Eating a Scorpion: Bug War Challenge

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100 thoughts on “Eating a Scorpion: Bug War Challenge

  1. Back in like, 2nd grade, I saw a bookmark in the media center and it was a guy with glasses about to eat a scorpion. About a year or two ago I remembered it and realized that it was Link from GMM. My face when: 😂

  2. These two should be in a movie or TV series , they naturally compliment each other like all good comedy duos.

  3. Didn't Link eat a tarantula?? I cant find that video anywhere. Cause I know theyeve ate spiders but I thought he ate a solid whole tarantula

  4. Why do all of the more popular youtubers only have like 27 million butnhave like 21 or 15 but ryan toy review get 1b views

  5. Watching this again is almost nostalgic because this was my very first GMM video! So glad I found these two!! 👍🐓🔥❤

  6. This was the very first gmm video ive ever seen and im glad cause this is a great introduction to the channel 😂

  7. I’m here watching because me, my brother and my brothers friend were a big fan of you guys and we always rewatched this video multiple times along with others lol

  8. I dont understand links logic on why they have to eat 10 dungbeetles. He drew a 6. His reverse card was a 3. So its eithers 6 or 9

  9. Rhetts example before game: Say i got a 7 you get a 2. you have to eat 2.

    Round 1: Rhett gets a 7 link gets a 2. coincident. i dont think so…

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