Disgraceful: John McCain Playing Iphone Poker During Syria War Debate

really offsets so during the a.m. committee hearings on whether or not we should launch a war against Syria John McCain who has now said I probably won’t
support this because it’s not broad enough does not involve enough killing and
bombing and may preclude us from putting boots
on the ground John McCain while listening to the
testimony I love secretary love defense Hagelin secretary as state
carry an chairman of the joint chiefs Dempsey was sitting Aden I am the diets and apparently was caught by a photographer playing online poker on his iPhone and when it became clear that he could not
deny day that this was the case because washington Post photographer
Melina Mara had a very clear snapshot mccain wrote on Twitter scandal cock playing
iPhone game at 3 plus our Senate hearing how worst of all I lost he joked you understand folks that when you’re
talking about whether or not we should attack another country in the
wake up what is considered by I most people around the world our greatest foreign policy blunder if
the thing start stretching into two two and a half hours three hours just can’t expect the guys are gonna be
voting whether or not to authorize a strike to
really be fully engaged is just so grotesque frankly I’m also I would like to know when she took this photograph because I
wonder whether it was three and a half hours into it or just maybe you know the hearing was 35 minutes I could be expected not to
play online poker just angry birds yeah I just be charged
between unbelievable just guy has absolutely no shame

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34 thoughts on “Disgraceful: John McCain Playing Iphone Poker During Syria War Debate

  1. McCain is one of the leaders of this thing. He knows this stuff backwards and forwards so why would he pay attention when no one is saying anything new?

  2. It's all political theatre. Rand Paul and select republicans are going to protest but the majority of republicans are going to say yes and no less than half the democrats are going to say yes.

  3. Obama is suppose to be a leader and listen to all angles. McCain already made his decision and in reality knows a lot about this subject already.

  4. Sometimes I play cell phone games while on the job. then again, I DON'T DO IT WHILE TRYING TO DECIDE TO BOMB ANOTHER COUNTRY

  5. If I was caught playing games during meetings at my jib, I would be fired immediately. What would Fayx New say if this was a democratic senator? The people of Arizona should be so proud.

  6. Your fundamental misunderstanding is over who politicians work for and what they get paid to do.

    If you realize it you'll see that McCain is doing a great job.

  7. Oh I agree. Just like the ones who work for the oil company, religion, etc. There was one who said "I don't care what the voters think. I do what god tell me."

  8. Ok it's bad to do something like that but it doesn't guarantee he wasn't paying attention. There is no reason to harp on on of the few republicans with some common sense even if he's wrong on the issue at hand where he's playing poker.

  9. John McCain is not the one we need to worry about. Barack the 'prezz' playing cards with the boys while a bunch of his stooges were deciding out fate…now that I worried about. Him going to sleep so he'd be well rested for his VEGAS party while 4 honorable Americans were being slaughtered and abandoned…THAT I care about. Grow up people!

  10. No wonder he makes a fool of himself daily with his lies and cover-up attempts, he knows he can always find droolers like you who will try to divert attention elsewhere. Admit you chose a loohooozer and man the hell up.

  11. Ill never forget the day one of our highest ranking senators decided it was more important to pay attention to a poker game on his phone than to pay attention to a debate that decides whether we're going to literally kill hundreds of people.

  12. Nero fiddled while Rome burned,McCain plays video poker while the world contemplates world war 3,,,,,This asshole should be run out of Washington on a rail!

  13. and this guy who wanted to be our president while on the job i might add playing online poker i really don't care how long it was there making a decisions on weather or not to go to war with Syria. If being there is so boring then he should quit his job and go work in a casino or something and when he's asked about getting caught playing poker he gives us his shit eating grin and tells us that he lost thousands of dollars on that game like that makes up for him fucking off on the job

  14. I just want add that if i or anyone else who works for a living gets caught playing video poker while on the job we would get fired.

  15. Nah you just aren't meeting the right Americans, but don't worry we don't like anyone with condescending airs like yours. Toodles

  16. Arizona must be full of morons for putting this terrorist in office ! he should be hung for treason ! too many American GI's have been killed by his alQaida friends not to mention the 4 in Benghazi that he knows nothing about !

  17. Is a disgrace this guy was consider for the president of this country. When things are so bad for this country we have high paid senators or congressmen playing cards. They seem to to have anything better to do like approving the budget and have honest and low paid government people get their jobs back. And we still pay some of these old mummies to play games with our future and money. Shame on you old fart!!

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