DID CHRIS RAMSAY WATCH THIS?! 1st Playing Cards Deck Review

Yo! What up guys, it’s Chris Ramsay! Welcome back to the channel. I am pumped! Super excited! You guys finally have my 1st Playing Cards in your hands. And I can’t wait to see them. We’re gonna take a look at some reviews. Some of them might be cringe-worthy. Cringe-worthy. The first video we’re gonna check out is from the Gentleman Wake. Fancy! Well. let’s see what it’s all about! I’ve always respected Magician and Youtuber
Chris Ramsay. He’s got incredible zeal for what he does,
and a terrific willingness to make sure his content looks good. I can definitely relate, although our styles
are radically different, in the end we’re just two guys trying to do the same thing;
create a outlet for our creativity and build an audience who enjoys it. I’ve got 500 subscribers and he’s got
900… thousand. So Chris, if you’re watching this, I hope
you liked my impression enough to stick around to watch the rest of this and, you know, a
shoutout wouldn’t be the worst thing either. THIS is Chris Ramsay’s first completely
independent foray as a purveyor of playing cards, the appropriately named; 1st Playing
Cards and I’m about to take you on a tour of this deck. Quickly, before we get into it I’m giving
away a sealed copy of this out of print deck so make sure to stick around all the way to
the end of the video for details. Let’s do this. The 1st Playing Cards were initially offered
during a 15 day preorder window on Chris-Ramsay.com–meaning Ramsay would print only as many decks as were
ordered during the sale period with no reprints or copies to be made available through retailers. The deck was printed by the United States
Playing Card Co. and the cards have earned their namesake, being the first deck offered
by the USPCC to be printed with gold foil highlights bleeding all the way to the edge
of the cards, more on that in a bit. The tuck box was printed by San Diego Printer,
Clove Street Press and features a high quality matte white cardstock with a gold foil band
and the embossed ‘1st’ lettering also in white. The design is the epitome of minimalistic
with no additional copy or design elements anywhere else but on the bottom of the box
which only features the name of the deck and it’s creator. The tuck case flap features Chris Ramsay’s
logo comprised of his initials with the R made to look like a coiled snake. Inside the box is a gold foil pattern of repeating
‘1st’ logos. It’s the exact same small foil detail that
can be found on the card backs themselves. The tuck is certainly simple but in an elegant
way. Despite the inch thick gold band the deck
manages to avoid feeling gaudy or pretentious. I am, however, curious to see how future decks
from Chris Ramsay will look. Will they feature the same ‘1st’ logo
or graduate to a ‘2nd’? The deck was designed by Ramsay’s friend
and collaborator Abraham Garcia Sanchez. The two-way cardback’s feature another repeating
pattern made up of a field of alternately oriented CR monogram logos. The pattern is encased inside two thin boundaries. One grey and the other goldish yellow all
within a poker style border. It’s an understated aesthetic that allows
itself one fancy detail; the gold foil ‘1st’ logos that bleed to the card edges. Not only does the foil catch the light nicely
but the design makes for really fantastic fans and spreads, with the element creating
a gold ribbon across the cards when they are all spread out. In his vlogs, Chris Ramsay has said that the
deck was really designed with magic performance in mind, specifically his own routines and
the cards have been tailored made for tricks he regularly uses. In fact, Chris Ramsay has promised to distribute
a secret trick contained within the deck via email to those who purchased the cards–but
as of the filming of this video the message has yet to go out. Inside the box you a get two duplicate jokers,
both featuring the Chris Ramsay monogram logo. There’s a blank face card and a duplicate
4 of spades which, according to Ramsay, is his favorite card in the deck. The blank card and the duplicate are also
two important ingredients in another trick engineered by Ramsay called Voodoo. Link in the description. Additionally the cards come in a partial stack,
with only a single cut to the nine of diamonds before the cards are in full mnemonica stack. This means little to gamers or cardists, but
for magicians familiar with the work of Juan Tamariz it’s highly useful for mentalism
routines involving opening a sealed box in front of spectators. The card faces are all standard; pips, indices,
and suit colors making them great for gameplay and magic of course. I did notice one odd idiosyncrasy of the deck,
the printing on some cards is not completely centered. I don’t know if this is by design or simply
a quirky misstep of the USPCC printing process (as they are sometimes wont to make). I’m definitely leaning towards the latter. It’s especially noticeable on the duplicate
4 of spades. If it is consistent from deck to deck, I only
opened the one, I suppose it could be used as a one-way feature trick. The court cards are bicycle standard with
one exception; they’ve been slightly recolored in the feint gray and gold tones seen on the
backs. I understand the impetus behind the choice
but it does give the cards a sun-faded look that doesn’t mesh as well with the modern
feel of the rest of the deck. Still it’s a small gripe. In fact, if I do have one complaint it would
be that, outside of the tiny gold foil detail, the deck isn’t the most eye catching when
it comes to cardistry which is a shame because the premium crushed bicycle stock feels fantastic. Springs are effortless. The cards faro and flourish like a dream–even
with my limited skillset. But the low contrast backs can get lost a
bit. All in all, this is a great all around high
quality deck definitely worthy of the Chris Ramsay brand and of inclusion in any collection. May they definitely be the first of many. As I mentioned, the 1st playing cards are
no longer available from Chris-Ramsay.com which means eBay may be the only place if
you’re looking to score a deck. But be prepared for some serious mark ups. There is one other way… you could instead
try to win a free brand new copy from me! Here’s what you need to do. 1) Like this video. 2) Make sure to be subscribed to this channel. And the third and final step? I want you to help me get Chris Ramsay’s
attention–I’d love for him to see this video. Click on the share button down there and click
on the twitter logo but before you tweet it out add @ChrisRamsay52 and @gentlemanwake
to it so that we’ll both see it. Do those three things and I’ll automatically
enter you in a drawing to win the 1st playing cards directly from me. Before I go, I want to announce the winners
of my David Blaine Stoics decks giveaway. Congrats to Michael Bourgeois, 3xtraction,
Norman Estaris. Make sure to PM me guys so I can send you
your prize. Also special thanks to redditor Carpetcarp
for allowing me to get my 1st Playing Cards decks for this review. I’ve been the Gentleman Wake, see you next
time. I’m the Gentleman Wake, presented by Kardify.com,
and this is a one minute deck spotlight of the 1st Playing Cards from Chris Ramsay. Initially offered during a 15 day preorder
window on Ramsay’s site, the 1st Playing Cards were printed by the USPCC and, appropo
of their name, feature a never before seen feature of USPCC cards, gold foil printing
to the card edge. The tuck case is the epitome of minimalistic. High quality matte white cardstock with a
gold foil band featuring the embossed ‘1st’ logo. The inside of the box is covered in a golden
repeating pattern of tinier logos. Inside the box you a get two duplicate jokers,
both featuring the Chris Ramsay monogram logo. There’s a blank face card and a duplicate
4 of spades. Additionally the cards come in a partial Mnemonica
stack. The card backs feature a repeating pattern
of Ramsay’s monogram logo. The card faces are all standard; pips, indices,
and suit colors. The courts are bicycle standards too, with
only modified coloration to set them apart. What does set this deck apart is the amazing
handling. The deck faros and springs wonderfully. With fans and ribbons spreads taking maximum
advantage of the gold foil detail on the card backs. To learn more and for a chance to win a copy
of this out of print deck visit Kardify.com and watch the full review. For more reviews follow me on instagram @theGentlemanWake. See you next time.

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