players table and I would map it out even before I’m in my big blind situations and say okay if this person raises I don’t like playing against them so I want to have a tighter range oh and that guy raises though man he’s really easy to play with after the flop so as an advanced tip try to think about being a little bit more conservative when you’re up against really good players because you’re not gonna be able to exploit to match the flaw [Music]

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