E-Z-See Low Vision Playing Cards and Card Holder Demonstration

so these are our e-z-see low-vision playing
cards and as you can see they come in four different colors and the reasoning
for that is that in a typical deck of cards
both the clubs and the Spade are both black and it may be difficult for
someone to be able to distinguish the shape of the club from the shape of the
Spade so now they’ve made it a different color so we have a colored key that
tells you all of the spades are black all of the hearts are red all of the
diamonds are green and all of the clubs are blue and the numbers are large to
also make it easier to view so then I’m going to show you our playing card
holder so as you can see it’s made of wood it’s got some green felt on the
bottom to make it slide easier on a table it has four slots in it so that
you can hold four different rows of cards in the playing card holder and the
reason for that is it would be easier for someone who has difficulty holding a
full hand of cards in their hand and so the four rows make it easier to space
the cards apart so that you can see them better so they’re not all right on top
of each other so you could move them around in the holder to get a better
view of your cards in a typical holder they would be all on top of each other
like that so this is the spacing would make it easier so that is our low vision
playing cards and our playing card holder

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