[ESP-8266] WiFiBoy Game Dev Kit w/ESP-8266, SPI-TFT

WiFiBoy Game Dev Kit with ESP8266 WiFi Module My 13-year-old Son Ricky told me he want to learn how to make games. This is the first prototype for Ricky to make games. Because of these messy wires, we decided to make some printed PCBs. We cut out some paper for testing several shapes. And try different key switches. Finally we got some printed PCBs and built some real working prototypes. Let’s try the real WiFiBoy Kit. Buzzer music is not too bad. I built a “Single Threaded Polyphony” Sound Engine for Buzzers. Multi-channel BGM and SFX can be play at the same time. I also built an efficient “Dirty Rectangle Rendering Engine” for SPI-TFT. The four game buttons are wired into one ESP-8266 ADC pin. “Glazlink” is actually a NodeMCU + SPI-TFT module. Glazlink is very easy to use for developing IOT smart message board. Now with WiFiBoy Game SDK, it’s good for making Wifi & Internet games. WiFiBoy Game Dev Kit is still under development. Hope we can have our first beta release in April 2016. The Battle Tetris game demo is not ready for Wifi-battle. We will release this demo game source codes at Github soon. Ooops. If you feel this thing is cool. Please contact [email protected] Thank you very much!

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11 thoughts on “[ESP-8266] WiFiBoy Game Dev Kit w/ESP-8266, SPI-TFT

  1. I really like this, but would you please consider adding 2 more buttons to each side? Number of buttons a huge limitation in game design. You need at least 4 on one side to act as a dpad.

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