Digital Dangers: Online Gaming

I’m special agent Dennis Fetting with
Homeland Security Investigations. We investigate crimes on the Internet.
I want to keep you and your child safe from digital dangers. Another important
topic that I want to talk about is the vulnerabilities of online gaming and so
this is both tablet based gaming phone gaming and console based gaming so your Xbox ones or your PlayStation fours. The most important thing for parents to
realize is that when your children is doing online gaming or participating in
online gaming they are playing games with people from all around the world
and a lot of these people are strangers to your children and so while your
children may think of them as friends or people that they play games with we have
found in our investigations that adult predators because they know children
gravitate towards online games have begun creating fake profiles in the
online gaming world and they then pretend to be a same-aged border girl to
elicit information from them and from there they will usually transition them
from the gaming world to some sort of social media or to a cell phone. For
parents the biggest thing that you need to be aware of is that the video game is
not necessarily the problem that is the meeting place that is the vessel for
these predators to transition your child and so what a predator is going to try
and do is they are gonna meet your child in an online gaming environment and then
they are going to transition them to some sort of social media or provide
them an email address or a cell phone where they can then begin to elicit
pictures from them ask for videos more personal information. What you can do as
a parent is you need to be involved in your online your child’s online gaming
accounts and activities you need to find out who do they play games with who are
they friends with what sort of activities and discussions occur in chat
rooms and online gaming really get involved and pry into what they’re doing
in online games to make sure that the people that they’re playing these games
with are not strangers that that you know are asking for information but just
kids looking to have a good time in the online game. To report suspected online child exploitation in Tennessee contact
Homeland Security Investigations at 615-664-5501

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