DINOSAUR GAME – Short Horror Film

Hey dude, I fixed the internet. Thanks for watching “Dinosaur Game”. Be sure to go down in the comments and let us know what your high score is on the Dinosaur Game. Remember to subscribe to CZsWorld for new horrors every week, Ring that death-bell for notifications and I’ll see you in the next one. Assuming we both survive.

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34 thoughts on “DINOSAUR GAME – Short Horror Film

  1. I'm not saying it's bad but, you could of made something a little bit better, big bro was on the Internet when the power went out, he left and his little brother / sister, came in, got onto the laptop and started playing the dinosaur games, all of a sudden, the power comes back and it is then reviled that the brother was watching some child porn or selling photos of there siblings naked or something.

  2. Wow I Love This Video💗
    i'm Subscribed of your channel because you are Commenting my Horror Video for Sonic ExE, You are the best (my English is Shit because i'm Italy)

  3. This is some pretty impressive editing! Just watched a few of your videos, nice work. It was cool running into you at VidCon a few days ago, looking forward to your next videos! -Houston ✌

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