Doug Polk CALLS OUT Phil Hellmuth | PROMO – King of the Hill

PHIL! I’m talking to YOU! I’m gonna see you out ON THE FELT! You think you tilt? You think you “run so bad” We’ll see how far your luck takes you buddy. Because you know… I will destroy you. And we’re gonna see you tilt in front of everyone They’re gonna be laughing, Phil. They’re gonna be laughing at you. Because I got the belt. You can’t get it; it’s right here. And let me tell you one last thing before I see you out there on the felt- -because you have no hope, I hope you know that, you have NO HOPE at all- -we’re gonna see where you are in 5 years buddy. That’s right. My last words for you: leave it all on the table, you’re done. I’ll see you there August 22nd You’re NEVER getting this belt! It’s my belt! I can’t go after that. I’m done. I’m not doing anything after that. Y’all are on your own. There’s no point in having anything other than that.

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