Doyle Brunson TRAPS Elezra With The FULL HOUSE In A Six-Figure Pot

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100 thoughts on “Doyle Brunson TRAPS Elezra With The FULL HOUSE In A Six-Figure Pot

  1. When I heard him critic Bronson as well as Eli during this showdown I had to wonder what his credentials were. Turns out he's got 3 bracelets and over 9 million dollars won playing poker. Wikipedia

  2. I dont agree with this analysis whatsoever. Doyle’s raise in the flip easily looks like a semi bluff given the weak board and possible straight/flush draws. then he checks the turn as well which could show he’s wanting to slow down and not bluff into a made hand. Then he checks the river (perfect play along this story he’s building)…he missed his draw. Then when he comes over the top so much on the river he looks like he’s bluffing again. Trying to buy. Guarantee that’s what elezra thought as well bc you don’t raise on the river with queen/10 there. You’re either bluffing or you have a nuts-ish hand he wouldn’t have called if he thought the latter.
    Go ahead and talk to Doyle and ask if that’s how he was setting him up from the jump.

  3. is it just me or is it irratating as fuck when poker players sit there and play with those chips…clickity clickity clickity…i think i would probably beat the shit out of somebody if i had to sit and listen to that all damn night

  4. Love this guy, it's "ok" with him that Doyle Brunson played it the way he did. I'll bet Doyle was just thrilled with his approval.

  5. The video already had commentary. Which I would have preferred. And then you cut the clip short before we see the full reactions???

  6. Well I just came for the commentary so thanks Doug, appreciate your insite and you other retarded cunts can shut the fuck up and go back to soul reading/ donating at the hot 5 or wherever else you scum crawled out from.

  7. BUT IS THAT GTO????? Def old school trap play….be very scared. (Or, its the old double check raise bluff.)

  8. "I like a raise, call, or a fold here, and I'm going to pontificate as to why any of them make sense, based on random sets of criteria." – This guy's analysis summed up in a sentence.

  9. Man I really don't like the way either guy played the hand. Doyle checking the turn kind of made it a necessity to check the river, in most cases I don't see a way he gets paid on this boat. That kind of leads me to Elezra, in that I have no idea what he was thinking with the weak river bet, he just opened himself this exact situation. I wonder if Doyles river bet was so outrageous, it induced the call from Elezra. To me, I don't see any way I'm putting Doyle on anything worse than trips, so calling the massive raise on the river was just suicide

  10. Man I’m so tired of hitting this button. All I want is to watch the game I don’t need a pause the game and nonstop
    Thumbs down.

  11. Elezra must think Brunson has A-2 or A-4 of spades. Preflop flat call and check-raise on flop makes sense with multiple draws to make nut flush or wheel. Check/check on turn to see free river. Check-raise on river by Doyle looks like a bluff to Eli. 🙂

  12. Phil Laak is priceless.
    Where did you get all that money?
    “He went down to the money tree on Chula Vista!”

  13. The last thing Doyle Brunson needs is you telling him whether or not you like his play. If you're lucky, the next time he takes a shit he might let you wipe his ass if you ask nicely and say please. Brunson's line I'm so choked up I can't talk is the most awesome 'fuck you, take that bullshit somewhere else' I've ever heard.

  14. Doyle checked the turn to feign weakness. He doesn't believe Elezra can beat the boat. You're speaking a lot about how men play the cards, but not about men playing the men, which was Doyle's M.O. He felt he had the game won, everything past the turn was just fishing for chips.

  15. 3: 14. U said". Think about what the his check means, he cant have top pair because that was the worst one" i always hope to learn from ur vids and ellies move is one i do abit, but i dont get it, cant have top pair bc that was the worst one, what was worst one, why cant he have top pair, thats what hes saying, if he had a set or two pair he would probably check, lets say u had ace king off and ellie put u all in for alot, u gonna call, its just a protection bet , not big enough i dont think, whats ellie gonna do if an overcard shows.?

  16. Im new at poker , little over a year, seen lots of these vids and something just dawned on me, ull probably say no shit sherlock but consider this, doyle checks the river, how many times have u seen a guy with the losing hand check the river? Ya if their just quitting on the hand but usually its a trap, i think more often than not,

  17. Doug personal request here. F or the love of Zeus will you please include the ending reaction from all players before ending the video. So anticlimactic to see right up until the end and you cut the vid off. It's supremely irritating. Thank you hope this request makes sense to you. And maybe cut the chatter down just a tad bit

  18. I don't know but I am am I the only one that seen a 5 of Spades in Doyle Brunson hand and a five of Spades in the flop what kind of deck of cards are they playing with

  19. I hate having to FF to actually see the play. I don't need someone telling me the basics of poker along the way, stopping it 30 seconds at a time.

  20. great videos, less commentary. You still select great videos we all want to see spotlighted, just talk less. Not you, we just want to get into the action with less distraction.

  21. God I Love Texas Dolly! Doyle Brunson is the classiest poker player EVER! A lot of younger men should take notes, watching Doyle, on how to act like a Man instead of a juvenile.

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