Dyniaq Card Game – Unboxing & Introduction

Hi, my name is Tetyana from Spellcrow
and welcome to our new channel, this video will be an introduction to our
first fantasy card game “Dyniaq Weird Treasures”, which was released at the
beginning of October. I will also show you what’s inside the box so you can gain the overall look at the game. The link to our website and the social
media will be in the description to this video and if you have any questions
please write comments, we will answer as soon as possible. Enjoy watching this video and please subscribe to our channel, so you can follow our news. This is the box of the game. I hope you like how it looks. Game is for 2 up to 5 players and it’s perfect for kids and adults. If you have a kid like 8 years old or more, the game will be good for him (or her). The game lasts 20 minutes more or less, it depends on the situation obviously. First of all I will show you the instruction. You will find it also in PDF version on our
website, you can read it for free. This is the instruction part, here you have the “Setting up”, here you have the “Cycle” (the cycle is a turn, it’s only a different
name but it means the same) The cycle with all four phases in the game, here is the “How to win?” section and special rules of the cards. But for me the second part of this flyer is much more interesting, because it’s a short legend of Dyniaqs, the pumpkin-headed creatures that live in the Secret Garden. Here you have an explanation why they are collecting all these cucurbits. I think
it’s important when you play the game to know the purpose – why you do all that?
It’s only a small piece of the story, because the description of the world
that Dyniaqs live in is much more wide (already available – link in the description) So you will be able to read the PDF version of the “Secret Garden” add-on to the skirmish game we have, but I will tell
you more about it in the next videos. Let’s start looking at the cards. First of all I will show you the Dyniaq cards. These are the cards that
you draw at the beginning of the game. Each player draws one Dyniaq, each Dyniaq has its own name and there are five types of cucurbits that he needs to collect. Here are these types and the numbers are below. These numbers mean how many cucurbits of this type he needs to collect, and when someone collects
all the cucurbits, he needs to declare it at the end of the cycle and he wins the
game definitely. Here we have a Hohole card. The Hohole lets you end the game quicker, there’s exactly one Hohole in the pile. There are four Crows in the game, and Crows are basically your line of defense during the game. When someone throws a cucurbit at you, you can defend your pouch. (the pouch is the space above your Dyniaq card where you collect all the cucurbits) The majority of the cards are just cucurbits. Cucurbits look like this and there
are some special cards. There are exactly four types of special cucurbits. It’s a
Pretty One – white card, a Rottie – brown card, A Weirdo is a pink card, and also a
Freshie which is a yellow card, and it is here, a Pattypan Freshie. They have also
the symbols, so they are very easy to recognise when you play. At the beginning
of the game when each of the players choose one Dyniaq, take the Dyniaq and put it facedown on the table in front of you, and you can look
at the Dyniaq whenever you want, anytime in the game, but nobody else
should know what you are collecting during the whole game. When you choose your Dyniaqs, you need to shuffle all the cards – all the Cucurbit cards, a Hohole
and the four Crows you have. You shuffle them all and set a Cucurbit Plains pile that will be in the middle of the table, and the game starts.
There are four phases in the game and you start from “Gathering from Plains”. These are Cucurbit Plains (THESE are Cucurbit Plains)
All of you take five cards from this pile. When you take them, the second phase comes and it’s called a
“Strange Fair”. In the “Strange Fair” you can trade the Cucurbits you have and
exchange them with other players, so for example: you need some Pumpkins because you need to collect three or four Pumpkins or you don’t have any Pumpkins on your hand, so you ask your friends: “Does anyone have any Pumpkins?”, and they will answer… or not, because you need to declare if you trade or not. So if
someone has a Pumpkin you just ask: “Okay, what do you need in exchange?” and if he wants for example a Pattypan and you have a Pattypan on your hand, you can both exchange the cards, so you put the cards face down on the table and exchange them.
But here is the most important part of this phase. If you have this type of card, a Weirdo, this is the card of cheaters. You can cheat
your friend with this card and for example: you declare that you would like to have a Pumpkin and you can give your friend a Squash for example, so
if you have a Weirdo, you can declare that you will give him a Squash, but you
will give him a Weirdo instead, a Weirdo Pumpkin, and he didn’t need a Pumpkin so he won’t be very happy. When it’s all done and everyone declares that they trade or not, the next phase comes – “Collecting in the Pouch”. So you have your Dyniaq card right here, the empty space above your Dyniaq is your pouch and you can put up to two *Cucurbits in this pouch. There’s a Freshie
card, it looks like this, this is the yellow card and you can put it as a
third card in your pouch, not counted to the limit, so this is a great card if
you want to put more Cucurbits in your pouch. When all of you put the Cucurbits, you start the “Cucurbit Fights”, which is the last phase
of the cycle and anyone who has this card Twinkle, which is the beginning card HAS TO attack. He cannot choose not to attack because he has this card so he NEEDS TO. Attacking looks like this:
you throw the Aubergine at your friend on the left (because attacking is always
at the player on the left). You attack with the Aubergine and if the player on the left doesn’t have an Aubergine or a Crow to defend himself, he will lose one Cucurbit of your choice. So you choose for example a Squash or a
Pattypan and you send it to the Discard pile right next to the Cucurbit Plains
pile. And you attack, attack, attack until all of you attack or not. But whoever has a Twinkle card, NEEDS TO attack. The cycle ends and you start from the
“Gathering from Plains”, so you draw five cards (*after this phase you
need to have five cards maximum on your hand, no more) and you play until one of
you completes all Cucurbits, so at the end of the cycle you need to declare
that: “Okay, I have all Cucurbits and I won the game”. Great! But if you for example have a Hohole card, you can end the game quicker. If you are sure that you have a
better situation than your opponents, you can put this card before the
“Gathering from Plains”, so before the first phase of the cycle. Put it on the
table and other players know that this is the last cycle of the game. After it
ends, you count the points and see who won. Points are counted this way: the game
ended and you have one Courgette (here it is) and four Squashes, and
you have like four Pumpkins but you needed to collect five. For each completed type of Cucurbits you get one point. If there’s a tie between you and
other players, the number of these cards – Pretty ones – determines who wins the
game. So it’s also really important to have some Pretty ones in the
pouch but they can be taken away if someone attacks you and you don’t have a card to defend yourself. It’s always worth for your attacker to get this card from you, because it may decide if you win or not. Okay, one important thing. The Hohole ends the game quicker but if you have a Crow and a Hohole on your hand, you have to immediately put these both cards and it follows the same as with Hohole. This is the last cycle of the game, at the end of the cycle you count the
points and see who won. I think that’s all about the game, I hope that it was understandable and you enjoyed this video. I hope to see you
soon! Please subscribe to our channel and write comments below to share your
opinions on the game, on everything what I said. If you have any questions, also
write in comments below, and you can write to our e-mail address or via
Messenger on Facebook. Thank you very much for your attention and bye.

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