ESPT6 Behind the scenes: René Velli |

¿What can I say about René? Beside his professionalism and what
everybody can see about him and his work which is amazing I would say that from a personal point of view
he´s an incredibly hardworking individual and that, since I’ve known him I’ve never seen him in a bad mood,
nor angry… The first time I met him… I was rather intimidated A quiet guy,
that shows up betwen the tables And then you get to know him… he is a really interesting guy, for real, and… and he has a lot of curious stories but you’ll have to ask him
if you want to know them We share a lot of hours at work Everybody here knows him He’s amazing, both in a professional and
a personal way He’s so chilled…
I don’t know what would I do without him He is part of the family really As a personal joke, I would say that
bugs chase him He’ll know what I’m talking about He is a cool guy, he really rocks he makes you love him… and I hope that, wherever he goes,
everything’s fine for him René, besides being a team mate he is a friend I’m a huge fan of his work Without his vision, and I have no doubt about this, we wouldn’t understand the Estrellas Poker Tour
as we know it today The truth is that René is
simply the best

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